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Welcome 2013 DFP Fall Regional Workshops 1. PA Department of Education Division of Federal Programs 333 Market St. 7 th Floor Division of Federal Programs.

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1 Welcome 2013 DFP Fall Regional Workshops 1

2 PA Department of Education Division of Federal Programs 333 Market St. 7 th Floor Division of Federal Programs Harrisburg, PA 17126 Tel : (717) 783-2193 Fax : (717) 787-8634 Follow these links to find our page: Click link - Programs (on left) Click link- Programs D-G (on left) Click link- Federal Programs (on left) 2

3 DFP Structure Five Teams – Entire State – Members on each team include: ◦Two Regional Coordinators  Program and Fiscal Questions ◦One Administrative Technician  E-grants  Final Expenditure Reports  Budget Revisions ◦One Administrative Support Person  General Questions One Point of Contact for Each School District ◦If questions, call Regional Coordinator first. 3

4 4 DFP Contacts

5 Team # 1 Regional Coordinator/ Supervisor Virginia Baker (717) 783-9164 Education Administration Associate Kelly Iorfida (717) 783-6543 Administrative Support Karen Trissler (717) 787-7278 5

6 Team # 2 Regional Coordinator/ Supervisor Norma Hull (717) 783-7790 Regional Coordinator Vacant Administrative Technician Yvonne Cobb ( 717) 783-6907 Administrative Support Lennette Wilson (717) 787-7372 6

7 Team # 3 Regional Coordinator/ Supervisor Donald McCrone (717) 783-6902 Regional Coordinator Tucker McKissick (717)783-3381 Education Administration Associate Erin Oberdorf (717)787-7135 Administrative Technician Tracy Rapisarda ( 717) 787-7117 Administrative Support Jennifer Zarefoss (717) 787-8632 or 7

8 Team # 4 Regional Coordinator/ Supervisor Cindy Rhoads (717) 783-9167 Regional Coordinator Jesse Fry (717) 783-6829 Administrative Technician Barbara Kuhn (717) 783-6901 Administrative Support Angela McGeehan (717) 783-6908 or 8

9 Team # 5 Regional Coordinator/ Supervisor Maria Garcia (717) 783-6904 Regional Coordinator Erin Derr (717) 787-7815 Administrative Technician Reba Kansiewicz (717) 783-6903 or Administrative Support Cheryl Watts ( 717) 9

10 Division Administration Division Chief Susan McCrone (717) 783-9161 Clerical/Admin Support Phil Cooper (717) 783-9161 Federal Funds Manager Kelly Gallatin (717) 783-3403 10

11 Waiver 11 20 percent set aside for 13/14 – Don, Tucker, Erin 14/15 – Priority and Focus schools PD/Interventions -Don, Tucker, Erin Choice/SES gone - Don, Tucker, Erin Winter meetings for Priority/Focus schools - Norma Transferability - Don, Tucker, Erin

12 Waiver – Federal Compliance Items that Remain the Same 12 o All Parent Involvement Requirements remain in place. For example: compacts, teacher qualification requests, annual meetings, set asides, etc. o All Fiscal requirements such as time & effort, supplement vs. supplant, comparability, carryover, etc. remain in place o All core content area teachers must be highly qualified o All LEAs receiving federal funds must have an equity plan o Equitable services to nonpublic school students must continue

13 Waiver – Federal Compliance Items that Remain the Same – cont. 13 o 20% set aside in Title I. Instead of using these funds for school choice & SES (which are both optional under waiver) LEAs will use these funds to support meaningful interventions in focus & priority schools. 2013-14 is a planning year, so LEAs will have flexibility in the use of this set aside, meaning the funds can be used in priority or focus schools or to support other allowable Title I activities as previously planned. We will work out the details on consolidated applications during 13-14 amendment time. o All of Title IIA remains in place, except now LEAs may transfer up to 100% of their allocation into Title I. o Title III requirements remain in place.

14 AMO: Closing the Achievment Gap – Historically Underperforming Group Maria 14

15 Waiver Federal Accountability Changes 15

16 Closing the Achievement Gap: All students 16

17 AMO: Attendance Schools must achieve a 90% attendance rate OR improvement in attendance from the previous year if less than 90%. Attendance rate data is always one year behind. 2012 data will be used for 2013-14 accountability. 17

18 AMO: test participation 2013 At least 95% of the students eligible to participate in state testing must take the PSSA/Keystone Exams if given in their grade level/course. 18

19 Understanding student groups For Accountability N = 11 Two groups: ◦All students ◦Historically underperforming students Unduplicated count of students with IEPs, students classified as ELL and economically disadvantaged students For Reporting N = 11 Traditional disaggregated subgroups ◦By race/ethnicity ◦IEP ◦ELL ◦Economic disadvantage Duplicate count 19

20 Federal Title I School Designations 20

21 Title I Reward Schools High Achievement Highest 5% Title I Schools (based on aggregate math and reading PSSA or Keystone scores) AND Meets all Annual Measurable Objectives (AMOs) High Progress Highest 5% Title I schools (based on aggregate PVAAS growth score in reading and math) AND Meets all AMOs AND Not a Reward: High Achievement School 21

22 Title I Focus Schools Lowest 10% of Title I schools (based on highest achievement gap for the Historically Low Performing students AMO) OR Does not meet 95% test participation AMO OR Title I school with a Graduation Rate below 60% AND Not a Priority School 22

23 Title I PRIORITY Schools Lowest 5% of Title I schools (based on aggregate math and reading PSSA or Keystone scores) OR Title I school receiving School Improvement Grant (SIG) funds 23

24 eGrants – Kelly I. Amendment time Updates Cheatsheet esignature 24

25 Federal Programs Monitoring – Kelly I and Ginny Changes Top monitoring findings 25

26 Data Collection – PIMS – Kelly G., Jesse, Erin, Norma Choice/SES Staff and Student Participation The Title III Professional Development Survey was previously collected via a stand-alone link on the eGrants system. This report is now completed as part of the October PIMS upload. Professional Development is a required component for LEAs with a Title III allocation. 26

27 Data Collection The data collected is from the previous year. NOTE: the biggest change is that the awarded LEA will need to report via PIMS even if part of a consortium. Consortium members should collaborate with the consortium lead in order to collect this data. 27

28 Reports – Due Dates – 2013-2014 October – Staff and Student Participation Data ◦Submitted in PIMS (see handout) October – Title III Professional Development Survey (Due date? Jesse) ◦Submitted on PIMs November 15 – Comparability ◦Submitted (DON) December 15 – Neglected and Delinquent counts. ◦Submitted electronically this year March – Title III LEP/IMM Counts???? - Jesse 28

29 Comprehensive Plan/School Level Plan - timeline Norma 29


31 Amendments Kelly I. Upwards/downwards

32 Charter enrollment Kelly I.

33 ISP/PAFPC conference Erin 33

34 Ranking and Serving Don - Review of Ranking & Serving – connection to building level budgets (selection of school step 5) 34

35 Comparability: General Rule- §1120A(c) An LEA may receive Title I Part A funds only if it uses state and local funds to provide services in Title I schools that, taken as a whole, are at least comparable to the services provided in non-Title I schools. If all are Title I schools, all must be “substantially comparable.” Currently demonstrated by staff/pupil ratios. 35

36 New calculation 2013-2014 An LEA must first attempt to demonstrate comparability by showing that its combined state and local per-pupil expenditures (including actual personnel and actual non-personnel expenditures) in each Title I school, using prior year financial data, are at least 90% of the average combined state and local per- pupil expenditures for its non-Title I schools. 36

37 Exclusions Pre-K expenditures Central office costs (including cost center 2818). Charter School Tuition Alternative Education Programs (if enrollment is District Wide only) Summer School expenditures (if enrollment is District Wide only) Federal expenditures 37

38 Exclusions, cont. English language instructional costs Special education (including gifted and OT/PT) Transportation Food Services Capital expenditures (LEA capitalization threshold) Be prepared to justify any other exclusion and keep all documentation on file. Personnel costs defined as objects 100 and 200. 38

39 Timing Issues Guidance: Must be annual determination (old) Review for current year and make adjustments for current year (new) Budget for upcoming year and make adjustments in current year, if needed Assurances are due November 15 39

40 Rural Education Achievement Program (REAP) Rural Low Income Schools (RLIS Grant coordinated by DFP) ◦12-13 – 56 LEAs eligible for $1,907,933 ◦13-14 – 41 LEAs eligible for $1,610,798 Small Rural Schools Achievement (SRSA) ◦USDE Administered ◦Not released yet – Probably will be by FRWs time

41 Non-public Consultation 41

42 SIG Ginny/Susan/Erin

43 Keystone to Opportunity Striving Readers Comprehensive Literacy Program Advance literacy from Birth – Grade 12 2013-14 – Year 2 of Implementation for 55 subgrantees Online Professional Development Training Modules developed with SRCL/KTO funds will be available for all LEAs beginning in January 2014 43

44 21 st Century Cindy 44


46 Fiscal and Reporting Issues 46

47 Fiscal Reports Final Expenditure Report ◦Submitted online via eGrants  PDE website  DFP – Link  Grant Application – Link to Final Expenditure Report found in main menu. ◦Questions: ◦DFP Administrative Technicians Quarterly Reports ◦Submitted online via the PDE Web Portal/FAI System ◦PDE website ◦e-pde webportal Link ◦Submitted to the Labor, Education Comptrollers Office. ◦Questions: ◦Comptroller’s office (717)787-5506 ◦Failure to submit on time will STOP PAYMENTS. 47

48 Overview: Final Expenditure Reports (FERs) FER Due Dates Carryover & FERs Title I Carryover Waivers Budget Revisions Transferability 48

49 Final Expenditure Reports (FERs) FERs must be completed & submitted for all federal programs. Closes out projects & reports funds have been expended & are in compliance with approved budget. Created, completed & submitted via eGrants system. Failure to submit FERs by due date could result in: ◦Suspension or loss of any project funds remaining ◦Single Audit Finding 49

50 FERs – Due Dates (Sept 30 th ): Due as soon as project funds have been expended… But no later than September 30 th of each year ◦Unless “Carryover” was requested  Carryover extends project end date 1 additional year (September 30 th of following year) 2010-11 projects with Carryover ◦Due NLT 9/30/12 2011-12 projects ◦without Carryover: Due NLT 9/30/12 ◦with Carryover: Due NLT 9/30/13 50

51 FERs and Carryover Note: If entire program allocation will not be expended by project end date, LEA must request Carryover. ◦Request BEFORE program end date (Sept 30 th ) ◦When completing consolidated application (in spring) or amendment (in fall/winter) ◦Determine amount of funds that will not be expended by program end date ◦Enter in program’s “Carryover” section in eGrants (see next slide) 51

52 Title I and Carryover: LEAs may carryover up to 15% of their Title I funds from one year to the next. If percentage is MORE than 15%... ◦must request “Carryover Waiver” ◦from Regional Coordinator E-Grants system generates message regarding waiver if over 15% Only applies if allocation is over $50,000 52

53 Title I Carryover Waivers LEA must request waiver from their Regional Coordinator in DFP - via letter or email - must be reasonable & necessary DFP may grant LEAs a “Carryover Waiver” once every 3 years **(3-yr- waiver cycle)** ◦See next slide for 3-year-Waiver Cycle **Remember this only applies to Title I projects 53

54 3 year waiver cycle Kelly I. 54

55 Budget Revisions: Necessary if.... Program funds were expended on a previously unbudgeted category OR… If any line item “totals” (in Actual Expenditures section of FER) increased 20% or more compared to the last approved summary budget. (See next slide for example) 55

56 Budget Revisions – Things to Know: Consolidated Application must be in “Approved” status (in eGrants). ◦link to create revision appears when “Approved” Email your Administrative Technician (AT) after submitting a budget revision. ◦Include year & name of revised project Ex: 2011/12 Title IIA project ◦AT will ensure revision was fully submitted & put to “Approved” status LEA cannot do FER until budget revision has been approved. 56

57 Top 10 Monitoring Findings of 2011/12

58 Questions? 58

59 Monitoring Meeting with Priority and Focus Schools – Ginny and Kelly I. 59

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