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Technology in General Assignment (GA) Classrooms Andre Smith Director of Classroom Support Services OIS.

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1 Technology in General Assignment (GA) Classrooms Andre Smith Director of Classroom Support Services OIS

2 I. Background

3 2005-10-20 GA Classroom Technology 3 General Assignment (GA) Classrooms Those classrooms that are the responsibility of central units, e.g. OIS  Candidates for UTF funding Not those classrooms and labs that are the responsibility of colleges and departments  Candidates for CFT funding GA classrooms require technology to support modern teaching and learning environments

4 2005-10-20 GA Classroom Technology 4 Technology Requirements A room requires technology if even only 1 class per day in the room requires technology Many constraints exist when scheduling rooms  Time, days  Physical layout  Technology CCHE mandates stringent limits on the number/size of classrooms  This presents a daunting scheduling problem

5 2005-10-20 GA Classroom Technology 5 Number of GA Classrooms Projector Needs No. w/ Projectors Total No. Small3392 2 Small33 Medium2236 Large23 Total81154

6 2005-10-20 GA Classroom Technology 6 Technology in GA Classrooms TechnologyNumber of GA Classrooms Podiums108 Computer video projectors81 Document cameras (in all 23 LARGE and 28 MEDIUM rooms) 51 Other: intercom phones, tuners, TV’s, video discs, slide projectors, slide converters, video cameras, etc.

7 II. Progress to Date for FY 05-06

8 2005-10-20 GA Classroom Technology 8 Progress for FY 05-06 - Completed RoomCapacityProjectCost Clark A103174Projector upgrade$4,468 Clark A104208Projector upgrade$4,468 Clark A201208Projector upgrade$3,562 Clark A202123Projector upgrade$4,468 Clark A204123Projector upgrade$4,468 Clark A205123Projector upgrade$3,562 Clark A207123Projector upgrade$4,468 Mil. Sci. 20060Smart classroom upgrade$13,538 Mil. Sci. 20160Smart classroom upgrade$13,538 Total$56,540

9 2005-10-20 GA Classroom Technology 9 Progress for FY 05-06 – Completed RoomCapacityProjectCost Arts F10352Touch panel upgrade$823 Eddy 760Touch panel upgrade$823 Mil. Sci. 10549Touch panel upgrade$823 Chemistry A101158H-ITT system installation$1,620 Chemistry A103256H-ITT system upgrade$2,231 Yates 104252H-ITT system upgrade$1,638 Total$7,958

10 2005-10-20 GA Classroom Technology 10 Progress for FY 05-06 (Pending) RoomCapacityProjectCost Micro. A101120Smart classroom upgrade$12,146 Micro. A11341Smart classroom upgrade$9,994 Clark C24868Touch panel upgrade$823 Eddy 100100Touch panel upgrade$823 Clark C23842Smart classroom upgrade$9,994 Eddy 149Smart classroom upgrade$13,538 Gifford 14644Smart classroom upgrade$13,538 Nat. Res. 10841Smart classroom upgrade$9,994 Wagar 107B25Smart classroom upgrade$9,994

11 III. 5-Yr. Refresh Analysis

12 2005-10-20 GA Classroom Technology 12 Age of Projectors on July 1, 2005 No. Small No. 2 Small's No. Medium No. Large 0-1 years80211 1-2 years7131 2-3 years6135 3-4 years4062 4-5 years6061 > 5 years2123 Totals3332223

13 2005-10-20 GA Classroom Technology 13 Age of Doc Cams on July 1, 2005 Age No. 0-1 years 5 1-2 years 6 2-3 years 11 3-4 years 7 4-5 years 9 > 5 years 13 Total 51 Some MEDIUM rooms do not have doc cams, and need them to be “standard.”

14 2005-10-20 GA Classroom Technology 14 Refresh Cycles (Replace Devices) Computer projectors and document cameras should be refreshed every 5 years to avoid obsolescence  Otherwise there are compatibility problems with current laptops  5 years is probably “stretching it” – e.g. Clark projectors New technology has  Better performance -> sharper image Brighter projection Better optics Better electronics (more pixels, faster refresh rates)  Added functionality Remote monitoring and control

15 2005-10-20 GA Classroom Technology 15 Refresh/New Room Upgrade History Rooms Refreshed New Rooms FY 03-0497 FY 04-05911 FY 05-06129

16 2005-10-20 GA Classroom Technology 16 Observation We have been first adding new rooms to meet immediate need, in favor of refreshing technology in rooms  Consequently, we have not been keeping up with refresh cycles “At the current rate of upgrading new rooms, we are barely keeping up with the demand for new classrooms with technology.” – Lorrie Morse, Classroom Scheduling

17 2005-10-20 GA Classroom Technology 17 Per Room Cost of Refresh DeviceRefresh Cost Doc Cam$3,000 Small Projector$2,700 2 Small Projectors $5,400 Medium Projector $3,200 Large Projector$5,200

18 2005-10-20 GA Classroom Technology 18 Refresh Exercise In the following slides, a plan to get on track with the 5-year refresh cycles for projectors and doc cams will be presented  Number vs. year  Cost  Does not “backfill” MEDIUM rooms with doc cams With $157,000/yr available, the difference in each year can be used to build new rooms  Historically, need ~10 new rooms per year

19 2005-10-20 GA Classroom Technology 19

20 2005-10-20 GA Classroom Technology 20

21 2005-10-20 GA Classroom Technology 21

22 2005-10-20 GA Classroom Technology 22

23 2005-10-20 GA Classroom Technology 23 Conclusion Our past emphasis has been on upgrading to new rooms with technology Consequently, we are currently lagging in room technology refreshes; to get on the 5- year cycle, in FY 05-06:  21 rooms require projector upgrades We are planning to upgrade only 12  22 rooms require document camera upgrades We are planning to upgrade only 5

24 2005-10-20 GA Classroom Technology 24 Progress at ~$157,000/yr.

25 2005-10-20 GA Classroom Technology 25 Rooms that Can Be Added with Remaining Funds

26 2005-10-20 GA Classroom Technology 26 Total Smart Rooms Existing

27 2005-10-20 GA Classroom Technology 27 Total Rooms with Doc Cams

28 2005-10-20 GA Classroom Technology 28 Observation If we meet the 5-year refresh cycle, we can not maintain the number of new room upgrades that is needed to meet demand To equip all 154 GA classrooms with projectors and doc cams (LARGE and MEDIUM only) will require about 12.6 years at a funding rate of $157k/yr., i.e. be done in ~FY 17-18

29 IV. Possible Supplemental Request

30 2005-10-20 GA Classroom Technology 30 Classroom Supplemental Request 05 - 06 RoomCapacityProjectCost Micro. A101120Smart classroom upgrade$8,232 Clark A102208Data projector lift upgrade$5,000 Clark A104208Data projector lift upgrade$5,000 Engineering 100265Data projector upgrade$4,345 Engineering 120112Data projector upgrade$4,345 CSS spare-2 each large data projectors $7,518 CSS spare-1 each small data projector $2,225 CSS spare-6 each slide projectors$2,550 Total$39,215

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