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Student Finance York St John University |

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1 Student Finance York St John University |

2 You do not pay tuition fees up front You need to be earning at least £21,000 a year before you start paying back Repayments are from as little as £4.00 a month Graduate employment rates remain high (90% within six months of graduation) York St John University | Key Facts

3 Fees – Amount charged to study on the course. Generally apply to all undergraduate degrees with some exceptions for health courses. Paid per year of study Loans – Taken out to cover tuition fees and living costs. Need to be paid back gradually once earning a certain amount Grants – Money from the government which doesn’t have to be paid back. Amount received generally dependent upon income Living costs – Food, accommodation, bills, course costs etc. Interest – The fee charged to you for the use of borrowed money York St John University | Key words

4 Annual Tuition Fees for 2012 - £6,000 - £9,000 York St John University tuition fees are £8,500 Accommodation - approx.. £3,500-£6,000 Pay termly, in advance, by cheque or direct debit Living Expenses - approx. £4,000 (but varies!) Food, books, course costs, clothes, laundry, entertainment, travel home York St John University | How much will it cost?

5 Tuition Fees Do not have to pay up front or whilst studying Tuition Fee Loan available from the Student Loans Company Loan also available for eligible part-time, first-degree students who complete minimum of 25% of full time course load p/a Some exemptions to fees– NHS courses e.g. Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy York St John University | Financial help is available

6 York St John University | Financial help available from York St John Fee Waivers and Scholarships In 2012/13 YSJ will offer three different types of fee waivers to students who meet the required criterion. Residual annual family incomeFee Waiver per annum for 2012/2013 onwards Below £10,000£2,000 £10,000 - £19,999£1,250 £20,000 - £30,000£750 There will be an unlimited number of the first fee waiver to all students whose residual family income falls within the thresholds below.

7 York St John University | Financial help available from York St John There will be a second fee waiver of £3,000 for one year only offered via the National Scholarship Programme (NSP), this will be available to 96 students, English Domicile only, whose income falls below £25,000 along with a second criteria. The final fee waiver of £2,000 for one year only, income less than £10,000, will be offered to 25 students who a meet a list of specified criteria. As always we will also have a significant number of scholarships in form of a non-repayable award through our SPARK fund. The eligibility criteria and application procedures for all the scholarships will be published the York St John website at as full information becomes

8 Living Cost Loan Available for all eligible full-time students Not available for part-time students All students are eligible for 65% of the loan, further 35% is means-tested on residual household income What is residual income? This is effectively the household income BEFORE tax and AFTER any pension contributions or allowances for dependant children. In 2012/13 the maximum annual loan available if you live with your parents will be £4,375, if you live away from home £5,500 (£7,675 in London). York St John University | Financial help is available

9 Living Cost Grant for full-time students : The amount of the grant is dependant on household income This help does not have to be repaid Up to £3,250 towards living costs Partial grant if family income is up to £42,000 York St John University | Financial help is available


11 Tuition Fees for NHS Courses Students on NHS funded courses do not pay tuition fees. The NHS meet the full cost of tuition fees. Living Costs An income-assessed NHS bursary (extra weeks if eligible ) A non-income assessed £1,000 grant Reduced rate of student loan from Student Finance England (also non income-assessed). Additional allowances for eligible students (depending on your circumstances, income-assessed) York St John University | NHS Funding & Support On-line

12 Extra help if you're leaving local authority care One-off bursary of £2,000 from your local authority /DG_181382) Care Leaver and Foyer Allowance Available to students who have been in care or a Foyer Foundation for at least 3 months within 3 previous years before study. The awards will be granted on an individual basis and will be awarded at £1000. York St John University | Care leavers

13 Repayment starts once you leave university and are earning over £21,000 per annum Repayments are 9% of income above £21,000 Written off after 30 years York St John University | Repayment of loans

14 Unpaid balance written off after 30 years York St John University |

15 York St John University | Interest While at university if taking out Maintenance / Tuition Fee Loan (interest starts accruing as soon as loans are taken out) Retail Price Index + 3% Once in repayment system: not working or earning below £21,000 Retail Price Index Once in repayment system: earning £21,000 - £41,000 Retail Price Index + up to 3% (sliding scale) Once in repayment system: earning more than £41,000 Retail Price Index + 3%

16 York St John University | Budgeting

17 Will be your biggest spend Be realistic Do you NEED an en-suite Think before you buy non-essentials to fill your room! What is included? TV licence? Sharing your flat / sharing the cost Visit the accommodation Check contracts from private landlords York St John University | Accommodation

18 Where you live Essentials TV Licence Insurance Basic plates/pans/cutlery Cleaning products What you don’t need Plants Fancy stuff York St John University | Other spend

19 Open a student bank account What freebies do you get? Check for charges Overdraft o Amount the bank will let you spend without incurring a penalty over and above what you have in your account. May be £500- £2000 per year Interest o If you spend more money than is in your account you’ll be charged interest by the bank for going overdrawn Only buy with cash Store Cards/Credit Cards – NO o Keep away if possible o Check the interest rate o Keep up with repayments York St John University | Your money

20 Returned library books on time Be careful of what you print Bought second hand books or shared o Amazon marketplace, Oxfam Buy a bike – cars are bad for your pocket and the environment Equipment costs /extra course costs York St John University | University

21 Limit nights out - alternate with a night in Be creative – host x-factor nights, Karaoke to save money Watch out for discounts o NUS Card o Promotions Fresher's Fair Societies and Clubs cost money Buy your fancy dress now York St John University | Students Union

22 What if it doesn’t add up? Spend time making a budget planner – be realistic Part-time jobs o transfer employment o jobs at the university Work and save now Speak up! York St John University | Top Tips

23 Contacts Student Funding Advice Team 01904 876536/6939 Useful websites York St John University |

24 Graduation…in the stunning York Minster Any Questions?

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