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Government of Saint-Petersburg Administration Test Lab «PETEKS» Center is accredited in the GOST R system The quality expertise and assessment of the.

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2 Government of Saint-Petersburg

3 Administration Test Lab «PETEKS» Center is accredited in the GOST R system The quality expertise and assessment of the factors of production counterfeit

4 Certification in GOST R System Production and services certification institution is active from the year 1994. The certification procedure – is a proven method of quality control, which means a competitive advantage in a struggle for a consumer market. All these years the specialists of the institution stick to the politic directed to show the meaning of the certification aims. These aims are easy and simple – the Russian consumer must be protected from a production, which is not stand up by the safety factors to the rules and requirements of Russian Federation. According to Russian legislation some categories of goods must be obligatory certified and couldn’t be sold in Russian Federation without these certificates.

5 Certification Institute deals with: Food products Cosmetic and perfumery Oral hygiene Household chemistry Pulp and paper industry Consumer and shipping container Polymers, synthetics Catering services Hairdresser‘s services Travel package Retail trade services Repairing the household appliances services

6 Certification Institute is providing the following services: The certification services Analyze the production manufacturing conditions with the aim to reveal factors, which could influence the production quality and to give the recommendation on how to confront those factors Consulting and methodological assistance in development of manufacturing technologies and also in development of quality control systems The staff in department of certification consists from food production technology engineers some with degree in technical sciences, hygienists. All workers are highly professional experts in different types of food products, also in system of quality such as HACCP and ISO-9000. The Center of Quality Control has many years of experience in certification of production and services and employs licensed experts of the highest level of qualification.

7 Test Lab «PETEKS» The Quality Control Center contains in its structure one of the leading laboratories of the North-West region - the laboratory «Petersburg – Expertise». Being accredited in the GOST R system for technical competence and independence, the laboratory provides a wide spectrum of product tests according to Russian and international standards. Its modern and highly effective equipment enables to analyze consumer characteristics, quality and safety parameters of all kinds of food products, food raw materials, cosmetics, oral hygiene products and household chemicals in a efficient and reliable way

8 Quality control equipment and methods are constantly improving in the laboratory. A lot of attention during testing is paid to product identification: fatty acid content of oils and oil-and-fat products by chromatography, milk fat content of dairy products, carbohydrates in coffee, untypical additives in vodkas, alcohols, cognacs, grape wines by means of gas and liquid chromatography; identification of juices. Methods of histologic analysis of meat products with the aim to reveal adulteration of composition are applied, as well as methods of determination of a meat type by means of PCR, identification of salt content of mineral waters by means of capillary electrophoresis.

9 Presence of hazardous substances is determined in the laboratory including such substances as pesticides in food emerging from agricultural products as a result of pest control treatment of plants; mycotoxins formed during contamination of vegetable or canned products with fungi; histamine (its increase may cause allergic reaction); as well as nitrites and nitrates in vegetable products occurring if dosage of nitrogen fertilizers is exceeded, benzapyrene, polychlorinated byphenyl. The laboratory tests preservatives and coloring agents (hazardous in case of overdosage), toxic microparticles in alcoholic products.

10 The most modern methods of analysis complying with international (ISO) standards including colorimetric and spectrophotomettric methods, atomic absorption spectrometry are used for determination of heavy metal salts (lead, cadmium, copper, zinc, iron, tin, nickel, chrome and mercury) and arsenic in product samples. The laboratory has implemented qualitative and quantitative methods of evaluation of GMO in food products, microbiological analysis with express- analyzers RABBIT (United Kingdom) and Lumiprobe (France). The laboratory is equipped with a chromato-mass-spectrometer by Agilent Technologies (USA) that gives an opportunity to examine samples for almost all global contaminants as well as for substances of unknown origin. In practical activity the laboratory results are acknowledged as arbitral.

11 Organoleptic, physical and chemical parameters, nutritional and energy values are checked in all kinds of analyzed products. There is a sensory evaluation panel performing expert and taste evaluation of food products and issuing sensory reports. The laboratory has a special taste test room. Processing of information is carried out in an operational database with the use of state-of-the-art information technologies and modern computer systems. The laboratory employs chemist-analysts, microbiologists with many years of experience in the area of quality appraisal, some of them have a Ph.D. The laboratory executes testing of samples delivered by inspectorate bodies and it also carries out analyses on a contractual basis.

12 The department of the quality expertise and assessment of the factors of production counterfeit Saint-Petersburg State Institution «Center for Goods (Trades), Works and Services Quality Control» makes expert examinations for test products to confirm their compliance with the Russian legislation and comparative expertise on compliance of quality parameters to the original, authentic products or original products descriptions. Database of original products and descriptions of original products, which are given either by customers of expert examinations or by copyright holders, is constantly widened by the department. At the present time the Center examines products of the following trademark owners: As to computer software trademark owners: - Microsoft Corporation; - Autodesk Company; - 1C Company; - Adobe Company; - Borland Company; - Garant Company - Consultant Plus Company The quality expertise and assessment of the factors of production counterfeit The quality expertise and assessment of the factors of production counterfeit

13 Production of the above companies can be delivered to the Center on compact discs (CDs), on hard disc drives (HDDs), on desktop and notebook computers. As to game software products – SONY Company for video game devices SONY PlayStation and SONY PlayStation 2. As to sportswear – NIKE Company. As to denim – Wrangler and Lee trademarks. Concerning DVDs with audio and video content the expertise is conducted on the matter of compliance with the legislation of Russian Federation. The stated copyright holders produce mainly nonfoods goods. There haven't been any applications in the Center for intellectual property rights protection, concerning the illegal use of trademark, from food products manufactures in the year 2008.

14 Examination’s dynamics of the products during 2007- 2012

15 The total amount of objects

16 DVD-video

17 CD – audio

18 Software on different data storage

19 DVD – games for PlayStation, XBOX360, PC

20 Products of famous trademarks Since 2007 to 2012 products were investigated products of famous trademarks: Wrangler ® - denim products Lee ® - denim products Nike – sports clothing, shoes, accessories Levi's – denim products Hermes ® - accessories, watch and another Louis Vuitton ® - clothing, shoes, watch, accessories

21 Thank you for your time Thank you for your time

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