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1 Ultimate in Card Security Enhancing the Security of RFID/Smart Cards using Secure OVD Detection 94 Old Camplain Road Hillsborough NJ 08844

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1 1 Ultimate in Card Security Enhancing the Security of RFID/Smart Cards using Secure OVD Detection 94 Old Camplain Road Hillsborough NJ 08844 Schaumburg Ill September 17 th 2009 Authors: Victor Zazzu & Wenyu Han

2 Threats to ID Security 2

3 Various Methods to Verify a Hologram Security Patch 1.Human Eye 2.Simple Viewer to detect latency image. 3.Microscope to detect micro-printing. 4.Forensic Lab instrument to detect each manufacturers Hologram’s unique optical patterns. 5.Presented today is a method of Machine- Reading & Instantly verify the unique fingerprint of the hologram +.

4 4 Enhancing Security of ID Cards via Eclipse System The Eclipse system is is designed to enhance the security of an ID card by automatically detecting & correlating multiple, random artifacts of the manufacturing process via, 1)Use of Specially designed OVD (Holograms) 2)Non-registered placement of the OVD. 3)Random generation of optical marks.

5 ID Card Design Requirements  We have developed a design method for manufacturing Machine-Readable RFID Personal Identification cards which are extremely difficult to counterfeit.  Our design constraints were :  Easy to use.  Extremely difficult to counterfeit.  Fast reading & instant verification.  No special or overly complex manufacturing procedures.  Minimal impact to the card costs.  Extremely low false positive reads.  The system has to be secure for both on-line and/or off-line operation. 5

6 CONFIDENTIAL6 Enhancing Security of ID Cards via Eclipse System 1)We developed a system in which we call “ Eclipse “. 2)The Eclipse security system identifies each card by forming a unique optical pattern. 3) We are essentially giving the card an optical fingerprint, 4) The optical pattern is machine readable and instantly verifiable. 5)We use the optical pattern to form an encryption key for the RFID data. 6)When used in combination with a biometric scanner the complete verification process is covered.

7 7 Eclipse RFID ID Card Security System When using the Eclipse system: 1)Each card becomes unique by carrying its own “Eclipse optical pattern”. 2)The Eclipse optical pattern on each card is meaningless until it is enabled by the issuing location. 3)Each card is enabled by detecting its unique optical pattern, generating the encrypted code & subsequently storing that information on the RFID chip and/or secured database.

8 CONFIDENTIAL8 Physical Eclipse Code. Primary Laser ablated microscopic patterns 1)The First Eclipse pattern is incorporated as part of the holographic material. a)The pattern is depicted here by the triangles although it may be any geometric shape. b)The step & repeat of the first Eclipse pattern is, by design, a non- integer multiple of the Tag’s dimension. 2)The Second Eclipse pattern is formed as via an independent operation by laser ablation. Secondary optical codes Hot Stamped Holographic Eclipse patch

9 9 Eclipse RFID ID Card Security System 1)The Eclipse optical patterns are then independently scanned and mathematically convolved with; i)Each other ii)The RFID unique identifier iii)Other unique data (such as SS# number, etc ) To generate a verification data set that valid for this and only this specific card. 2)The Eclipse code is then stored in a secure portion of the RFID’s memory, or a secure database.

10 10 Eclipse Code Design

11 11 Eclipse Code Design

12 CONFIDENTIAL12 Eclipse Code Design

13 13 Eclipse Code Design

14 14 The Eclipse Example A visual inspection of the Hologram appears as simple decorative design Taken with a Digital camera This picture was taken in a condition as to exaggerate some of the eclipse patterns for this presentation. The illuminated points shown in this image are part of the ECLIPSE code plus some additional diversionary elements.

15 15 Enhanced Security Card System Using the Eclipse system 1.A secure optical card with 12 laser ablated holes and only 2 additional optical features would yield greater than 10 30 combinations. 2.Each additional security feature greatly increases the possible code combinations. 3.The combinations can increase with higher resolution sensors. 4.Using the technique outlined here additional optical elements may also be used either singularly or in combination; a)such as glitter flakes or b)energy converting ink.

16 16 Eclipse RFID ID Card Security System 1)Machine readability a)Simple insertion into the scanner starts the process. b)No human decision needed to determine authenticity! c)Fast and efficient detection. d)Instant match-on-card verification. e)Easy to use. 2)Easy to manufacturing the cards a)Minimal cost per card impact 3)Extremely difficult to counterfeit, genufeit or modeifeit the host card.

17 17 Summary The machine readable multi-random OVD system presented here guarantees the validity of the RFID card; and when combined with a biometric scan, which in turn will verify the person; The resultant security system will yield as close to un-counterfeitable RFID based ID Card System as possible.

18 Acknowledgements Thanks to our development partners: Crown Roll-Leaf Inc., Paterson, NJ Composecure LLC, Mountainside, NJ 18

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