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PT-LB1 / LB2 Series New LB. PT-LB2 2,600 lm XGA PT-LB1 2,200 lm XGA PT-ST10 2,500 lm XGA PT-LB90NT/LB903,500 lm XGA PT-LB78V3,000 lm XGA PT-F300NT/F300.

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Presentation on theme: "PT-LB1 / LB2 Series New LB. PT-LB2 2,600 lm XGA PT-LB1 2,200 lm XGA PT-ST10 2,500 lm XGA PT-LB90NT/LB903,500 lm XGA PT-LB78V3,000 lm XGA PT-F300NT/F300."— Presentation transcript:

1 PT-LB1 / LB2 Series New LB

2 PT-LB2 2,600 lm XGA PT-LB1 2,200 lm XGA PT-ST10 2,500 lm XGA PT-LB90NT/LB903,500 lm XGA PT-LB78V3,000 lm XGA PT-F300NT/F300 4,000 lm XGA PT-FW300NT/FW3003,500 lm WXGA PT-DZ6710 / DZ67006,000 lm WUXGA PT-DW6300 6,000 lm WXGA PT-D6000 / D50006,500 lm XGA PT-DW1000010,000 lm Full-HD PT-D1000010,000 lm SXGA+ PT-DW10010,000 lm WXGA PT-DZ12000 12,000 lm WUXGA PT-D1200012,000 lm SXGA+ Professional Line up 2010 New LB

3 Realtime Keystone Plug & Play and easy Operation Auto Signal Search 2 x IR Receiver / front + back 3 x Status Operation LED Help OSD Projector Sensor Daylight View Circuit LCD Panels DLV Light Sensor New LB

4 Plug & Play and easy Operation Direct Power Off / long powerless cooling Start up: Stand by / ON / Last Memory Speed Start from Stand by to ON Auto Detection for Signal & Format Auto Set up Function New LB

5 LAN / RJ45 full Network capability RS232 / 9pin access via control systems DVD Player Audi o - S y stem PC LB2 Series Easy Installation Short Distance Lens Quick & Precise adjustable Audio in / out with Routing Built in Speaker New LB

6 Not necessary to remove projector from ceiling Side Cover Filter, no tools required less & easy Maintenance Lamp Top cover / 1 x screw Compact Lamp Unit / 2 x screw 220Watt UHM/ 3000h New LB

7 New Sealed Optical Block AIR IN AIR OUT Professional Electrostatic Micro Cut Filter “Air Filter Unit” for dusty environment and / or extend air filter replacement cycle (Optional accessory) Dust Resistent Design New LB New High Efficiency Cooling System

8 Light output independent of Tele or Wide Tele / Wide changing without refocusing Zoom and Focus fine adjustable Light weight Lens System LB Lens System New LB 1.45 – 1.7 Lens Throw Ratio 5 : 1 Optical Axis Shift 1.2 x Zoom

9 Lens Throw Ratio: 0.5 fixed Light Weight Lens System Optical Axis Shift: 10 : -0.5 ST10 Lens System New ST SH TD LB-ST10

10 RS232C via LAN Compliant Web Browser Control E-Mail Alert Multi-Lan Software Full Compatible to projector lineup LAN RJ45 LB1 / LB2 Network Versatility New LB

11 RS 232 Protocol Emulation for all existing and older Panasonic Projectors & over 400 competitor model basic functions LB1 / LB2 Use the “EMULATE” Function to exchange old projectors Old Panasonic models Compatible RS232C Protocols AMX / Crestron L735 RS232 Emulation New LB

12 Protects against unstable electric power condition regions and natural phenomena such as thunderstorm Voltage variation Electricity failure Actual case in Asian country “Intelligent Power Management” Circuit PATPEND Intelligent Power Management Panasonic own technology supports uninterrupted presentation Controls Lamp Power New LB

13 XGA bmp logo can be send & stored via LAN or RS232 Application software comes with PT-LB1/2 Startup User Logo Logo Transfer Application New LB

14 Any MENUE function can be assigned to IR Remote in 3 sec Hot Key free progammable New LB

15 Auto Adjust of Brightness and Colour Presets for different board surfaces White Board & Black Board Reduce glare and Optimize Colour Reproduction New LB

16 ECO Standby Mode 0.4Watt / EUP Lot6 Compliant Security Anchor Control Panel Lock IR Lock User password Text Overlay Un-paint Cabinet, without any painting material Eco and Securities Anti Theft Features All Panasonic projector lenses pass the criteria of the RoHS Directive. New LB

17 PT-LB1PT-LB2 Brightness2,200 lm2,600lm ResolutionXGA (1024x768) Contrast Ratio500:1 Wired LANYes Lamp Life3000h Optical Axis5:1 Terminals Computer 1 InHD D-sub15P Computer 2 InHD D-sub15P Video/S-VIDEORCA pin/MiniDIN4P Audio 1 InM3 (Computer 1, Computer 2 selectable) Audio 2 InM3 (Video/S-Video, Computer 1, Computer 2 selectable) Audio OutM3 LANRJ 45 Serial(RS-232C) InD-sub9P Internal Speaker1 Watt mono Dimensions (W x H x D)307 x 69 x 210 mm WeightApprox. 2.3 kg Specifications LB1 / LB2 New LB

18 Product NoPT-ST10E/EA Market IntroductionAugust 2010 Brightness/Resolution 2,500lm / XGA ( 1,024x768 ) Lamp Life3,000h LensFixed Focus (Digital zoom only) Throw Distance0.5 : 1 Screen Size60 – 110 inches Optical Axis10 : -0.5 Terminals RGB INx2,S/Videox1,Audio INx2/OUTx1 RJ45(control only) & RS232C Internal Speaker1W mono Cabinet Size327x117.5x309mm WeightUnder 3kg Specifications ST10 New ST

19 Optional : Air filter unit: ET-KFB2 Replacement filter for ET-KFB2: ET-RFB2 Replacement lamp unit: ET-LAB2 Ceiling mount bracket: ET-PKB2 Supplied Accessories : Power cord with power cord secure lock Remote control with batteries VGA cable Carrying bag Application software (CD-ROM – Manual – Logo software) LB1 / LB2 / ST10 Accessories New LB

20 ECO Mode – approx 20 % less light, lower fan noise level ECO Stand by with 0.4 W, LOT6 Wired LAN Picture Mode Dynamic – Blackboard – White Board – Natural – Standard DLV with sensor Real Time Keystone Start up Logo : Off - Text – User (XGA full size) Auto Setup: ON/OFF Signal search: ON/OFF Warning Message: ON/OFF Initial Start up: Stand by – ON – Last Memory Emulate Function Hot Key for all functions programmable Audio Routing also in stand by Initialize Function / Factory Reset Several Security functions same like LB90 Intelligent Power Management External heavy dust filter (optional) Speaker inside Speed Start High efficiency Cooling System LB1 / LB2 / ST10 Feature List

21 Thank you

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