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By : Captain Rick Ollic Berkeley County Sheriff’s Office.

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1 By : Captain Rick Ollic Berkeley County Sheriff’s Office

2  Stealing Money or Goods  Falsifying checks or payroll, including creation of phantom employees  Misusing company credit card accounts  Taking Bribes or Kickbacks from suppliers or customers  Claiming overtime when it is not due  p.1

3  Embellishing expense accounts  Providing FALSE information about the company to creditors or investors  Stealing and selling company trade secrets  Giving friends or family unauthorized discounts on company merchandise or services  p.2

4  Safeguards during the hiring process  Criminal records check  Thorough checks from former employers  Contact references  Record checks for $25.00 through South Carolina Law Enforcement Division could save you thousands!

5  Establish Controls 1.All bill pays should be approved by management 2.All invoices approved by management 3.Add signature line to financial statements to include initials and date/time stamp 4.Allow only certain printers to print financial reports 5.Protect against payroll fraud by using direct deposit, regularly checking payroll records and hand-deliver paychecks.

6  Antivirus software on all servers, laptops and desktops. (Check Daily and scan weekly)  Stay updated with software and security patches.  Firewall all computers and on networks install network firewalls  Boot Password to prevent access while away from your computer  Virtual Private Network (VPN) wireless networks

7  Always try to run transaction as a debit  When running as a credit always get a picture identification  If transaction is not approved do not complete the sale  Credit or Debit cards by phone always get 3-Digit security number on reverse side  ASKING QUESTIONS NOW CAN SAVE FROM CHARGEBACKS IN THE FUTURE!!!

8  Show employees safety features on checks 1) Watermarks and micro printing 2) Fraud deterrent holograms  Person making purchase or cashing check does not match inquire why that is so!  Ask for two forms of identification  Accurately copy information from identification

9  Banknote Detection Pens are not proven method for determining counterfeit money  Become thoroughly familiar with genuine note  All counterfeit bills are investigated by the United States Secret Service  Visit

10  Detective Captain Rick Ollic Berkeley County Sheriff’s Office (843) 719-4423 Moncks Corner (843) 723-3800 (ext 4423) Charleston Area (843) 567-3186 St. Stephen Email



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