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Jones e -global library ® Presentation For International Coalition Of Library Consortia.

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1 Jones e -global library ® Presentation For International Coalition Of Library Consortia

2 Jones Knowledge ™ A pioneer in the application of communication technologies in the service of global education Jones International University Jones e-global library Jones e-education Knowledge Store

3 Jones e-global library ® A comprehensive suite of online research and learning tools Designed and maintained by professional reference librarians Supports online research with academically appropriate resources Complements and extends your existing library resources

4 e-global library Content Online Tutorials: Instruction in skills to conduct effective online research, explore libraries and write research papers Research Guides: More than 100 annotated guides identify the key information sources for a broad range of academic and business topics Internet Resources: More than 6,000 web sites, selected, reviewed and annotated by librarians with subject specialties in the topic areas Government Resources: More than 325 web sites with links to 150,000 full-text government documents and a comprehensive directory of government agencies

5 e-global library Content (continued) Financial Aid: Guide to the top resources for obtaining grants, scholarships and student loans Career Development: Guide to researching industries, writing a resume, interviewing, negotiating benefits and locating jobs online Customized Content: Faculty can create and post specialized resources to enhance their curriculum with e- global library Optional Services: On-call reference librarian and research database collection

6 e-global library Benefits Online Access: Anytime, anywhere access to authoritative content through your library web site Flexible Options: Choose our comprehensive solution or select complementary elements Save Time: Rely on e-global library to create and maintain your Internet resources, so you can focus on high-visibility, high-impact goals

7 e-global library Distribution Model Institutional Sales: Academic, secondary schools, public libraries and corporations Annual Subscription: License fees vary by customer type, size and service options Discounts: Available through consortia agreements

8 Why Not Distribute Direct To Consumers? Worked for some “brand name” services: (600,000 subscribers) (800,000 subscribers) RealOne (500,000 subscribers) Didn’t work for other quality information services: Northern Light & Hoovers have abandoned the consumer market

9 What About Other Models? Free access: Requires a mass market to support advertising revenues Can work for broad appeal content; but rarely works for specialized content Individual subscription through institutions: Hybrid model for institutions to offer optional benefits to members

10 Why Distribute Through Libraries? Libraries have a reputation as a source for high quality and comprehensive information Libraries erase the “information divide”, offering all community members free access to content Specialized content benefits from packaging The model works!

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