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A Green Solution From. Challenges Security Control Energy Savings Lighting (CHPS) Maintenance Monitoring.

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1 A Green Solution From

2 Challenges Security Control Energy Savings Lighting (CHPS) Maintenance Monitoring

3 Security Stopping a thief before he decides to steal a video projector is the best deterrent. Using TekSecurity adds a deterrent by flashing a Red Security LED. If the cable is disconnected, TekPatrol sends an Email or a text message to campus security.

4 Control Are your teachers standing on chairs to turn on the Video Projector because the batteries in the remote are dead? Using TekControl allows the teacher to easily control the video projector and lights from her desktop computer.

5 Energy Savings Each TekMonitor has programmable daily schedules used to automatically turn off a video projector at a certain time of day. By ensuring a video projector is not left on overnight or during a weekend, both hours on the Lamp, filter and energy can be saved. For even more energy savings easily add an occupancy sensor to a TekMonitor.

6 So how much can a TekMonitor save in both life of the projector and energy? The lamp life expectancy of a properly maintained video projector is about 2000 hours. With a typical lamp costing about $500.00 to replace, it cost about $0.25 per lamp hour to operate. To properly maintain the projector its filter needs to be cleaned at least every 300 hours at $16.50 (15 minutes per projector @ $65) or $0.06 per filter hour. A video projector also consumes about 300 watts to operate or $0.03 per hour to operate. All together a video projector cost about $.34 per hour to operate. If a projector is left on over a weekend (4PM Fri. – 7AM Mon.) it will consume 63 hours or $21.42. With 1000 video projectors and 3% are left on over the weekend, it will cost you $642.60.

7 Lighting Several states are now using the Collaborative for High Performance Schools (CHPS) guidelines. High performance schools achieve these goals by using the whole building approach by integrating a design strategy that incorporates the best of today's ideas and technologies. For Lighting systems to qualify an occupancy sensor is required to turn off lights when the classroom is not occupied. Using TekPatrol can help achieve these goals by interfacing occupancy sensors with lighting, HVAC and video projector controls. TekVox occupancy sensors are intelligent devices using dual technology (IR and Ultrasonic).

8 Maintenance TekPatrol keeps track of information gathered from the video projectors by a TekMonitor and displays this information on a view all grid display called TekManager. At the end of the month each TekMonitor sends an Email usage report about the projector. Some video projectors report error problems like lamp failure or filter status. If the projector reports an error condition, TekPatrol will notify the system administrator about this error.

9 TekPatrol uses a License Free program called TekManager to monitor each video projector. Unlike other monitoring programs that require extensive setup, system programming or only work with certain projectors, TekPatrol uses a unique device called a TekMonitor to communicate to the video projector. Monitoring Actual Size: 3”W x 6”L x 1”H

10 Monitoring

11 The Solution - TekPatrol™ TekPatrol is a unique asset management system that controls and monitors devices. If an error condition occurs, TekPatrol can send an Email or a text message to you and campus security.

12 TekPatrol Elements Tek Monitor TEK 1 Hardware Tek Wizard Configuration Software Tek Control Control Software Tek Manager Asset Management Software Tek Translator Extends TekPatrol to other systems Tek Link Simple Control

13 Who Uses TekPatrol? Trinity University UTSA St. Mary’s University North Harris College Harris Department of Education

14 Questions

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