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Lewis Structures and Molecular Shape. Lewis Dot Diagrams.

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1 Lewis Structures and Molecular Shape

2 Lewis Dot Diagrams

3 Lewis Structures and Quantum Mechanics Draw an orbital diagram to show the bonding in H 2 O Valence bond Theory (Pauling): covalent bonds share e- by overlapping orbitals p. 227 #4 p. 230 #3 p. 227 #4 p. 230 #3

4 Lewis Structures Use the summaries on p. 225 and p. 229 to complete: p. 227 #5, p. 229 #10, 11, p. 230 #4,5 p. 229 #12 (extension)

5 Draw Lewis diagrams of: Sb Sr 2+ Br - CS 2 NH 4 + HPO 3 2- PCl 5

6 Molecular Shapes and Optical Activity Unpolarized light (normal light) runs in all directions Polarization is confining the vibration of a wave to one direction Polarizer: a filter that only allows light waves in a particular direction to pass Various shapes will absorb and deflect the polarized light in different ways

7 Molecular Shapes Why do molecules take on these shapes?

8 Molecular Shape VSEPR Theory valence shell e - pairs repel each other electrostatically so as to minimize repulsive forces lone pairs are bulkier (occupy more space) and repel bonded pairs of e - more strongly Task: Build models of molecules in tables from p. 243-245 in text. Draw 3-D diagrams, write shape name and label bond angles for each molecule.

9 Homework p. 246 #1-4 p. 249 #10,11 p. 250 #1-3 p. 247 #9 (extension)

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