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Presented by: OSP January MRAM 2012 Policy publication: January 16, 2012.

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1 Presented by: OSP January MRAM 2012 Policy publication: January 16, 2012

2  New Rate Industry sponsored clinical trial is now 27% TDC  New Program Type Research Affiliate Programs is 20% TDC  Fewer F&A Waiver Requests Table of exceptions allowing use of lower F&A rate that DO NOT need a waiver form submitted See next three slides

3  Only submit: If rate is not published in the GIM If your situation is not documented on the Exceptions List in the GIM  Submit Waiver Request form at the time of proposal (signed by PI, Dept, Dean) Upload it to the eGC1 in the “Attachments for OSP” section  If approved waiver is different from the proposal, PI/Dept must update proposal

4 Exception List – Part 1  A single project when less than $5,000 total cost over the life of the award  Transfer from another institution with a lower F&A rate on established project  The non-profit sponsor is listed in the new exceptions table in the GIM  The non-profit sponsor has a published policy: on its website in the official program announcement on the sponsor-approved application forms

5  UW has an established agreement with an affiliated organization which documents the application rate A list of organizations and their rates will be added to GIM 13  The Government sponsor has an approved F&A rate established by statute or in the official program announcement.

6 New Information Included  New Definitions Section  New Reference List - common non-federal sponsors and their capped F&A rates  New Reference Table - UW F&A rates and bases with specific SLU addresses  More Explanations and Examples – List & definition of types of activity Explanation of on-campus versus off-campus Examples:  Applying both final and provisional F&A rates  Applying new F&A rates retroactively  Using split F&A rates

7  New UW GIM Format  GIM 22 Deleted – Primer on F&A calculation is now included in GIM 13

8  F&A Rate negotiation process is documented on the MAA website  Applying rates to sponsored project proposals – or contact your OSP  Managing split rates using sub-budgets –

9  Change to compliance question FG-2 regarding location of proposed work  Change to compliance question FG-3 regarding F&A costs reimbursed at lower rate than negotiated rate  Other ideas – please send to with subject heading “GIM 13 SAGE Enhancement”

10  Same URL  Current GIM will be replaced with the revised version on January 16th  p/gim/gim13.html p/gim/gim13.html

11 Presented by: OSP January MRAM 2012

12  Meet the OSP Subcontracts Team!  Manager- Brandon Alpert  SC Administrator – Bethany Mason  SC Coordinator – Tru Ambrose  SC Coordinator – Debbie Emerson-Carter  SC Coordinator – Bo Park  SC Coordinator – Vivian Sun  Program Coordinator – Adel Caberto

13 New process revisions coming soon!  + paperless  - multiple emails to campus  + transparency  - redundancy  + use of SPAERC/SAGE  + streamline processes

14   All OSP SC Teammates have access  Use this email to send documents for new agreements, modifications or amendments  Don’t use this email to ask general questions. Direct those to the SC Admin or GCC who contacted you.

15  Feedback and suggestions are always appreciated  Send to (Brandon)

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