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2 Security through layers of encrypted communication between nodes.
tor - the onion router U.S. Navy Communications Data Transmission Security through layers of encrypted communication between nodes.

3 Image Source:


5 Access Through Tor ● “The onion router” ● Similar to a Firefox browser
● Simple, anyone can get it ● Host machine is untraceable ○ Can stay anonymous ○ Can access Darknet ○ Can see .onion extensions




9 Alternative Access with I2P
● The “Invisible Internet Project” ● Messages encrypted ● Outbound and Inbound tunnels ○ Data exchange ● 1st query must be made to I2P network’s “database” ○ Acts like a distributed hash table

10 Access to The Silk Road and Knowledge
● Access to Darknet = Access to Information ○ Onions ○ Government Secrets ○ Conspiracy Theories ● The Silk Road (Market) ○ Weapons and drugs sold ○ 60,000 visits per day ○ $1.9 million in sales every month Image source:

11 Darknet Usage 40,000 sites (fraction of all content…), 22 April 2014

12 Anonymity? Tor designed to hide identity Surface internet browsing
Doesn’t protect against vulnerabilities Server Anonymous Showboating? User’s computers Compromise = exposure Traps? Impossible to be completely anonymous online!

13 Alternatives Lots of reasons not to use Darknet Lavabit Silent Circle
Court order Silent Circle Silent Mail Image source:

14 Takeaways Created by the US gov’t Use the Onion Never anonymous
Secure communications Fraction of the Deep Web Use the Onion Tor/I2P Illegal marketplace Never anonymous Restoring purpose

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