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Courtney Hoppe – AVP Relationship Manager Managed Spend (Declining Balance Cards) Payment Plus (Virtual Card Payments)

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1 Courtney Hoppe – AVP Relationship Manager Managed Spend (Declining Balance Cards) Payment Plus (Virtual Card Payments)

2 Managed Spend (Declining Balance Card) Balance declines without refreshing each cycle Same online visibility, access, and reporting Purchase card rebate still applies Used for controlled purchases Visa acceptance worldwide

3 Managed Spend (Declining Balance Card) When used for Athletics Best practice, issue to a coach or team manager Consider annual spend per card Utilize temp auth start and end dates

4 Managed Spend (Declining Balance Card) Eliminating Blanket Purchase Orders Consolidates costly invoices Vendors get paid at point of sale Department gains live visibility and reporting Better control of budget Added spend to optimize card rebate

5 Managed Spend (Declining Balance) Examples of Accepting Vendors Grainger Royal Paper Corp Waxie Sanitary Supply Keaton Catering Walters Wholesale Elec Plumbing & Industrial Cleansource Graybar Electric Company P & R Paper Supply ADI Security Office Max Vita Print Home Depot Target Specialty Products

6 Managed Spend (Declining Balance Card) How would the process work? Confirm that the vendor will accept card payment Cancel the requisition for a blanket Verify vendor will meet terms and conditions Set up a managed spend account in Access® Online Internal vendor and department numbers Buyer provides the account number to the vendor The requesting department’s process will not change

7 Managed Spend (Declining Balance Card) How does the reconciliation process work? Department receives a consolidated statement The employee submits the corresponding receipts The packet is then audited by procurement Packet is submitted for single payment to US Bank Transaction data can be uploaded into PeopleSoft

8 Managed Spend (Declining Balance Card) Can multiple departments use the same vendor? Each department assigned a declining balance account Same as multi-department blanket to prevent cross- over expenditures Only difference is the payment method


10 Availability to Campuses Interface Testing Pilot Timeline Implementation Topics U.S. Bank Support Program Set Up Test Transactions Vendor Enrollment Dedicated Enablement Managers Acceptors, Good Opportunity, Online Access Online PAYMENT PLUS

11 Program Optimization Consultative Approach Annual Review and Recommendations Benchmarking and Opportunity Tools Financial Benefits Statements Ongoing Success Tracking Supports Vendor Enablement Effort

12 PCard US Bank, Part II Courtney Hoppe – AVP Relationship Manager Travel Card Program Options Fraud Overview and Mitigation

13 Travel Card Options Liability Options Corporate or Individual Billing Structure Options Corporate - Central Corporate - Individual Individual - Individual Best Practices Central Accounts for Hotel, Air, and Car Delinquency Management Best Practices Central Accounts for Hotel, Air, and Car Controlled Processes Delinquency Management

14 Supports chip-enabled card for U.S. based cardholders who frequently travel overseas Improves payment capability and convenience in regions where chip cards are commonplace Ensures wherever employees travel, they can quickly and easily pay for T&E expenses Provides enhanced security abroad when existing PIN option is used Travel Card Options - EMV

15 Fraud Overview - Definition What is card fraud? Unauthorized transactions by a third party Obtaining funds by misrepresentation of identity, authority or information What is not card fraud? Authorized use by a family member Employee abuse Merchant error/disputed transactions Inability to pay

16 Fraud Overview - Prevalence Restrict card use to specific types of merchants Establish spending limits for specific timeframes Set purchase and transaction limits Run reports that track and monitor expenses

17 Fraud Overview – Credit Master Run Programs capable of generating account numbers Phone and internet transactions Independent of any card activity or usage patterns U.S. Bank is always monitoring active runs Numbers Are NOT Actual Numbers Are NOT Actual Account Numbers

18 Fraud Overview – Credit Master Run Cases are reviewed daily for new fraud trends Adjust strategies to detect and stop these trends Two types of fraud rules Near-time rules Real-time rules Real-time declines are designed to decline/refer fraud on the first detected attempt Near-time alerts provide an opportunity to block subsequent fraud attempts

19 Fraud Overview – Counterfeit Mitigation Strategies to decline suspicious transactions Monitor for counterfeit test authorizations Watch for increased counterfeit activity by location Compare cases against compromised merchants Assess risk of continued use of compromised card Analyze transaction history of cases daily to find new compromise locations

20 Fraud Overview – MCC Blocking Mitigation MCC 5085 8398 5999 5051 7399 5065 5969 5732 5047 5045 Direct Marketing Electronic Stores Hospital Equipment & Supplies Computers, Peripheral Equipment, Software Miscellaneous & Specialty Retail Stores Metal Service Centers and Offices Business Services Electrical Parts & Equipment Top 10 Fraud by MCC P-Card Description Industrial Supplies Charitable and Social Service Organizations MCC 5732 5411 5200 5542 5969 5311 6011 4722 5310 8999 Top 10 Fraud by MCC Industry Description Electronic Stores Grocery Stores, Supermarkets Home Supply Warehouse Stores Automated Fuel Dispenser Direct Marketing Department Stores Automated Cash Travel Agencies & Tour Operators Discount Stores Professional Services MCC 7011 3503 5732 5200 5812 3030 5411 5947 5814 3009 Grocery Stores, Supermarkets Card Shops, Gift, and Souvenir Shops Fast Food Restaurants Air Canada Electronic Stores Home Supply Warehouse Stores Eating Places, Restaurants Aerolineas Argentinas Top 10 Fraud by MCC C-Card Description Lodging - Hotels, Motels, Resorts Sheraton Hotels Evaluate what merchant groups are necessary for your cardholders

21 Fraud Overview – Best Practices When calling customer service or fraud support, always ask that the rep add a note to the account indicating your efforts to communicate on this issue. Take note of everyone you speak with at US Bank (date, time, name, topic description). Always retain fax confirmation when statement of fraud is returned. Retain for at least 3 cycles after the incident occurs.

22 Fraud Overview – Best Practices Review spending reports & question transactions Be mindful of how card data is stored and destroyed Keep cardholder account records current Ensure that termination includes destroying the card Notify Account Coordinator of anticipated changes Frequently communicate policies on appropriate use Educate on how to report suspicious activity

23 Fraud Overview – Best Practices Schedule fraud reports to monitor activity and ensure the statement of fraud affidavit is returne. Statement of Fraud Report includes all Fraud Cases that were opened in the past 90 days and show when the document was sent and if/when it was received back by U.S. Bank. Fraud Summary Report includes all authorizations and transactions identified as fraud for each of the fraud cases during the time frame requested. The report also summarizes the top fraud MCCs by count and dollar amount.

24 Fraud Overview – Best Practices Sign your cards as soon as they arrive Don’t lend your card to anyone, even coworkers or managers Don’t leave cards or receipts lying around Keep an eye on your card during the transaction Destroy receipts and statements you no longer need Reconcile accounts frequently Report any questionable charges promptly to U.S. Bank Notify U.S. Bank in advance of a change in address or phone Don’t give out personal information over the phone Keep a records in a secure place

25 Questions? Courtney Hoppe – AVP Relationship Manager or (310) 363-5850

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