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Invasions & Encounters

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1 Invasions & Encounters

2 Spread religion Conquer new lands Establish trade routes Obtain resources (gold/spices) Expand knowledge 1st Spanish 2nd French 3rd British What motivated the early explorers? European Explorers to Kansas

3 Spanish Explorer Francisco Vazquez de Coronado
Serve in gov’t of New Spain Stories of 7 cities of gold Indian slave “Turk” Came to Kansas in search of Quivira Came into contact with Wichita

4 Coronado returned to Mexico
Expedition failure Trial and found guilty of mistreating native peoples

5 French Explorers Claude Charles Du Tisne` Sent to contact Comanche
Failed to reach Comanche Contacted Osage and Pawnee Traded guns and ammo for information

6 Sent 4 years after Du Tisne
Purpose to establish friendship with Kansa and Plains Apache Gain control over Kansas Set up Fort Orleans Etienne Veniard de Bourgmont

7 Overtime unable to give Indians what they wanted
Indians became interested in British goods Tension between French and Indians Set up Fort Cavaginal to regulate fur trade.

8 Indians were to give allegiance to king/queen
Rights of native peoples ignored Monarchy Sovereign rights

9 Review Quiz Did not live amongst Indians Spanish
Provided horses NOT guns Lived with Indians Married Indian women Provided guns and ammo Spanish French

10 Stop Both Brought new diseases killing entire villages
New products such as metal (guns), tools, and cloth Increased tension among tribes Stop

11 Indian Relocation Isaac McCoy (1828)
Create Indian state where natives could live Gradually assimilate and convert to Christianity Indians would lose traditions

12 William Clark (1822) Indian Removal Act of 1830 Superintendent of Indian Affairs Gave away Kansa and Osage land to emigrant tribes from the East. Continued what Thomas Jefferson started President Andrew Jackson

13 Moved Indians in East to land west of Mississippi River
Andrew Jackson 5th Amendment Moved Indians in East to land west of Mississippi River Indians stood in way of American progress Economy based on agriculture Indians assigned to reservations (1791) Eminent domain

14 Convert Indian children to Christianity
Teach vocational skills Goal– Americanize the Indian Mission Schools

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