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NCLB NETWORKING OCTOBER 23, 2013. Agenda  Introductions  Random Validation Areas of Concern  HQ Report and Implications  Important Dates  Appraisal.

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2 Agenda  Introductions  Random Validation Areas of Concern  HQ Report and Implications  Important Dates  Appraisal System  TAIS  NCLB Waiver  PBMAS  Resources  Group Time

3 Introductions

4 Compliance Cycle Areas of Concern Random Validation 2012-2013: 10 SW Components Parent Policy PNP 3 rd Party T1D Written Agreement

5 Compliance Cycle Findings Random Validation 10 SW Components Missing Mentioned, not connected

6 Compliance Cycle Findings Random Validation Parent Policy Agendas w/o Title 1 items Notes ≠ Agendas Sign-in issues Embedded in 100 pages Kudos to those with expanded PI activities

7 Compliance Cycle Findings Random Validation PNP 3 rd -party Contracts Not needed Separation of costs Equal payments Selection criteria Evaluation Monitoring

8 Compliance Cycle Areas of concern for 2013-2014? Comprehensive Needs Assessments Parental Involvement Policies Campus Improvement Plans School-Parent Compacts Random Validation

9 PR1100  Due November 15, 2013  Preparation  Collect Principal Attestation to complete report for EACH campus  Complete campus reports in eGrants  If less than 100% HQ teachers  LEAs required to complete and submit HQTFDA (Highly Qualified Teacher Focused Data Analysis) HQTCIP (Highly Qualified Teacher Continuous Improvement Plan)  Campuses required to amend throughout school year as the status of any teacher changes Non-qualified teacher completes HQTCIP requirements Unfilled vacancies – after 4-week notification  PR1100 due again mid-June to report EOY HQ compliance

10 Important Dates:  Final Expenditure Report for 2012-13 NCLB due October 31, 2013  Rural Low Income School Program application due October 31, 2013

11 11 October ………..  Communicate/review budget needs or changes (NOGAs) with business office and campuses; amend if needed  Start Comparability Report

12 October ………..  Principal Checklists  Consult/coordinate with PEIMS  Schoolwide/Targeted Assisted/CTE program courses 12

13 13 November …………  Submit Highly Qualified Teacher Reports (due: Nov. 15, 2013)  Comparability Report Due Nov. 12, 2013  Complete/submit 2014–2015 SC9000 Annual Survey of Children in Local Residential Facilities for the Neglected/Delinquent Report Dec 1 2013

14 14 November …………  District/campus improvement plans  Revise 10 Components of a schoolwide plan 8 Components of a targeted assisted plan Homeless Services Migrant Priority for Services Check Program Abstracts from NCLB SAS Check other schedules from NCLB SAS  Approve

15 15 December ……….  Carryover and Maximum Entitlement notification usually December  HQFTFDA and HIQTCIP due Dec. 15, 2013  Principal’s Attestation of HQT Requirements due Dec. 15, 2013 (kept locally)  LEA Public Reporting of Progress in Meeting HQT requirements due Dec. 15, 2013

16 December ……….  Communicate/coordinate with business office  Monitor and coordinate Federal programs  Monitor and coordinate State programs  Consult with Private non-profit schools 16

17 17 January ……….  Remind principals about their checklists  PBMAS interventions  Attend National Title I meeting – February 2-5, 2014 – San Diego

18 New News! – Appraisal Systems  Development of new Texas teacher standards will be completed by the end of 2013 and put out for view January 2014.  Principal standards and teacher standards are to be in place by early spring so that we can move forward with development of both teacher and principal appraisal systems.  A new rubric will be developed for the pilot along with a teacher reflection/self-assessment too, will those pieces be developed into a system  The ESEA waiver ties the new appraisal to a full state rollout in 2015/16, eliminating the possibility of a phased rollout. Teacher and Principal appraisal guidelines will be set by May 2 for the waiver  Two districts in each ESC region will participate in a pilot of a new teacher appraisal system in the 2014-2015 school year.  ESCs will deliver the statewide training to all LEAs for the full roll out in 2015-2016.

19 TAIS  Texas Accountability Intervention System  Continuous School Improvement Process:  Data Analysis  Needs Assessment  Targeted Improvement Plan  Implementation and Monitoring

20 TAIS  District or Campus rated IR:  Appoint a DCSI  Form a DLT/CLT  Engage in TAIS  Submit Quarterly Reports  Campus rated IR:  Hire a PSP District or Campus rated MS, but missed one or more System Safeguards: Form a DLT/CLT Engage in TAIS Report Upon Request TAIS Training: Oct 30

21 TAIS Resources  TAIS Resources at TCDSS TAIS Resources at TCDSS  TAIS Guidance Documents  Improvement Plan Document  Reconstitution Interventions Guidance  2013 Principal Retention Framework

22 NCLB Waiver

23  Under key components of the state's NCLB waiver, Texas schools will no longer be  designated as having met or made AYP.

24 NCLB Waiver Instead of federal designations for all schools in Texas, only the lowest performing 15 percent will be identified as Priority or Focus Schools. Those schools will be subject to a series of federally-prescribed interventions.

25 NCLB Waiver Additionally, Texas school districts will no longer be required to set aside 20 percent of their Title I federal dollars to provide Supplemental Educational Services (SES). A district will now be free to use those funds on academic intervention programs it deems most effective for its students.

26 NCLB Waiver  To request approval to implement these waivers beyond the 2013–2014 school year, Texas must submit to the Department for review and approval, by May 2, 2014, an amended request incorporating final guidelines for teacher and principal evaluation and support systems that meet the requirements of ESEA flexibility, including the use of student growth, as defined in ESEA Flexibility, as a significant factor in determining a teacher’s or principal’s summative evaluation rating.

27 PBMAS Staging 27

28 PBMAS Staging 28 TEA is busy identifying the Priority and Focus Schools (bottom 15%). Even though PBMAS staging is not out, districts know they are going to be staged if they have 4s, 3s, and a bunch of 2s, and should begin incorporating PBMAS activities into their TAIS Targeted Intervention Plan.

29 Resources Project SHARE State initiatives ESC-16 Parental Involvement ESC-20/NCLBNCLB Documentation Evaluation CNA Improvement Plans HQ Allowable/Unallowable Campus Responsibilities Supplement not Supplant ACET Spring Conference Handouts

30 Future NCLB Networking Meetings Session ID# 1246560  Dates  October 23, 2013  January 8, 2014  March 6, 2014  May 22, 2014  Time  8:30 to 11:30  Location  ESC 2 Room 3-24

31 The Leader in Me Symposium Jan 22-24 – San Antonio

32 The Leader in Me Symposium Jan 22-24 – San Antonio

33 Group Time Questions: Concerns: Suggestions: Other:

34 34 361-561-8504 or 361-742-9638

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