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All About the Great Plains Tribes of America!!!!!!!!!!!!

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1 All About the Great Plains Tribes of America!!!!!!!!!!!!
By: Elizabeth Vaughan and Sierra LeDesma

2 Names of Tribes The Great Plains Tribes Included The: Assiniboin, Atsina, Arikara, Blackfoot, Cheyenne, Comanche, Sarcee, Plains Cree, Ojibwa, Hidatsa, Mandan, Crow, Teton Dakota, Santee Dakota, Yankton Dakota, Omaha, Pawnee, Pohca, Iowa, Oto, Missouri, Kansa, Arapho, Osage, Kiowa, Quapaw, And The Wichita.

3 Where The Plains Indians Lived
The plains Indians lived on the Great plains. They lived in tepees and Grass houses. The states they lived in would be Montana, North Dakota, Wyoming, South Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, Colorado, Kansas , Missouri, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Texas. The land had buffalo, a few trees, and it effected them because they didn’t have enough wood for log cabins like the settlers did, so they built tepees.

4 How the plains Indians decided where to live
Resources for the Plains Indians were, First food which was mostly buffalo meat, Next came water from fresh water rivers, ponds, etc. Then there was shelter which was mainly tepees made from buffalo skins and wooden poles. Their resources were good for what they decided to do with them. Food: Water: Shelter:

5 Fun Facts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1.Many Indian women carried babies in the cradleboards on their backs. 2.On special occasions they painted their faces and arms in bright colors and animal patterns. 3. All of the buffalo was used, nothing was wasted, their ribs were used as sleds in the winter and their stomach and blatter were used as water bottles. 4.Sioux women were known for their quillwork and beadwork 5.Indians walked and rode horses and made birch bark and dugout canoes. 6.If a family owned many ponies they were considered rich.

6 Comparing Indians to Europeans
Indians focused on the present whereas Europeans focused on the future. The Indians are giving ,but the Europeans were saving. Europeans wanted conquest over nature and Indians kept peace with nature.

7 Wrap up We learned a lot about where the plains tribes lived, and what life was like. We also learned what they did in their free time, such as children playing games. Also about their resources. As well as some of their traditions.

8 Bibliography
2. Nativeamericans.htm

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