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Protecting Electronic Components Against Counterfeiting

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1 Protecting Electronic Components Against Counterfeiting
Six Degrees Counterfeit Prevention Protecting Electronic Components Against Counterfeiting

2 About Us Six Degrees Counterfeit Prevention, LLC (6DCP) is a leading marketing and distribution firm for CryptoCodex LTD., providers of the most powerful counterfeit protection, document security, and track & trace solution on the market. Encrypted Protected Powered by CryptoCodex Ltd.

3 The “Ticking Time Bomb”
The 'Ticking Time Bomb' of Counterfeit Electronic Parts Counterfeit electronic parts entering the manufacturing supply chain costs the U.S. government and its contractors billions each year. “One report notes the automotive industry alone lost $3 billion in sales, while another shows the semiconductor industry take a $75 billion annual hit.” Powered by CryptoCodex Ltd.

4 Counterfeit Protection
Each unit is individually marked with a unique encrypted 2D barcode that contains all the information required to authenticate the item. No two barcodes will ever be the same. Eliminates the need to maintain an online database. Can be printed on or scribed directly onto the item. No offsite printing or special hardware required. Images courtesy of Powered by CryptoCodex Ltd.

5 Encrypted Barcode Application
PhotoScribe delivers turn key laser systems designed specifically for your marking requirements. Under 50 microns (1/3 the size of a human hair) to those that are large and easily visible. Very shallow (less then 1 micron in depth) to very deep. Marked "on the fly" in synchronization with automated handling equipment to single manual part marking. Designed to work in conjunction with your existing material handling equipment at or above your current production speeds Courtesty of

6 Authentication Process
Scans Barcode Encrypted payload is sent over the internet to the decryption server Decryption Server Contains the keys to authenticate the item Authentication Confirms or denies authentication Powered by CryptoCodex Ltd.

7 Track & Trace Track & Trace each product independently and collectively from manufacturing to the end user in real time. Scanning events produce invaluable data for advanced supply chain visibility. Powered by CryptoCodex Ltd.

8 Scanning Devices Desktop Scanner WebCam Cellular Phone Barcode Reader Hand-Held Terminal

9 Encryption Encryption technology is the only symmetrical, polymorphic, non-mathematical encryption method in the world. Its key strength (minimum 1 million bit key size) is truly chaotic and based on a innovative, patent pending technology called PHR Pure Human Randomization. PHR replaces the structuring and use of a pseudo-random calculative hash function. PHR is protected against Rainbow Crack, Dictionary Attack, Cryptanalysis and Brute Force Key Strength – 1 million bit or more Performance 400% faster compared to AES. MPU use – Mathematical Process Unit in CPU use 3% – 7% only. Overhead of the file from original 5% +/- (original+5%) +/- Powered by CryptoCodex Ltd.

10 Micro Database Less Encapsulation-MDLE
Other encryption algorithms have a bit overhead of between % when encrypting small amounts of information. PHR on the other hand uses an unparalleled, non dictionary compression ratio operational technique which has a bit overhead of 5-7%. Because of this, we are capable of encrypting relevant information into one 2D barcode. A process referred to as MDLE – Micro Database Less Encapsulation. Powered by CryptoCodex Ltd.

11 Demo – Generating an Encrypted Barcode
Powered by CryptoCodex Ltd.

12 Contact For more information, please contact us at

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