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John Fahy National Terrorist FIU New Scotland Yard

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1 John Fahy National Terrorist FIU New Scotland Yard

2 Objectives of Presentation Role & structure of the NTFIU UK Strategy on counter terrorism Cash seizure powers & use Terrorist financing 7/7 as a counter terrorism investigation Questions

3 Role of the NTFIU Metropolitan Police have the lead on Counter Terrorism(CT) Investigations Support CT Investigations UK lead on terrorist finance Training/capacity building

4 Structure of the NTFIU Rapidly growing unit with a total of 76 detectives, analysts & support staff Support to CT investigations Disruption Team Intelligence function Staff from other agencies

5 To reduce the threat To reduce vulnerability PREVENT terrorism by tackling its underlying causes PURSUE terrorists and those that sponsor them Improve our understanding of terrorist networks, track the terrorists down, disrupt them and, where we can, bring them to justice PREPARE for the consequences PROTECT the public and UK interests To reduce the risk UNDERPINNING ALL FOUR MISSION AREAS Improve intelligence coverage Clear, helpful, coherent communications Countering terrorist financing is a fundamental element of the UK’s long term CT strategy

6 Cash Seizure Powers Civil power to seize criminal or terrorist funds

7 The Terrorist Act Volunteers, Training, Travel, Equipment Procurement, Living Costs, Administration, Propaganda, Campaigns, Communications, Prisoners / martyrs families……. Terrorist Finances?


9 7/7 Attacks on the Underground

10 Casualty Figures Devices placed on carriage floors Aldgate 7 Dead 90 injured Edgware Road 8 Dead 185 injured Russell Square 27 Dead 180 injured


12 Inside the BMA

13 One hour later - Fourth Device Detonated on the Bus Tavistock Place Device placed on upper deck 14 Dead 73 injured

14 The Importance of the Financial Investigator There is no terrorism without money!

15 Financial Intelligence Makes a Difference In the first 24 hrs contact made with financial institutions, credit reference agencies etc 24/7 contact arrangements established Fast time response to intelligence and exhibits from scene

16 M Khan 11 Gregory St, Leeds

17 Financial and other documents found at scenes prove useful Exploiting account opening information Addresses Telephone numbers E-mail addresses Other potential Financial Intelligence adds Value

18 Identifying the Remaining Bombers Shehzad Tanweer Mohammed Khan Jermaine Lyndsay Husib Hussain

19 Luton Railway Station Analysis of Shazad TANWEER’s accounts show car hire on 4 th July 2005

20 Recovered Items Search of the car reveals hexamine blocks and other BME

21 Recovered Items Various home made explosives & detonators

22 18, Alexander Grove, Leeds




26 Other materials


28 Jermaine Lyndsey Bank account shows links to Numerous e-mail addresses ‘Bug’ detectors and other spying / anti- spying equipment

29 Current Enquiries Ongoing account examination of purchases Surveillance of accounts in order to ID associates & purchase patterns Purchase of mobile phones & top up cards


31 Massive and challenging reactive investigation Repeated on 21 st July with attempted bombings Both enquiries still continuing for criminal court and Coroner Still had to ‘service’ other NTFIU operations NTFIU Response

32 How much did it cost?

33 Future threat monitoring Purchase of precursor chemicals- Hydrogen Peroxide, Hexamine blocks, Citric Acid, Fertiliser etc…. Purchase of equipment- Fans, cooling blocks, rubber gloves Overseas travel- Payment for travel, Visas, account dormancy Training- Paint-balling, rafting, ‘adventure sports’

34 Questions ? John Fahy National Terrorist FIU New Scotland Yard

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