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FERPA WAIVER PROCESS FLOW CHART = Existing and potential bottlenecks and problems.

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4 FERPA WAIVER PROCESS FLOW CHART = Existing and potential bottlenecks and problems

5 STRENGTHSWEAKNESSES  An expert OSA staff person with clear understanding of Banner Screens, and experience instructing advisers  Strong basic information on the OSA FERPA website  Lack of: general staff, adviser, faculty, technical Banner know-how, experience handling complications; and sufficient technical staff to consult  Lack of Standard and/or centralized operating procedures; and staff exhaustion due to staff shortages OPPORTUNITIES THREATS  Pace could become a peer leader model for other institutions  Parents are more aware of need for interaction with university officials due to the current economic climate  The current economic crisis resulting in family alienation due to high tuition costs  Legal complications demanding close scrutiny and possible delays with any change in procedure

6 MAN Too many university offices handling questions causing bottlenecks Lack of liaisons to consult with staff, advisers and faculty on FERPA compliance issues Staff, Advisers, Faculty, untrained on FERPA Banner screen MACHINE Banner Screen inaccessible or not understandable for some faculty and staff Lack of quick access by students and parents to FERPA web form Webpage needs simpler format for completing waiver METHOD Lack of standard operating procedures for all faculty and staff to follow Inconsistent communication of waiver process at orientation No standard operating procedure for students to complete waiver MATERIAL Need for user- friendly FERPA info, online and in hands of faculty/staff Need for FERPA form simple, clear instructions THE RESULT: Parents and Students perceive Pace University as inept and uncaring, with possible impact on retention

7 CLARKSON Web FERPA form, tutorial, basics link, releasable directory info is releasable without consent CORNELL “Family Guide to incoming Parents and Students” LONG ISLAND UNIVERSITY Website is immediate and direct, listed on their homepage alongside campus security MONTCLAIR Info listed in 'Spotlight' section of Financial Aid page, and on featured parents link NEW YORK UNIVERSITY Homepage Policies & Guidelines link, info video, link to a FERPA tutorial and contacts SUNY NEW PALTZ Undergraduate Student Advising Handbook, and online class Schedule (Portal) UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA 20 minute comprehensive online course geared clarifying FERPA. UNIVERSITY OF ROCHESTER Parent's Link on the home page, accessible in 3 clicks:

8 Increase # students aware of waiver and its importance Increase # students making decision re: sign waiver or not Earlier informing student of pros and cons of signing the waiver Earlier student decisions regarding signing of waiver Increase # staff /faculty w/detailed knowledge of waiver process Increase # staff /faculty aware accessing Banner Waiver screen Faster posting of waiver decision in Banner

9 Objectives: Earlier information packets re: FERPA – from recruitment, to admission, to orientation Designate central location to handle FERPA general information for staff and families Preliminary FERPA training for professional and faculty advisers, re: communicating, expediting, tracking, completion of waiver forms Better upfront placement of Waiver form on Pace website More user friendly, easier accessible FERPA web pages Assessment: (to verify the extent of the problem and potential solutions) Random sample survey of students and staff to determine waiver knowledge and/or status Survey of students already having a FERPA waiver notation in Banner Random Focus groups of students, staff and stakeholders

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