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How to Build Your Own Projector by Jeremy Boecker.

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1 How to Build Your Own Projector by Jeremy Boecker

2 Step 1 – Obtain Parts Overhead Projector LCD Screen Fan

3 Overhead Projector Specs… Brightness – dependent on wattage of internal lamp. –Example: 400W ~ 3,500 ANSI Lumens! (a normal digital projector is ~1100 Lumens) Type of Bulb –Halogen (less expensive to replace, 400W) –HQI (more expensive to replace, 600W) Recommended Projector: Liesegang OHP 2510

4 LCD Screen Specs… Resolution –Higher = better quality projected image Size –No bigger than the overhead projector’s light window Recommended LCD Screen: Iiyama 15.1" BX3814UT

5 More Acceptable LCD Screens

6 Fan Specs… Since the LCD Screen will be placed above the heat-generating light window, a fan is needed to keep it cool. A single fan is sufficient for the task.

7 Step 2 - Construction LCD Screen Disassembly Mount LCD on Overhead Reconnect Power & Data to LCD Mount Fan on Overhead

8 LCD Screen Disassembly… Remove Casing Disconnect Power & Data cables Extract LCD Panel

9 Mount LCD on Overhead… Place insulating spacers on overhead Do not allow LCD to rest directly on light window. Use risers to raise it about 8mm above the platform 8mm Gap Polystyrene (foam) pads Tape it downPlace LCD

10 Reconnect Power & Data… Be very careful at this part! Try not to short anything or bend the cables.

11 Mount Fan on Overhead… This component is critical – damage to the LCD screen will occur without the fan!

12 The “Finished” Product… The projector is now assembled and is ready for testing!

13 The “Finished” Product (cont’d.)…

14 Misc. Information… Projector in a box... LCD Sources –Digital cameras –Laptop monitors –Game Boy Advance? (240x160, 32,768 colors) –Newer PDA’s? (320x480, 65,000 colors)

15 References…

16 Questions / Discussion…

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