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AIMWTS, PEPP and AF469 Common Errors

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1 AIMWTS, PEPP and AF469 Common Errors
Col Robert Desko

2 AIMWTS-Common Errors Not following guidelines in the Aircrew Waiver Guide(ACWG). ACWG states what needs to be addressed in the AMS summary. States what documentation is required with submission. Gives information on various cases and the potential impacts of that condition and fly duties. Located on the Flight Medicine KX page and under Resources in AIMWTS. ACWG is updated periodically. A

Aeromedical Summaries (AMS) All sections in the AMS need to be addressed. The words “see attached” is not acceptable- this includes both initial and renewal fly waivers. Everything from the ACWG needs to be addressed in the AMS. There is a reason that it is listed. All documentation listed in the ACWG must be scanned and attached in AIMWTS. Ensure all diagnoses are listed in the diagnosis section, including all medication(s).

4 Non-Fly Waivers AIMWTS-Common Errors
Narrative Summaries (NARSUM) in AMS Template for NARSUM is required. Must address all areas from the NARSUM in the AMS. One suggestion is to write the NARUSM in Word and then copy and paste into the AMS. This will ensure all the required information is addressed. ***Renewal of ALC-if condition has remained stable, then use the Annual ALC worksheet. Attach in AIMWTS. This is the only time you can write “see attached” in the AMS. If member also requires a fly waiver renewal, then the AMS must be written out. Ensure all diagnoses are listed in the diagnosis section, including all medication(s). CC letters are not required for Annual ALCs, as long as the condition as remained stable. It is NGB/SG’s discretion to request CC letters.

5 PEPP-Common Errors Physicals do not have the correct test for the type of physicals. I.E. IFCIII needs a cycloplegic exam. Need to utilize the Physical Exam Template located on the Flight Medicine KX page. This will ensure all the correct tests are being accomplished for the various flight physicals. This will help eliminate physicals being returned for corrections. Template is updated periodically.

6 PEPP-Common Errors Members who are applying for a fly position with a potential disqualifying condition IAW AFI ch.5, 6, and 13: PEPP and AIMWTS must be accomplished and submitted to NGB at the same time. Do not utilize the AIMWTS tab in PEPP to create the waiver request. *Go to AIMWTS to input the AMS* Must include the diagnosis in PEPP. The waiver must be written in AIMWTS. NGB/SG will not receive the PEPP or AIMWTS exams unless they are forwarded to our location.

7 AF 469s Communication piece from MDG to Commanders.
It is important that AF 469s are updated with appropriate duty and mobility restrictions. AF 469s will not dictate military status. It is the Commander’s responsibility to determine if their member can attend UTAs, etc. IAW AFI There is no need to wait for 365 days to enter a member in the DES process. DES processing can begin as soon as the DAWG has determined the member will not meet retention and mobility standards IAW AFI Some cases require DES processing to began within 90 days IAW AFI ***AF 422s will only be used for initial qualifications, PCS, PME or after DES (for permanent changes in PULHES). AF 422s will NOT be used for fitness, duty, or mobility restrictions. AFI Annual Requirement – validate the AF This doesn’t mean create a new one (only if changes). Review, date, and sign.

8 Links Great places for information:
Flight Medicine KX page: AFMS Knowledge Exchange - Flight Medicine SG SharePoint: SG - Air Surgeon - Home Page

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