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Purchasing Update eRequest Refresher New eStores Overview.

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1 Purchasing Update eRequest Refresher New eStores Overview

2 Nathan Andridge—Senior Director of Purchasing Receiving, Stores and Mail (2012) Focus on Strategic Purchasing –Saving the university $50 million over the next 4 years –Using Contracted Vendors (eStores) –Reducing vendor database –Lowering the total cost of ownership Goals of University Purchasing

3  6 to 9 months has been spent negotiating contracts with vendors  Purchase high quality goods and services at a low cost  Standardize products/services across campus Why Use Contracted Vendors?

4 Why Use Contract Vendors ?  Aggregate university spending  Aids spending analysis  Firm pricing and discounts  Long term vendor relationships  Faster processing using eStores 4/30/20154

5 Vendor Maintenance New process established by central purchasing to reduce the number of suppliers in our vendor database –Currently 18,571 –Down from over 100,000+ –Goal next year 15,562 4/30/20155

6 Vendor Maintenance Most purchases from new vendors are one-time purchases Admin cost to setup new vendor –$275 Admin cost for purchase order –$350

7 Vendor Maintenance Questions? Have the goods and/or services been received? Would a PCard be an alternative method of payment to vendor? What OSU vendor provided similar goods/services in the past for the department? 4/30/20157

8 OSU Mandated Contracts Office Max UPS Plumbing Services (4) ComDoc Preferred Vendors  DS Water  Aramark 4/30/20158

9 Procurement Process Overview What happens to my order after I submit it?

10 Approval Matrix Review On Behalf of:Who Approves?Who Obtains Approval? DeanOAADepartment Obtains via Adhoc Business Manager Chair or Kristina RennerDepartment Obtains via Email/System Department ChairMarie MeadBOC Manager will obtain Approval Faculty MemberChair Department Obtains via Send Notification Staff MemberBusiness ManagerNormal Approval Process StudentBusiness ManagerNormal Approval Process Exception: Business Manager may approve for all standard office and lab supplies, regardless of who the request is for. Note: For Business Meals: Approvals above apply to all business meals, regardless of host, if the presence of the Dean, Chair, or Faculty member is required for the meal to take place.

11 Procurement Forms Signature Guide FormsSignature/Approval NeededWho gets the approval? Internal Contracts*Marie MeadDepartment Prior to eRequest Approval External Vendor Contracts**Director of PurchasingBOC requests approval with REQ Bid WaiversMarieBOC will obtain signature OSP Wire Transfer Form***PIDepartment after REQ is completed Univ Wire Transfer Forms***MarieBOC will obtain signature Business Meal FormsSee Signature MatrixDepartment Prior to eRequest Approval *Example: Blackwell Event Room, Ohio Union Event Rooms, Residence Life, TTM Bus Rental, etc **Vendor contracts are NEVER to be signed by the department or BOC. ***Department should ensure BOC has necessary info to complete the form.

12 Internal Contracts Marie Mead’s Signature is required. Department obtains signature via email, prior to eRequest approval. Examples: The Blackwell Meeting Room, Fawcett Center, Residence Life, TTM Bus Rental, etc.

13 External Vendor Contracts Departments are NEVER authorized to sign any contract or agreement. –Only authorized signature of The Director of Purchasing is valid Contracts/agreements should be attached to the eRequest, and the BOC will obtain the signature from purchasing.

14 Business Meal Forms Meal form is to be completed by department prior to eRequest approval. –Department will obtain all department signatures –BOC will obtain Marie’s Approval if BOC is making the purchase Alcohol (Preapproval required when BOC pays) Spousal Attendance- must be pre-approved –Department obtains via email Dollar Limit Exceptions- must be pre-approved Dean Direct Report

15 Business Meal Forms What information is required? –Meal Type –Date, Time, and Location of the meal –Detailed Business Purpose –Attendees and their Affiliation Large Student/alumni groups may be grouped –Example: Class of 1963 Alumni, Members of CHEER Camp, Etc –Appropriate Signatures

16 Bid Waiver Forms Department completes appropriate Request for Bid Waiver Form prior to eRequest approval. –Separate forms for UNIV or OSP Funds –Department obtains all department signatures –If UNIV, BOC will obtain Marie’s signature

17 Bid Waivers  A bid waiver is an “exception” to the bid process  Bid limits are >$25,000 for goods and >$50,000 for services.  OSP: Federal Grant: $10,000  If you are unsure, contact your SPO  These limits are supplier specific and applied to each org / fund combination on a fiscal year basis.  Purchases from eStores, or university-wide contracts are excluded from this provision.

18 Bid Waiver Process  There are four types of waivers:  Sole Source  Emergency  Economic  Technical and Specialized Consulting Services  Documents needed  Approved requisition from the Financials System  Completed Request for Waiver of Competitive Bidding form including appropriate signatures  Detailed explanation for the waiver  Quotation, contract, service agreement from the supplier to support waiver  A completed Declaration of Material Assistance (DMA) form for purchases $100K or more.

19 Wire Transfer Forms The BOC will complete and request appropriate signatures. –UNIV: Marie –OSP: PI BOC will email form to initiator for signature BOC send to AP for payment. To aid in more efficient processing provide Proforma invoice with vendor contact information.

20 Break & Questions

21 eRequest

22 Contact Information Initiator information will default here. Requested For: Will default to Initiator’s name. Requester Access: You can update this field. Standard Access: Unable to change this field. The “Requested For” field determines who the purchase is being made for.

23 Standard Purchasing Request: Supplies/Equipment eStores Services Change Orders Blanket/Term Orders Memberships Purchasing/Payment Option Purchasing Card Preferred: Should only be used when the department makes a purchase on their department card. Internal Order: Should be used to make purchases with OSU Internal Vendors. This does not include eStores punch-out. Blanket Order Release: To arrange payment of an invoice against an existing blanket purchase order. Reimbursement To Employee: When an OSU Employee purchases goods or services on behalf of the University. Not to be used for Travel related expenses. Payment: To be used for travel prepayment expenses including: cash advances, hotel, registration, etc. Refund: When goods or services have been purchased from the University and are later canceled or returned. Reimbursement To Non-Employee: When an OSU Student purchases goods or services on behalf of the University. Not to be used for Travel related expenses.

24 Vendor/Payee and Item Details Description: Be as specific as possible. What is it you want the BOC to purchase? Examples: Hose, Pro Gold, High Temp Polymer, Part# AR-06-HTP APA Professional Membership Change Order to PO 145274AA32 Vendor/Payee Information: The vendor name must be on top! Include all necessary vendor information including: name, address, contact and/or phone number First Impressions 1791 Coventry Rd. Columbus, OH 43212 Donna Vorce 614-555-5555

25 General Request Information Ship to: Where do you want the items to be delivered? 116 Bolz Hall 2036 Neil Ave. Columbus, OH 43210 Attn: Brutus Buckeye N/A Additional Info: Any other information the approver or the BOC should know goes here. Shipping Info Website Due date Special purchasing instructions

26 Business Purpose A well stated business purpose should answer the following questions: –Why is this purchase taking place/necessary? –How will this purchase benefit OSU/Engineering? Should be written to communicate the reason for and the benefit of the purchase to someone outside the department or engineering. –Acronyms must be spelled out.

27 Example of Appropriate Business Purposes “Electrical materials for the Electronics Lab to be used in research by graduate students as a part of the engineering projects program.” “Computer supplies to be used for data analysis and research by the Buckeye Bullet Student Project team at the Center for Automotive Research.” “Custom construction of two vessels which will be used to measure varying degrees of decay on two specific metal types.”

28 Attachments Quote from Vendor Necessary Approvals NO verbal quotes!! Webcart/Screenshot MOU E-mail quote from vendor Meal Form Receipts

29 Funding Source Business Meals: 64408 Meals at University Functions: 64493 Alcohol: 64430 *Discretionary Fund

30 Blanket Order Release Initiator Blanket Order Release Description, Quantity & Cost

31 Blanket Order Release Ship to, Additional Info and Business Purpose Attachments Org, Special Funding Instructions and Chartfield

32 Change Order Standard Purchasing Request Description/ Vendor Information

33 Change Order Ship To, Additional Info Business Purpose Attach any supporting documentation

34 Cash Advance Payment Description/ Vendor

35 Cash Advance Ship To Business Purpose Attachments needed to support transaction


37 Benefits of using eStores eStores items are from contracted suppliers - No bids or waivers are required - Contracted lowest overall pricing Extensive selection of products and suppliers Easy identification of items from MBE and EDGE Imports shopping cart directly into eRequest - Ensures accuracy of items requested - Expedites processing of transactions - Automatic PO Dispatching and Faxing

38 FAQs 1.Why do my items have to be shipped to Central Receiving? –Packages are opened and inspected….. –Less delivery trucks on campus…… –Packages delivered to campus addresses within 2 - 3 hours of receiving… –Tracked in PeopleSoft 2.What should I do with invoices sent to me/department? –E-mail to (Include Purchase Order Number) 3.My eRequest is in pending completion status what does that mean? –Your order was approved at the BOC and is pending dispatch from a BOC buyer or further processing by OSP/UNIV purchasing department. OSP Purchasing 614-292-6871 UNIV Purchasing 614-292-2694

39 FAQs Cont… 4.My eRequest is in completion status, but I have not received my items? –Your order was approved at the BOC and dispatched by a BOC buyer or OSP/UNIV purchasing department –To save time and expedite your request contact vendor Confirm they have received PO or CC payment Confirm shipment of items Contact the BOC if additional action is needed. 5.How do I process an OSP Consultant agreement? –All OSP Consultant agreement should be sent directly to your Sponsored Program Officer 6.What is an alternate documentation for original receipts? –Duplicate of original receipt… From a copy or scan you have made Reproduction by the vendor

40 FAQs Cont… 7.How do I return an item to vendor? –Contact vendor to obtain return merchandise authorization (RMA) or e-stores return form if purchased via e-stores punchout –Return item to vendor –Contact the BOC if merchandise was purchased using BOC credit card 8.If I make comments in eRequest will the BOC be notified? –The BOC is not notified when updates are made to eRequest. Please contact the BOC with question or concerns about your request 9.When should I submit a critical/emergency eRequest? –Equipment is broken –Unable to do job without supplies or equipment needed 10. When should I use my department PCard? –Business meals –Emergencies –Purchases needed after business hours

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