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LAVILLE JR.-SR. HIGH SCHOOL GUIDANCE INFORMATION FOR SENIORS 2013-2014 Mrs. Mosson – Guidance Counselor Mrs. Flynn – Guidance Secretary.

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1 LAVILLE JR.-SR. HIGH SCHOOL GUIDANCE INFORMATION FOR SENIORS 2013-2014 Mrs. Mosson – Guidance Counselor Mrs. Flynn – Guidance Secretary

2 Guidance Bulletin Board & Website  Scholarship Opportunities  Colleges  Campus Visit Dates  Military Information  Employment  Testing dates (SAT,ACT)

3 Daily Announcements  Pay attention every day  Visits to LaVille by college admission offices  Job opportunities  Updated scholarships

4 Counselor Assistance  Mrs. Mosson is available to answer questions, help with college and scholarship applications or anything that comes up during your senior year.  Senior year can be stressful Mrs. Mosson

5 Senior Interview  Every senior will have a one-on-one conference with Mrs. Mosson  To discuss graduation progress and post-secondary transition plan, to provide information and to answer questions.

6 Post-Secondary Transition Plan  Every senior required to completely fill one out  Link to pdf. File on Guidance Department web page  Save it and then email it to Mrs. Mosson   Due by Monday September 9

7 High School Activities/Accomplishments  List all sport, clubs, activities  Achievements (honor roll, perfect attendance, Most Improved Softball, etc)  High School and community (4-H, Girl Scouts, employment)  Church and volunteer (Youth group)  Select a nice format  Keep it and include it when asked for our helpful on for scholarships and college applications

8 Letters of Recommendation  You WILL need them  Use the Recommendation Letter Checklist AND Recommendation Letter Fact Sheet (link to pdf. on website)  Letters must be from non-relative adults  I must have a copy of the “Recommendation Letter Fact Sheet” for my file

9 College Applications  Check admissions requirements before you apply (look on websites)  Pay close attention to deadlines  Will submit all applications online  Must request that your transcript be sent electronically by using PARCHMENT  Students who have used a waiver for the SAT can use a Waiver for some college applications

10 Electronic Transcripts with Parchment  MUST create an account  MUST have an email account other than school   Click on students  Select “High School Transcripts”  Begin to fill out  2010 was the year you started high school

11 College Representatives/Military o Lunch Room Visits o Watch Senior Bulletin board o September 3: Marines o Sept 11: Grace College o October 15: Manchester University o October 18: Saint Mary’s College

12 College Visit Days  Each senior gets two days (don’t count against attendance)  Students with attendance problems will not be permitted to go  Paperwork must be picked up from the Guidance Office at least 1 week prior to visit  Requires parent signature  Must bring form back with College documentation of your visit (or will be an absence)  Call the admissions office of the school to schedule your visit  Take a parent with you

13 College Fairs  Watch Senior Bulletin Board  Very helpful to see many colleges at once  September 30 Christian College Fair Bethel College  October 2 St. Joe County College Fair, Century Center  October 10 Plymouth High School College Fair 6:30-8:00

14 SAT I / ACT  SAT Reasoning I Test or the ACT plus writing is required by most colleges for admission  Register on line for the SAT at for a cost of $51  Students on Free/Reduced lunch may use a waiver to take the test for free (waivers available from Mrs. Mosson)  Send your scores…colleges requires scores to be sent directly from the College Board  Select 4 colleges to receive your SAT scores for free…additional scores at that time or later cost $11 each

15  Register for the ACT at for a cost of $52.50 (fee waivers available for free/reduced lunch students)  Make sure you register for the ACT plus writing  Send 4 scores for free additional scores are $12 each  Next test October 26 register by September 27

16 LaVille CEEB Code  151-970  Must use when register for the ACT or SAT.  Insures that LaVille will get your scores

17 SAT II: Subject Tests  Measure your knowledge in a particular subject.  Are often used to determine college level placement  Students planning on majoring in Math, Science or a World Language might want to consider a subject test.  Check to see if your college choices require the SAT II

18 SAT Prep  Holy Cross SAT Prep Class: $104 per course  SAT Math Sep. 16, 23,30 OR Nov 19, 26, Dec 3  SAT English Sep. 19, 26, Oct 3 OR Nov 14, 28, Dec 5  Each class is 5:00-7:30  Online Prep:

19 ASVAB (Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery)  All students planning on entering the military are required to take the ASVAB.  If you didn’t take as a junior you may take as a senior  We will be giving it here at LaVille on February 12, 2014

20 Selective Service Registration  Federal Law requires all males to register with the selective service within 30 days of their 18 th birthday  click Register Online  Male students must be registered in order to be eligible for Financial Aid  Failure to register is a felony

21 Class Rank/ Grade Point Average/Permanent Records  GPA is figured only using final semester grades  Class rank is assigned at the end of each semester  Transcripts contain the record of all your high school courses semester grades, attendance, standardized test results and vaccination records  Official copies will be sent electronically to colleges  Students and parents can not have an official copy only an unofficial copy of transcripts

22 NCAA Eligibility  IF you plan on participating in Varsity athletics in college you must register with the NCAA Clearinghouse   SAT / ACT scores must be sent directly to clearinghouse  NAIA requires similar steps

23 Learn More Indiana  Excellent web site for inform, encourage, and support education and career development. 

24 Financial Aid Night  January 13, 2014 7pm  Plan on attending with your parents  Local College Financial Aid officer will conduct seminar and answer questions about financial aid.

25 FAFSA  Free Application for Federal Student Aid   Used to determine all state and federal financial aid  Cannot be filed until after January 1, 2014  Deadline is March 10, 2014  You will put college codes on your application so they will get your information  Has required parent financial information

26 CSS/Financial Aid Profile  Some schools require an additional application called the CSS Profile  Check with the colleges you are interested in to see if they require the Profile (or ask Mrs. Mosson)  There is a charge to file the Profile  Students on Free/Reduced Lunch can get a waiver 

27 Scholarships  Each month the Guidance Department will issue a list of scholarships that are due the following month.  Hard copies will be available on the Senior Bulletin Board the list will also appear on the Guidance web page.  These are only scholarships that we are aware of….some are local some are state and national…there are many others

28 Scholarships  Potential Scholarship Sources to keep in mind Organizations your parents belong to Your Parent’s or your employers Church membership Labor unions Fraternities / sororities Civic groups (Elks, Kiwanis, Rotary etc) 4-H Organizations related to your potential major

29 Scholarships (cont)  Search scholarships on the internet Don’t EVER pay for a scholarship search

30 College Goal Sunday  February 23, 2014 from 2:00-4:00  Financial Aid professionals will be available at sites around the state to help fill out the FAFSA 

31 College Financial Aid Package  Once you have been accepted to a school and applied for financial aid you will get your award letter  Read it carefully  You will have to accept or refuse each item of package

32 College GO Week  September 23-27  Might be a good time for college visits  A few schools waive application fee if apply during this week (IPFW is one)

33 Class of 2014  Be organized  Study hard  Make plans  Ask questions  Believe in yourself  Ask Questions  Stay focused  Enjoy the year  Ask Questions

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