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Course Registration 2015-2016 Planning your future…today.

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1 Course Registration 2015-2016 Planning your future…today

2 Agenda Graduation Requirements Program of Studies Special Forms Course Registration Process Review Aspen Portal-Course Selection Student Schedules Class Specific Reminders

3 English 4 Credits Mathematics4 Credits History/Social Sciences3 Credits (must include American Studies gr.11or US History AP) Science 3 Credits Foreign Language2 Credits Fine/Practical Arts 2 Credits (any course in Music, Tech. Ed., Art, Performing Arts, Business, Computer Science) Physical Education1.55 Credits* (must include one year Adventure Education *Seniors may petition for Physical Education waiver Total Credits21 credits MCAS graduation requirement ELA: 220+, Math: 220+, Science: 220+ Graduation Requirements (pg. 6)

4 Promotion Requirements Students must earn a minimum of: 4 credits to be promoted to 10 th grade 9 credits to be promoted to 11 th grade 15 credits to be promoted to 12 th grade 21 credits to graduate

5 Program of Studies Highlights Pg. 6 Graduation Requirements Pg. 7 GPA Weight Table Pg. 8 General requirements for post-secondary education Pgs. 10-13 Class-specific Action Plans Pg. 17 Department & Course offerings Last Page My School Plan

6 Course catalog: 2015-2016 New: AP Microeconomics (Grades 11, 12) Italian 2, CP & Honors Changes: Senior English-English 12 CP, Honors, or AP. (No semester “electives.”) Journalism and/or Creative Writing offered as general electives for grades 10-12. Accounting can be taken for Math OR Business credit. Microsoft Office, Principles of Finance, and Business Law now Full Year courses.

7 Things to Keep in Mind Interscholastic Eligibility Pg. 5 Athletes: MIAA rules four core classes Students Activities: four academic classes Freshmen and Sophomore students must enroll in the equivalent of six (6) full-time courses plus physical education. Junior and Senior students must enroll in the equivalent of five (5) full-time courses plus physical education. Grade 11 and 12 students are strongly encouraged to enroll in the equivalent of six (6) full-time courses. If you fail a course, your counselor will reassign the class, or credit recovery if applicable.

8 Special Forms The following courses require applications: Banking Internship—Ms Langill Natural Science—Ms Farley Please see these teachers, or guidance for applications. Physical Education-SENIORS ONLY: Seniors who participate in sports/athletics, and are enrolled in the equivalent of 5.5 credits, will have the option of applying for a physical education waiver. Waiver forms will be available in the Guidance Office or can be downloaded from the Physical Education webpage on the Triton High School website, and the Aspen portal.

9 Course Registration Process Today is the Start of your 2015-2016 Course Selection Process You’ll need your Program of Studies, ‘My School Plan’ sheet, and access to the Aspen portal. Teachers will meet with you and recommend appropriate courses for next year. Teacher recommendations will be entered into Aspen. Students will review, and enter additional courses in the Aspen portal beginning March 26th.

10 2015-2016 Scheduling Timeline and Important Dates March 16 th Class assemblies to review course selection process. March 16 th -24 th Academic Advising week. Teachers will meet with students, and recommend appropriate courses for next year in the Aspen portal. March 26 th -April 2 nd Aspen portal open for student course request entry. April 2 nd Deadline for course request entry. April 8 th Course verification sheets distributed in a homeroom/advisory. April 13 th Deadline for parents/guardians to contact teachers regarding placement disagreements. April 16 th Signed Course verification sheets due back to guidance.

11 Course selection in the Aspen Portal 1) Log-in to Aspen 2) Select ‘My Info’ 3) Select ‘Requests’ side tab Download and review course selection resources.

12 4) Review instructions, & teacher recommended courses

13 5) ‘Select’ electives/additional courses, and PE (11&12 only).

14 6) ‘Select’ alternate requests, leave ‘Notes to Counselor’ (if needed), click Post.

15 Aspen Course Selection-Reminders Core teacher recommended courses cannot be changed in the student portal. A parent/guardian must contact the recommending teacher if there are course disagreements. Select one or two alternative courses, should there be a conflict with your primary electives. Seniors applying for a PE waiver must still sign up for PE courses, and must also be enrolled in the equivalent of 5.5 credits. Leave any questions in the ‘Notes to Counselor’ section. Click ‘Post’ to complete the process.

16 Student Schedules Once teacher recommendations are finalized, and student elective selections are completed online via Aspen, a printed Course Verification is sent home with the student for parent/guardian’s signature. Only after careful consideration by parents and students should these forms be signed. UNLESS THERE IS A SCHEDULING CONFLICT, ONCE SCHOOL BEGINS, NO PROGRAM CHANGES WILL BE MADE. Final student schedules will be available on-line via ASPEN no later than the second week of August. Every attempt will be made to post schedules to ASPEN mid-summer so errors, conflicts, and omissions can be resolved. Any student schedule conflicts or errors must be processed the week before the opening of school, or earlier. No changes that unreasonably overload or imbalance the sizes of existing classes will be made. Once the school year begins, no changes in either semester one or semester two courses will be allowed unless there are extenuating circumstances.

17 Class Specific Reminders Class of 2018: Current 9 th Grade MCAS Science June 8 th

18 Class of 2017: Current 10 th Grade MCAS ELA March/April MCAS Math in May PSAT’s in October 2015

19 Class of 2016: Current 11 th Grade Register for the Spring SAT/ACT SAT: April 6 th for May 2 nd ; May 8 th for June 6 th ACT: May 8 th for June 13 th Start the College Search Process Days out count as Field Trips Plan Vacation trips to visit campuses



22 The school counseling program is contributing in a meaningful way to the academic achievement of all students. Dr. Erik ChampyMs. Karen Christian Ms. Meghan OberMs. Sheila K. Deam

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