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Basic Use, Care, and Maintenance of an LCD Projector Presenter.

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1 Basic Use, Care, and Maintenance of an LCD Projector Presenter

2 1. Use of LCD Projector. - Parts. - Basic function and operation. - Troubleshooting. 2. Care of LCD Projector. - Safety tips. 3. Maintenance of LCD Projector. - Lamp. - Air filter. - Lens. 4. Participant usage. 5. Questions, comments, etc. Agenda

3 Function: To project various computer and video signals onto a screen. Operation recommendations: Stable horizontal position. Cool, dry, well-ventilated area. Suitable projector elevator height. Turn on devices after connecting them to projector. Firm, correct connection. Basic function and operation

4 Troubleshooting Confirm input signal. Maintain and monitor adequate air flow. Allow one minute before turning projector on after last use. Check and clean air filter periodically. Annual cleaning and inspection by dealer.

5 Safety Tips Keep projector’s vents clear. Keep away from wet objects, areas/surfaces. Keep away from smoky, humid, dusty, hot places. Use extra precaution when connecting the power cord. Use specified batteries as directed. Dispose of lamp in accordance with environmental laws. Contact local dealer for cleaning and replacement (if lamp breaks).

6 Lamp High-pressure mercury glass lamp. Use recommended lamp type specified. Seek the assistance of a local dealer or professional if lamp needs replacing.

7 Air Filter Allow projector to cool sufficiently before attending to the air filter. Replace air filter when damaged/soiled and when lamp replaced. Use specified air filter. Reset Filter Time following filter cleaning/change.

8 Lens Cautious handling of lens is strongly recommended. When cleaning, make sure that projector is off and the power cord unplugged. Wipe with commercial lens-cleaning wipe.


10 References Dukane User’s Manual Multimedia Projector, Epson PowerLite

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