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Welcome to the Local Sections Committee (LSC) Meeting Monday – March 21, 2010 11:45 AM to 1:15 PM – Republic C San Antonio, TX.

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1 Welcome to the Local Sections Committee (LSC) Meeting Monday – March 21, 2010 11:45 AM to 1:15 PM – Republic C San Antonio, TX

2 2 Meeting Agenda  LSC Introductions  LSC Mission  Working Session to Discuss How to Improve Local Sections  LSC 2010 Goals  2010 Leadership Development Conference  Program Planning Grants  John J. McKetta ProjectConnect Grants  “My AIChE”  2010 Shining Star - Volunteer Recognition Awards  Question and Answer Session

3 3 LSC Executive Officers Spring 2010-Spring 2011 PositionName/AffiliationEmail AddressPhone ChairTodd Willman (South Texas) 281-398-9400 *811 Vice-Chair TBD Past ChairDavid Jacobs, Central Sav River (CSR) (803) 952-4597 SecretaryShannon Brown (Chicago) 847- 391-1157 Local Section/Staff RepLowell Aplebaum, 646-495-1332 Staff Director Volunteer & Member Activities Felicia Gugliemi, 646-495-1330 CEOC LiaisonDiane YP Rep /YPAB Young Professionals Brian 713-419-2278 ESC Rep Executive Student Committee Miranda Grey Craig Wildemuth (Nor Cal/Rocky Mnt) 650-543-3390

4 4 LSC Executive Officers Spring 2010-Spring 2011 PositionName/AffiliationEmail AddressPhone Division/Forum RepAvailable Global RepAvailable ProjectConnect Grants RepKaren 845-892-3211 Program Planning Grants Rep TBD Student ChapterAvailable LS In Need Rep/ Section Liaison James Klein (CSR) 803-725-4203 TBDMac TBDDavid R. (Dave) 508-835-4584 Thank-you Dave Jacobs for a job well done as Chair of the LSC in 2009-2010!

5 5 LSC Mission To strengthen AIChE’s Local Sections through:  ProjectConnect/Program Planning Grants  Support Leadership Development Conference  Resource development  Networking  Opportunities for sharing information  Long-term support focusing on Local Sections  Providing Volunteer Recognition  Representation of all Local Sections and Regions (new goal for 2010)

6 6 Available Resources   How to start a Young Professional Group  Local Section Officers' Resource Guide (updated Spring 2009)  Local Section Annual Report 2009 Summary  Local Section Officer Descriptions  Top Ten Ways to Involve Students in Your Section Flyer  more ….. Please review the Spring 2008/9 LSC Luncheon presentations for more complete listing of additional benefits of AIChE membership

7 Working Session (WS) Presented By: Todd J. Willman, PE, MBA Chair, Local Sections Committee

8 Membership Trends 15 Year View 1995 54,090-2.846,040-2.08,050 1996 54,1620.148,0544.46,108 -24% 1997 53,350-1.547,333-1.56,017 -1.5% 1998 48,754-8.644,173-6.74,581 -24% 1999 48,517-0.543,354-1.95,163 13% 2000 48,6200.244,9463.73,674 -29% 2001 48,222-0.844,870-0.23,352 -9% 2002 45,002-6.742,068-6.22,934 -12% 2003 42,635-5.339,943-5.12,692 -8% 2004 39,228-8.036,298-9.12,930 1.1% 2005 37,295-4.934,344-5.42,9511% 2006 37,7221.132,705-4.85,01770% 2007 39,7025.232,279-1.37,42348% 2008 43,63310.030,962-4.012,67170% 2009 43,0951%30,336-2.212,759 1 % 2010B 43,2905%B 29,430-3.013,8608.60% Total MembershipProfessional MembershipStudents 2009 Final Professional members 30,336 Students Members 12,759 2010 Membership on track for 3% loss

9 LSs by Region/State

10 Working Session  What do Local Sections Need?  Local Section Annual Report 2009  Local Section Contact Campaign  In-Need  Trends/ Succession Planning Suggestions  Dues/Finances/Fundraising  Grants  Representation in LSC

11 WS – State of the Local Sections  Only 59 of 112 sections are considered active (filing reports)  Sections classified as ‘in-need’ have doubled from 2008 to 2009 (25-46)  Chemical engineering graduates are increasing while AIChE membership is declining  Decreasing grant applications while increasing grant availability to Local Sections  Local Sections are the grass-roots of AIChE – a new approach as a ‘farm’ system in major league baseball is needed to turn this around by AIChE National – strong ownership, recruitment, and investment

12 WS – Priorities for 2010-2011  Develop strong connection between Local Sections and LSC committee  Appoint regional representatives to the LSC  Quarterly online meeting to address the needs of Local Sections  Include the newly appointed Chief Information Officer as a National Representative for their Local Section on the LSC  Develop and vote on the top priorities/needs of Local Sections to be communicated to AIChE Leadership.

13 WS – Ideas for 2010-2011  PE/FE Exam Review options for young professionals to attract the future membership of AIChE  Sharing of meeting content of larger Local Sections with smaller ones within a region  Combine some regions to strengthen them  West as Pacific Coast and Mountain (now 15 sections)  Plains merges with Midwest (only 3 in Plains)  Encourage the largest sections in each region to cultivate the smaller sections  Promote ‘Regional’ activities to further sustain and grow Local Sections

14 WS – LS Annual Rpt 2009  Annual Report  Total Sections 111  59 Submitted Annual Rpt  52 No Annual Rpt  30 Sections lack leadership/organization  Potential 83 active LSs total

15 WS – LS Annual Rpt 2009  Goals  Boost Meeting Attendance  Outreach  Restart  Budget  Slight Increase in Income  Fundraising  Corporate Sponsorship

16 WS – LS Annual Rpt 2009  Meetings/Attendance  5-10/yr24 LSs  0-5/yr28 LSs  0-2/yr17 LSs  Avg # of years since graduation 15-30  Leadership mtgs 1-3/yr 35  Leadership mtgs 0/yr 15

17 WS – LS Annual Rpt 2009  Young Professional Groups  14 in 2009 vs 9 in 2008 (55% increase)  12 expressed interest  Recruiting/New Members  Focus on student chapters  Support of local companies  Long-term volunteer burnout

18 WS – LS Annual Rpt 2009  Tools  Continual AIChE national contact  Benefits for dues paid  Shining Star Recognition

19 WS – LS Annual Rpt 2009  Communications  Email  10 with paper newsletters  Only 6 cite their website  Majority of sections seldom visit  3 Sections use Groups  Benefits  Networking  LS Committee Help

20 LSs “In-Need”  No Annual Report  No National AIChE Member(s) in key leadership positions  Chair  Vice-Chair  Treasurer  Secretary  No contact with LSC  If you think you are In-Need or will be – Contact the LSC!!

21 Reasons for Becoming Inactive  Job Relocation/Market Shift  Loss of a Significant Leader  Retirement/Low Recruitment  Low Attendance/Low Volunteerism  Leader Burnout

22 22 Trends-Why are Sections Struggling?  Volunteer  Lack of volunteers leading to burnout  Apathy of leaders  Charismatic leader loss  Members not feeling able to contribute any longer  Competition from alternative, more focused professional organizations  “What’s in it for me?” attitude  Competing interests social/family/retirement  Changing, more demanding work environment that does not allow (time) for supporting volunteer professional organizations during working hours  Some members able to contribute more in summer vs academic year, but sections usually off then

23 23 Trends-Why are Sections Struggling? (cont)  Local Section  Geographical spread of section  Decreasing membership dues  Industry  General decline in the economy, folks are more focused on their immediate needs  Shifting industrial base  Few industries pay for memberships as a perk  National  Decreasing grant applications/Increasing grant availability  Young Professional  Student Sections

24 Ways to Restart/Prevent Becoming Inactive  Start Small – Kickoff Meeting + 1  Contact your members personally  Gauge Interest  Recruit Young Professionals  Delegate to Retirees  Reach out to a Professional Society / Local Section near you  Contact the LSC  Delaware/Balcones Fault have restarted!

25 Succession Planning  “No organization plans to fail, it just fails to plan!”  Prepare for leadership transition  Define goals, roles and responsibilities  Keep a record of all member information, accounts, contracts and passwords  Have at least two people on bank accounts  Communication Strategies  Consider using free email services (Google, etc)  AIChE Web Hosting – “manage content not tech”  Newsletter/Social Networking  Volunteer time is $ - maximize its impact and their success

26 LS Dues/Finance Questions  Where are you?  How much of your annual budget is based on dues? Fundraising? Corporate Sponsorship?  What is your spend out each year? Carryover?  How many of your LS members are National members only? LS only? Both?  Do you recruit National only members to be LS members and vice versa? Recruiting doesn’t stop with Young Professionals or new to the area.  What value does the LS provide for the dues? What’s In It For Me (WIIFM)! Networking, Tours, Technical Talks, etc.  Do you apply for Grants?  Do you use off the shelf financial software (Quicken, Microsoft Money) or Excel? (Treasurer’s Rpt Item?)

27 Fundraising  Fundraising  Corporate Support for Mtg/Newsletter  Budget Control Strategies  Meeting Rooms without fees  Combine with other professional societies

28 28 LSC Goals for 2009-2010  Contact all Local Sections  Assist Local Sections “In Need”  Support Host Section for 2010 LDC  Award Program Planning Grants  Have at least two applications for Programming Grants  Award up to $7,200 in ProjectConnect Grants  Award full $1800 per quarter for 2 nd and 3 rd Quarter 2009 ProjectConnect Grants  Award Shining Star Volunteer Recognition Awards  Solicit nominations and recommend host for 2011 LDC conference  Facilitate Information Sharing between Local Sections  Have at least one instructional Webinar for local section topic

29 29 LS Goals for 2009-2010  Recruiting Young Professionals Senior Members  Tools

30 Leadership Development Conference June 4-6, 2010 Presented By: Noah McMillan & RC Ramaswamy East Tennessee Section Kingsport, TN


32 Where is Kingsport, TN? Map and pictures courtesy of Kingsport Convention and Visitors Bureau

33 Informative full weekend program includes: Brian Ferguson Chemical Industry Leadership Challenges Tom Connelly Leadership in Chemical Innovation Effective communication skills Innovation and addressing change Leadership skills assessment Educating future leaders

34 Engaging break-out sessions: Engaging the community through outreach Promoting the value of AIChE to millennials Marketing your organization via communication channels Team leadership National AIChE resources How to plan an LDC Plus… Eastman plant tour Networking opportunities Whitewater rafting excursion Saturday night entertainment

35 What Can You Do? 1. Personally attend the 2010 LDC 2. Send someone from your local section 3. Sponsor someone from your local section or student section Registration is open now at:

36 AIChE Program Planning Grants Presented By: Todd Willman Chair, Local Sections Committee

37 37 Program Planning Grants  Assist local sections with their membership outreach efforts by encouraging development of a program plan that involved more than a single event.  Supports outreach to broader section membership  Series of events under an "umbrella" of a larger program with identifiable objectives and goals  Encouraged to think "outside the box"  Grants awarded twice per calendar year with maximum value of $1000  2010 Deadline – March 31 st No Applications Submitted Next Application Deadline: March 31, 2010

38 John J. McKetta ProjectConnect Grants Reprentative Presented By: Karen Bard ProjectConnect Grants

39 39 Project Connect  Assists local sections with their efforts to reach out to students, and increase membership and participation of recent chemical engineer graduates and new engineers.  Supports outreach to new and young engineers and students  Typically single event programs  Evaluated on Innovativeness and ability to become "best practice"  Grants awarded quarterly with maximum value of $600  Attempt to award $1800 per quarter

40 40 Project Connect Applications and, hence, Number of Awards Trending Down In Response, Award Value Increased

41 AIChE ON DEMAND An On Demand Strategy bringing value and relevancy to AIChE membership

42 ContentConnection Conversation Convert CC C C Generate steady stream of valuable Content - Control cost of production by enabling volunteers to generate content - Sustain participation by fostering connections & communication Execute initiatives to Connect the audience - With AIChE - With each other (geographically, topically) - With the world Leverage connection to sustain Conversations - Mere consumption is not brand-sustainable - Conversation on the “web” by Participating & Contributing - In context of Connections - In context of Content generation (causes, projects) Convert (to member) and Retain. =+ +

43 AICHE CHEME ON DEMAND ChEnected ChE- compute ChE- elearn ChE-articlesChE-cast Webinars Meeting Sessions Local Section Speakers Division Webcasts Blogs ( YP, Career, Technical ) Speakers Corner Directories ( Member, Consultant ) Member Center Pilot e-learning courses Biofuels (CCPS) SACHE Modules Knovel e- library Coming Soon Apps for : T CA Polymath T K SOLVER AICHE Handbook CEP Other Journals/ Magazines

44 Content over 1000 0riginal content offerings Live Webinars archived in ChemE on Demand =88 Archived Meeting Presentations = 297 CEP Articles/other magazines links = 661

45 LIVE Webinars YP Author Series Leadership and Management Series Technical Series Career Development Executive Book Series 88 live webinars since launch 4 a month currently Attendance ranges from 30 – 250 per event Attendees mostly member and senior member grades 20 non-members

46 Archived Webinars Recordings of Live Webinars Recordings Of Annual and Spring Papers Coming Soon *Recordings from other sources : Corporate/Gov’t Coming Soon: *Archive only Webinars Coming Soon: Video content made for CHEME on DEMANDv 88 Archived Webinars 297 archived meeting presentations Recordings from LDC Recordings from Divisions Coming Soon: recordings from regional meetings

47 CIO’s Getting AIChE Benefits and Services Information to members through Local sections Collect ideas for webinar topics from Local Section members Serve as a reminder of deadlines for discounted registration for AIChE meetings Share opportunities for recognition through the expanded Institute Awards program Take feedback from your community on what additional resources could improve your programming Provide additional material for programs specifically designed for the Local Sections  Speakers Corner,  Leadership Development Conference  Project Connect Grants Communicate with the AIChE staff on how the Institute could tailor career services to better serve members in your area Inform the AIChE leadership if there is an important public policy issue impacting chemical engineers in your community

48 Chenected Where Chemical Engineers mix it up ChEnected is Reactive ChEnected is Interactive ChEnected is Multimedia ChEnected is Connected ChEnected is Young CHEME’s

49 ChENEcted Where Chemical Engineers Mix it Up ChEnected Components  Blog posts  Utube videos  Comments/discussions on posts  Connected to Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Flickr and Slideshare  YP of the Month

50 CHEnected Where Chemical Engineers Mix it Up Soft Launch date – Saturday, March 20, 2009  Over 20 blogs ready to go  Advisory Panel ready to seed comments  Process in place for gathering/changing videos, jokes, jobs, articles etc Hard Launch – End April/May 1 st  Marketing launch with lots of exposure  Roll out plan to develop Widget Universities Corporations Other blogs and CHEME Sites

51 ContentConnection ConversationConversion CC C C Leveraging all sources Our members are our content Repurposing Partnerships Licensing Building platforms rather than one-offs: 2009 ChemE On Demand: Platform for Video Content ChemE CMS: Platform for LS/DIV/Forum websites 2010 ChEnected: Platform for community-content (blogs) ChemEdu: Platform for E-Learning content Future ChemEarticles: Consolidate links to all AIChE publications ChEmpute: Platform for computational content (2010 pilots: Sustainability, AIChE Handbook) Global Search: Become the Google for all ChemE content (2010 pilots: IfS Literature Search System, Biotech News Aggregation & Curation system) Re-design & Re-brand AIChE website (the “circles and spokes” vision)

52 52 Member Benefits  ChE On-Demand  Knovel Library  Employment Services  Networking  Professional Community  Continuing Professional Training  CEP

53 53 ChemE On Demand   Credit for 6 FREE downloads per year  Credits each year, good for all webinars (live and archived) as well as other content.  Real ‘deliverables’ for those considering membership in AIChE  Increases the return on investment needed to attract Young Professionals in the 25-35 age bracket now not members of AIChE in a significant way

54 AIChE Web Hosting  Web Hosting Progress  South Texas, Puget Sound, Akron, Norcal and more on the way!  Capacity for 400 Sections  Nominally 8 hrs per website  Benefits from the South Texas Section web site Now that the system has been set-up, it will form a solid foundation for all other sections since all requirements for the largest section of AIChE (greater Houston area) has been met with this content management web site Young Professionals are now involved in running the site without any need for a professional web developer Speed and efficiency of posting time sensitive materials has greatly increased Overall improvement in web communications!!!

55 Sample Web Page

56 AIChE Volunteer Recognition Awards Improved and Expanded by: David Jacobs Past Chair, Local Sections Committee

57 57 Shining Star - Volunteer Recognition Awards  What are the Shining Star Awards?  Initiated in 2009 to recognize AIChE volunteers nation wide for their tireless efforts  Support volunteers in attending national AIChE meetings throughout the year  Aid Local Sections in helping their volunteers to continue to volunteer  Recognize those that go above and beyond in their service to AIChE  Free registration and expenses paid (up to $1000) to any National Meeting (Annual or Spring Meeting or LDC)

58 58 Shining Star - Volunteer Recognition Awards  Shining Star Awards Recommendations  Two nominations per Local Section per year  Independent of the ProjectConnect or Program Planning Grants  Examples of service recognized:  Dedication and personal commitment to AIChE and the Local Section  Willingness to take on a daunting task  Set an example for others  Willingness to step up and help the section when it needed it the most  A long history of service to the section  Infusion of new ideas / energy into the section

59 59 Shining Star - Volunteer Recognition Awards 2010 Member VolunteerLocal Section Description of Contribution Timothy NolenEast Tennessee Dan Lambert Central Savannah River (GA/SC) Azita AhmadzedehChicago Lawrence LattaCentral Ohio Veera BodduCentral Illinios Alessandra CarreonPudget Sound

60 60 Shining Star - Volunteer Recognition Awards 2010 Member VolunteerLocal Section Description of Contribution Jim Miller Pittsburgh Section Joe Mallon Kansa City Section Carol Schmidt South Texas Section

61 61 THANK YOU! For participating in the Spring 2010 LSC Luncheon. Contact me at to join our monthly web meetings!

62 Question & Answer Session

63 63 Q&A Session  What is the single biggest problem facing your section?  Getting volunteers to help run the Section?  Meeting attendance  Finances  What is your biggest Success?  Grants?  Other?

64 LSC Contact Campaign  XX of 111/113 Sections Contacted  2009 LS Annual Report Summary of Sections 59 "Active", 52/54 "Inactive" (definition: Active = filed LS report) 16 Inactive 1 year 4 Inactive 2 years 6 Inactive 3 years 5 Inactive 4 years 4 Inactive 5 years 3 Inactive 6 years 1 Inactive 7 years 13 Inactive > 7 years  Lowell Aplebaum visiting LSs along with student chapters

65 Who’s In Need? (2004-2009)

66 Improving Local Sections  Who considers their section “in need” or struggling? 20042005200620082009 San Diego Alberta Saudi Arabia Central OK SyracuseCentral VA Tallahassee Chattanooga Terre Haute Mid-Hudson Texas Panhandle Penisular FL Toledo Pensacola TriadRio Grande Tristate?San Diego Twin Tiers Tallahassee W. KentuckyTerre Haute W. MichiganTexas Panhandle Toledo Wisconsin Wichita WitchitaEl Dorado Wilmington Iowa Wisconsin Nebraska Balcones Fault Considered "on-the mend" in 2005

67 Improving LSs (cont) 20042005200620082009 Great Salt Lake CityGreat Salt Lake Las Vegas Guadalupe Oregon Iowa Singapore Las Vegas (they are not in Timms) Baton Rouge Lehigh Valley Nashville Low country Low Country – no activity Mobile Saudi Arabia Mojave Desert Tappan Zee Nashville Tulsa Nebraska Alabama-Piedmont Oregon Netherland/Belgium Palmetto Palmetto – has a chair, but no activity Palmetto – organizing kickoff Peninsular Florida Peninsular FLSouthwest LA Pensacola Syracuse Permian Basin Triad Rhode Island Columbia Pacific Rio Grande Fairfiled County

68 Improving LSs (cont) 20042005200620082009 Akron Alabama-Piedmont Ichthyologists Alberta Western SC Alaska Central AR Balcones Fault Central IL Central Arkansas Central Sav River Central Illinois Columbia Valley Central OK Dallas Central Pennsylvania Great Salt lake Chattanooga Louisville Coastal Carolinas Mid-Michigan Dallas Mobile Dayton New Jersey Detroit Orange County Eastern NCEastern North Carolina Pittsburgh El Dorado Southern CA Fairfield County Tide Water VA

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