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BONDING. Bonds Between Atoms Covalent Ionic Molecules Network Metallic.

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2 Bonds Between Atoms Covalent Ionic Molecules Network Metallic

3 Metallic Bonding

4 Metals lose their outer electrons easily and become cations


6 creating a “sea” of electrons to roam freely around the metal cations.

7 The strong electrostatic attraction between cations and roaming electrons explains why: metals conduct electricity are extremely strong and hard to break Can be bent and stretched Have high melting points

8 Malleable and Ductile The mobile electrons will shift to adjust to new arrangements around positive ions. They act as the "glue".

9 Ionic Bonding

10 Ionic Bonds - results from the TRANSFER of electrons from a metal to a non-metal


12 Ions are held strongly by electrostatic forces in a 3D lattice


14 Properties 1. Have high melting points because of strong electrostatic attractions between cations and anions 2. Soluble in water Soluble

15 3. Conducts electricity if dissolved in water (has free ions) but not in solid state

16 4. Brittle – similar ions can repel when disturbed

17 Covalent Molecules


19 Covalent Molecular - When 2 or more non-metals SHARE electrons; no charged ions are formed -Does NOT form large lattices

20 - forms small, neutral molecules that are weakly attracted to other molecules Forces

21 Properties: 1. Weak forces between molecules means that it has low melting points. 2. Does not conduct electrical current

22 Covalent Network

23 Covalent Network Solids when either carbon or silicon atoms are bonded covalently to form an infinite 3-D lattice network solids are extraordinarily strong

24 Diamond Each Carbon atom bonds to 4 others Strong covalent bonds throughout High melting points does not conduct electricity.

25 Silicon Dioxide: Sand & Quartz SiO2

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