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Smartboards By: Darcy Cunningham Shana Theobald Julie Voelker.

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1 Smartboards By: Darcy Cunningham Shana Theobald Julie Voelker

2 What is a Smartboard? It is an interactive whiteboard that is connected to a computer and a data projector ( Womack, M. 2007).

3 Purpose Smartboards help make computer-based teaching and learning easier, more dynamic and more interactive. The primary purpose of adding technology, such as Smartboards, to schools is to support, sustain and improve learning.

4 Benefits of Using Smartboards The board is highly interactive, which attracts kids to it. Great for doing lessons where students need printed copies of the discussions. The board can interface well with other peripherals. Students with limited motor skills can enjoy board use.

5 Benefits cont’d… The Smartboard is a clean and attractive tool. The entire class can use and access the Smartboard when computers are limited. Students of all ages react positively to using Smart board. The Smartboard accommodates different learning styles. The Smartboard is great for demonstrations.

6 Smartboard Accessories Interactive whiteboard (Smartboard) Computer (desktop or laptop) Digital projector Smartboard software Notebook software

7 Starting the Smartboard Plug computer cart cord into wall. Plug internet cord(blue) into tower and wall. Plug black cord from computer tower into black connector on lower right hand side of Smartboard. Turn computer tower on. Turn projector power on by switching black button in back. Press on/standby button(green) on top of projector. Log in under your name. Click on Smartboard tools icon on the desktop. (Click icon to view video.)

8 On notebook toolbar click on the control panel(wrench). Click Orient/Align and press the red plus signs on Smartboard screen with your finger. You will press nine plus signs. (Click icon to view video.) Close out of the control panel. Click on Smart notebook (1 st Icon on Smartboard toolbar.) Click File-Open-Double click on document you want to open in notebook to use. Starting Smartboard Cont’d

9 Recording Feature on the Smartboard Open Smartboard tools. Open activity/lesson from file you want to record. Click file you want to open. (This could be found in H:drive or T:drive) Open Smart recorder (2 nd icon down on tool bar). Press red dot on Smart recorder.(Dot will not be red on this video) (Click icon to view video.) Do activity, when finished click the square stop button on Smart recorder. Save as screen pops up…name file and save where you want Click ok.

10 Viewing Recorded Files Open Windows Media Player or Real Player Click on Media Library- on left menu bar. Click on green Add icon. Click-By Searching Computer. Search on: H:drive. Click Search. Click Close. Open video file you want to view. (Make sure All Video is selected in left hand column) (Click icon to view video.)

11 Ways to Use in the Classroom Note-taking Make or find interactive worksheets/websites Learning Center View PowerPoint presentations Group Internet searches Daily Oral Language-highlighter tool to highlight parts of speech… Demonstrations (Click icon to view example video.)

12 FAQ’s What do I use to clean the board? Windex, water, Expo Dry Erase Cleanser What do I do if my Smartboard is not interactive? If there isn’t a light? Make sure cords are securely connected. Is the light red? Go to Smartboard Icon select “Connect” then “Detect Smartboard Hardware”. Then the light should turn green.

13 FAQ’s Cont’d I can’t orient my Smartboard or the button is grayed out. Make sure cables are connected to computer and Smartboard. Restart computer.

14 Things You Need to Know Smartboard tutorial can be found on T:Drive. Smartboard activities, templates and other resources can be found on the T:Drive under network drives. If you have any questions on Smartboards feel free to contact: Darcy Cunningham Shana Theobald Julie Voelker

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