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2010 TG Annual Training Conference 1. 2 Purpose To encourage Texas veterans and family members to pursue a higher education by providing an exemption.

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1 2010 TG Annual Training Conference 1

2 2 Purpose To encourage Texas veterans and family members to pursue a higher education by providing an exemption from payment of tuition and most fees to eligible Texas veterans and their (eligible) dependent children and spouses

3 Hazlewood Recipients - 2008 3 Fiscal Year Number of VetsAmount Number of DependentsAmount 2008 9,306$21,814,20335$54,509 2007 9,096$19,600,00017$18,000 2006 8,810$16,900,00020$30,000 2005 8,932$14,800,00012$5,000 2004 8,858$13,000,0008$24,000 2003 8,556$10,600,00031$46,000

4 Hazlewood Basics Provides exemptions from tuition and fees (no deposit and student service fees) for 150 semester credit hours Courses at public institutions that receive formula funding; school’s board may choose to allow exemption for other courses (non formula-funded) For qualified veterans who served at least 181 days of active military service (excluding training); honorable discharges/separations or general discharge under honorable conditions 4

5 Hazlewood Basics For children and spouses of TX members of military: Killed in the line of duty or died as a result of injuries/illness related to service 100% unemployable due to service-related disabilities Hazlewood can be “stacked” with federal benefits under certain circumstances To use the benefit, vets or dependents complete the appropriate application, submit application to institution 5

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7 New Eligibility Provisions SB93 At time of entry into service, member must: Be resident of Texas, or Designate Texas as home of record, or Be able to list Texas as place of entry (replaces requirement to be “citizens of Texas”) 7

8 Eligibility for Spouses SB93 Expands eligibility to: Spouses of veterans killed in line of duty, MIA, or 100% unemployable due to service- related disability; and Spouses of National Guard Members killed in service of the state or US or 100% unemployable due to service-related disability Spouses must be residents of Texas when using the exemption 8

9 Legacy Act SB93 Establishes “Legacy” program: Allows vet to assign unused hours to a child; Child must be: Texas resident; Stepchild, biological,or adopted child or claimed as dependent (previous or current year); Less than 26 (hardship extensions possible); and Making FA satisfactory academic progress (except for minimum hour-per-term requirement) 9

10 Legacy Act cont. SB93 Legacy policies: Veteran may revoke hours at any time. If Child #1 does not use all available hours, veteran may “re-assign” hours to another child. Hours may be transferred to a child who is not yet ‘college-age’. Once hours have been transferred, veteran loses access to Hazlewood for his/her education (unless hours “revoked”). Veteran may transfer up to 150 hours even if he/she is eligible for CH33. 10

11 Stacking with Post 911 (CH33) SB93 Stacking with federal benefits To allow stacking, federal benefits that can be used ONLY for paying tuition and fees may not exceed Hazlewood exemption value. This limits issue to Title 38, Chapter 33 benefits. Federal benefits for various costs including tuition and fees are not relevant. Combination federal benefits for tuition and fees and Hazlewood may not exceed tuition and fee charges for the term. 11

12 New Fee Charges SB847 Extraordinary Cost Programs (54.203 (g)) All public 2-year institutions may charge Hazlewood- students a fee for courses with extraordinary costs. Extraordinary costs = tuition and fee costs that exceed the average charges; e.g., flight training Previously, only community/jr. colleges were permitted to charge students for the fees associated with high- cost programs. 12

13 New Waiver & Exemption SB297 Combat exemption from tuition only: For dependent children (including stepchildren) of US Armed Forces members deployed on active duty for the purpose of engaging in a combative military operation outside the United States Child must be a resident of Texas or entitled to pay the resident tuition rate Effective with charges for Fall 2009 13

14 Waiver of nonresident tuition: Requires member to be eligible for federal veterans benefits Applies to member, spouse, and children (including stepchildren) Requires member to provide school letter of intent to make TX home, and reside in TX while attending college Necessitates that child be <=25, unless being granted a hardship waiver due to severe illness or debilitating condition 14 New Waiver & Exemption cont.

15 New Hazlewood Timing The effective date of new provisions is the Fall, 2009 academic term. Institutions must refund tuition and fee amounts to eligible students who paid for fall term based on previous statutes. Summer 2009 term expenses are not impacted by the bill. 15

16 Hazlewood on the Web Home /Get All the Facts /Paying For College /Types of Financial Aid / Exemptions for Texas Veterans (Hazlewood Exemption) HomeGet All the FactsPaying For CollegeTypes of Financial Aid Home/ Make A Plan/ For Military and Veterans /Exemptions for Texas Veterans HomeMake A PlanFor Military and Veterans 16

17 17 Types of Applications HE-P for prior recipients (veterans or dependents) HE-V for veterans using the program for the first time HE-D for dependents using the program for the first time TUHH for veterans wishing to transfer hours (Legacy) HE-T for a child for hours to be transferred

18 18 Supporting Documentation 1. Appropriate Hazlewood application; 2. Plus: a.DD214 for the veteran; or b.DD1300 for surviving dependent; or c.a Rating Decision Letter for the dependent of a qualified disabled vet.; and d.ED Benefits letter (CH 33)

19 Documenting Unemployability Documentation available through VA Regional Office in Waco. To issue a letter, VA requires a signed request from the veteran. Web site: This request can be faxed to their office at: FAX: 1-254-299-9734 For further questions, call (800) 827-1000 19

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24 Database Login For schools (via CB main website): For students (via Hazlewood Fact Sheet): April 10, 200824

25 Hazlewood Tracking of 150 SCH Schools report Hazlewood hours through the CBM001 (enrollment) reports each semester, and code students as Hazlewood recipients. All hours reported via CBM001 are attributed to Hazlewood; if stacking occurred, adjustments may be required. 25

26 For More Information On the Web: Select “Contact” By Email: By Phone: Inside Austin (512) 427-6340 Outside Austin (800) 242-3062, option 3, then 1 26

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