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 Meeting Format  Slide Presentation  Agreement on Table Discussion Items  Table Presentations  General Q & A  Wrap Up  Next Steps.

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1  Meeting Format  Slide Presentation  Agreement on Table Discussion Items  Table Presentations  General Q & A  Wrap Up  Next Steps

2  Approved by Council on May 1  Proposal due back to Council on August 7  Due to CMO by July 24

3 Investigate potential methods for funding costs associated with special events

4 Create a proposal for a special events fund that will support small and moderately-sized community events as well as providing a more sustainable, consistent, and analytical method of evaluating and providing financial support for large-scale special events. Any proposal should seek to minimize the impact on individual City departments.

5 Create a process for Council review of fee waiver requests for large-scale events.

6  Event producers and promoters  Hotel Lodging Association  Austin Neighborhoods Council  Arts Commission  Music Commission  Austin Convention and Visitors Bureau

7  Austin Center for Events (ACE)  Economic Development Department  Parks and Recreation Department  Austin Police Department  Transportation Department  Austin Travis County EMS  Austin Fire Department  Homeland Security & Emergency Management  Code Compliance

8 2013 Fee Waivers and City Costs vs. Actual Fees Collected Fee WaiversCity CostsFees Collected All Events $1,146,127CPIO$65,267APD$1,938,514 APD$4,061,472ATD OSE$191,944 ATD OSE$512,378AFD$313,327 AFD$583,942HHSD$251,700 HHSD$202,559PARD$461,709 PARD$210,829ATCEMS$436,159 Code Compliance$96,144Planning and DR ATCEMS$798,7102013 ARR$172,156$3,593,353 Music Office* Public Works* Planning and DR* 2013 $6,703,457 Gap = Collected – Costs ($3,110,104)

9  MLK March & Parade  Celebrate Texas Parade & 5K  SXSW  Kite Festival  Juneteenth Parade & Festival  Austin Symphony 4 th of July  Night of the Bat  Diez y Seis (Fiesta De Independencia)  Austin Pride Parade  Veteran’s Day Parade  Austin Farmer’s Market

10  Viva la Vida Fest new in FY 2013 ‐ 8 ‐ 8 ‐ 13  Welcome Home Iraq Veterans' Parade was a one ‐ time event  Night of the Bat Event not co-sponsored in FY 2013  Asia Fest was only for FY 2008  HOPE Farmer's Markets was combined with the Austin Farmer's Market fee waiver in FY 2014  Fiesta de Independencia (Diez y Seis) had no City fees waived in FY 2013

11  FY2006$127,972  FY2007$213,728  FY2008$347,396  FY2009$300,339  FY2010$346,419  FY2011$541,416  FY2012$913,822  FY2013 $1,096,257  FY2014$1,129,184  Total$5,034,533

12  Event Registration Fee Surcharge  Events on City of Austin property that charge registration or admission fees  Hotel Occupancy Tax (HOT) Fund  Parking Fees and Fines  Sales Tax

13  Methods for Funding Costs of Events  Proposal for Special Events Fund  One Fund? Two Funds?  Criteria to Receive Fund Money  Process for Council Review for Fee Waiver Requests  Other Topics

14  Establish a fund to help finance the costs for special events with significant cultural and/or economic impact in order to preserve these events and ensure sustainability.  Available for qualifying City co-sponsored special events as well as other special events which apply and can show significant cultural or economic impact to the City  Estimated 1000 hotel rooms are scheduled to enter Austin inventory in 2015  Allocate 20% of the Hotel Occupancy Tax (HOT) Funds collected from new room inventory to a newly created Special Event fund  80% of HOT Fund growth from new room inventory would continue to fund current recipients

15  Registration of Convention Delegates  Advertising, Solicitations and Promotions that Directly Promote Tourism and the Hotel and Convention Industry  Promotions of the Arts that Directly Promote Tourism and the Hotel and Convention Industry  Historical Restoration and Preservation Activities that Directly Promote Tourism and the Hotel and Convention Industry

16  Sporting Event Expenses that Substantially Increase Economic Activity at Hotels  Signage  Transportation  Sporting Facilities Enhancements or Upgrades  Convention Centers and Visitor Information Centers

17  To date we have researched and found 30 cities in Texas that currently utilize other funding sources for special events that qualify; most utilizing a percentage of HOT Funds administered by the Convention & Visitors Bureau (CVB)  Cedar Park  Dallas  Georgetown  Giddings  Fredericksburg  Round Rock  San Angelo  Victoria

18 Dallas, TX Funding Process:  Within 30 days of the events’ conclusion, the applicant must submit a final report including actual Return On Investment (ROI) compared to projections and supporting documentation showing the actual expenditure of expenses.  After review by the TPID Administrator, (DCVB’s CFO) expenses will be reimbursed proportionally based on actual ROI up to the maximum pre-approved amount. An organization may select one of three options to verify ROI – 1) Hotel Booking Code: The use of a Hotel Booking Code used by attendees to book hotel rooms will generate trackable hotel room night count. 2) Ticket Sales: Using the estimated total number of incremental ticket sales for the Dallas TPID funded event sold outside of the DFW Metropolitan Statistical Area multiplied by 0.54 will equal hotel room night count. 3) Attendance: Using the estimated total number of incremental attendees of the event to be funded by the Dallas TPID multiplied by 0.057 will equal the hotel room night count.

19 Dallas, TX Program Eligibility Requirements  Legal Status: Applicants must provide documentation of the legal status of their business or non-profit or for- profit corporation.  Tourism Mission: While an applicant’s primary mission need not be tourism related, the applicant’s strategic plan must include tourism marketing as a component of that mission.  Use of Funds: An applicant’s funding from the DTPID must be used to bring in additional out-of-town visitors to Dallas for the event.  Location: Regardless of where an applicant is headquartered or physically located, 100% of the funding received from the DTPID must be in support of programs providing a measurable benefit to the assessed hotels (lodging businesses) within the City of Dallas.  Prohibited Uses: DTPID funds cannot be used for political activity, programs completed prior to the submission of the application or any effort not specifically designed to increase hotel nights.  Promotional Material Requirement: DTPID funded entities shall include use of the Dallas Tourism Public Improvement District logo, commensurate with similar level sponsors, on all promotional materials (including but not limited to, brochures, newsletters, advertising, fact sheets, news releases, and Internet web sites).  Funding Limits: Applicants and events are limited to $50,000 annually. Events receiving other DTPID funds are not eligible for event application funding. Events may only receive DTPID event funding for a maximum of three (3) years.  Minimum Valuations: Events will have a minimum $10,000 impact on hotel lodging and a 10-to-1 ROI in hotel industry impact for every dollar provided in DTPID funds.

20  Each table to discuss all identified topics with intent to generate ideas  Discussions should be high level at this point

21  Late July, will update when location is identified  Next Steps

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