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Serialization, Track & Trace Nicole Groves – Business Analyst Manager West Coast User Group, 2/11/2013.

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1 Serialization, Track & Trace Nicole Groves – Business Analyst Manager West Coast User Group, 2/11/2013

2 Solution Overview QAD Serialization, Track & Trace and The Effective Enterprise Business Challenges Business Scenario Coverage Solution Building Blocks Value Summary & Metrics Impact Availability & Release Support Q&A Agenda QAD Serialization, Track & Trace 2

3 New capabilities to augment traceability in QAD Enterprise Applications -Serialization, Track & Trace -Provides a framework for tracking & tracing: item serial numbers and/or license plated packs Solution Overview 3 QAD Serialization, Track & Trace

4 Traceability in QAD Enterprise Applications -Lot/Serial Control In core QAD Enterprise Applications -WIP lot tracking In Manufacturing -Installed Base Recording In Service & Support Management -Device History Recording In core QAD Enterprise Applications -NEW – Serialization, Track & Trace In core QAD Enterprise Applications Solution Overview QAD Serialization, Track & Trace

5 A Unique Identification Number What is Item Serialization? QAD Serialization, Track & Trace

6 Packaged Inventory using a unique ID What is License Plate Inventory? 6 QAD Serialization, Track & Trace

7 QAD Serialization, Track & Trace assists the Effective Enterprise by: -Simplifying meeting regulatory requirements or customer mandates -Streamlining material handling using LPN -Providing efficient recall or adverse events management The Effective Enterprise 7 QAD Serialization, Track & Trace

8 8 Business Challenges QAD Serialization, Track & Trace

9 Counterfeit product Business Challenges 9 QAD Serialization, Track & Trace

10 Business Challenges 10 Recall management Inventory track & trace QAD Serialization, Track & Trace

11 Business Challenges 11 Regulatory compliance QAD Serialization, Track & Trace

12 Business Challenges 12 Warehouse efficiency Inventory accuracy QAD Serialization, Track & Trace

13 Counterfeit product Recall management Inventory track k& trace Regulatory compliance Warehouse efficiency Inventory accuracy Business Challenges 13 QAD Serialization, Track & Trace

14 14 QAD Solution Business Scenario Coverage QAD Serialization, Track & Trace

15 Solution Impact 15 Receiving Production Shipment QAD Serialization, Track & Trace

16 16 QAD Solution QAD Serialization, Track & Trace

17 Packaging Serialized data management Serialized inventory management Label printing service Communication and integration Backward / Forward lot track & trace The Building Blocks 17 QAD Serialization, Track & Trace

18 Building Block #1 - Packaging Unit Serialization (Lot 123) Each saleable unit is assigned a unique identifier Case Serialization (Lot 123, 24 units per case) Units packed into cases. Each case is assigned a unique identifier and each unit (child) is associated with the case (parent) Pallet Serialization (Lot # 123, 128 cases per pallet) Cases packed onto pallets. Each pallet is assigned a unique identifier and each case (child) is associated with the pallet (parent) QAD Serialization, Track & Trace

19 19 Packaging types Packaging structures Default packaging structures per item per origin/destination Label Formats Packaging Master Data QAD Serialization, Track & Trace

20 Multiple serial ID formats (GS1, SSCC, SGTIN) Customer regulated serial ID ranges Multi-level aggregation serial IDs Identify inventory by serial IDs and Lot IDs Track & trace throughout life cycle serial IDs Building Block #2 – Serialized Data 20 QAD Serialization, Track & Trace

21 Building Block #3 – Serialized Inventory Warehouse / Distribution 21 QAD Serialization, Track & Trace

22 22 Lot control segregated from serial control Aggregation serialized packs Integrated with inventory transactions (Native API’s) Packaging transactions (build, remove, repack…) QAD - Serialized Inventory Management QAD Serialization, Track & Trace

23 Setup printers for label printing Print barcode labels directly from key transactions Label design using 3 rd party software (label template) Label format definitions Generate file with fixed and variable data according to label format Connect to hardware via different communication protocols Building Block #4 – Label Printing Service 23 Linear 2D Matrix QAD Serialization, Track & Trace

24 24 Native API’s Q-Docs (QAD QXtend) Serialization logic integrated in API’s for inventory transactions Outbound ASN support serialized packs / items(RxASN) Reporting Serialization Data Building Block # 5: Communication/Integration QAD Serialization, Track & Trace

25 25 Business Flow Example – Item Serialization Receive sales order Receive authorized ID ranges Work order preparations Work order execution Pack receipt by WO Pack move to warehouse Pick goodsPack goods Load packs in truck Confirm shipments RxASN Serial reporting QAD Serialization, Track & Trace

26 26 Lot Trace Workbench -Single access point to current lot-controlled inventory and historical data -Backward & forward tracing Extended list of relevant information Drill down capabilities Ability to extract data for further analysis Building Block # 6: Backward/Forward Lot Track & Trace QAD Serialization, Track & Trace

27 27 Lot Trace – Backward (Supplier Data) Drill down from finished goods backwards across all product structure levels to verify what materials have been used. View transactional data related to a specific finished product, the components issued, and the related purchased product. QAD Serialization, Track & Trace

28 28 Lot Trace – Forward (Customer Data) Analyze stock position at each item level and access and export detailed transaction history data. Analyze to which customers goods have been shipped to take appropriate and targeted actions. QAD Serialization, Track & Trace

29 29 Industry Applicability QAD Serialization, Track & Trace

30 Challenges -Counterfeit products -Supply chain visibility -Global regulatory mandates -Risk impacting brand value and reach from recalls Benefits -Support regulatory requirements ePedigree UDI regulations -Improved patient safety -Reduce revenue exposure from diversion and counterfeiting -Reduce complete product line exposure from recalls -Greater supply chain visibility and traceability Life Science Industry QAD Serialization, Track & Trace

31 Challenges -Tracking by container instead of product -Reduce time on reporting transactions and making shipments Benefits -Simplified, more efficient lot and serial tracking -Unique number for simplified shipping transactions and ASNs -Customer specific requirements packaging information Automotive Industry QAD Serialization, Track & Trace

32 Challenges -Loss associated with counterfeit products -Lack of end to end supply chain visibility Benefits -Serial tracking reduces counterfeits -Enhances after sales service capabilities including warranty recall Electronics Industry QAD Serialization, Track & Trace

33 Challenges -Supply Chain visibility Benefits -Component, WIP, & FG lot management -Enhances after sales service capabilities -Component version tracking & compatibility including warranty recall Industrial Equipment QAD Serialization, Track & Trace

34 Challenges -Global compliance -Tracking by pallet instead of product -Food Safety “Field to Fork” visibility and tracking Benefits -Packaging and Labeling using LPN Food & Beverage Industry QAD Serialization, Track & Trace

35 Challenges -Compliance with Product recall regulations -Losses associated with extensive counterfeiting Benefits -Reduces counterfeiting with license plate tracking Consumer Products Industry QAD Serialization, Track & Trace

36 Integrated, with all key business processes Multi-level license plate packaging -integrated with item serialization and inventory transactions Supports regulatory compliance -All Industries Lot and serial product genealogy -Trace what went into any lot/item Summarized Value Proposition 36 QAD Serialization, Track & Trace

37 Inventory accuracy Warehouse efficiency Delivered In-Full On-Time Quality Regulatory Compliance Key Metrics Affected 37 QAD Serialization, Track & Trace

38 Compatible with 2012.1 EE Delivered as add-on package Part of QAD Unified Bundle Early Adopter release Availability & Release Support QAD Serialization, Track & Trace

39 Questions?

40 40 Join us in San Antonio, TX May 6-9, 2013 Early Bird Ends Soon! Building the Effective Enterprise

41 41 Nicole Groves – Business Analyst Manager R&D Mfg -E-mail -Phone +1 805 565 4351 Guido Van Den Broeck – Sr. Product Manager, R&D MFG -E-mail: -Phone: +34 93 327 2052 Carianne Nieuwstraten– Sr. Product Manager, R&D MFG -E-mail: -Phone: +1 503 236 0025 For More Information QAD Serialization, Track & Trace

42 42 Vertical Directors -Riya Cao, Life Sciences -Hank Canitz, FICE -Terry Onica, Automotive Vice President Life Sciences -Dave Medina For More Information QAD Serialization, Track & Trace

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