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Scottish Funding Council Funding of colleges in Scotland May 2011.

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1 Scottish Funding Council Funding of colleges in Scotland May 2011

2 The Scottish Funding Council The Scottish Funding Council (SFC) is a non- departmental public body responsible to – but operating at arms length from – the Scottish Government. It distributes more than £1.6 billion of public funds annually to 41 colleges and 20 higher education institutions (HEIs)

3 Ministerial guidance, Corporate Plan and funding decisions Ministerial guidance (Scottish Government SFC Corporate Plan Grant-In-Aid Consultation with sector Committees and advisory groups Council Grant allocated to HEIs and colleges via Main Grant Letter

4 Scottish Government funds to SFC 3-year budgets set by Scottish Government in Spending Review SFC provides advice to Scottish Government for Spending Review SFC receives funds in financial years (April to March) and allocates funds on academic years (August to July)

5 Main teaching and student support grants for colleges 2010-11 £m Main Teaching Grant402.7 Student Support83.9 Fee Waiver57.8 Strategic Funds28.1 Economic Downturn8.4 Total580.8 College Capital109

6 SFC allocations to colleges AY 2010-11: £580.8m

7 Purpose of our teaching funding Contributing to the direct and indirect cost of providing learning and teaching Funding academic, administrative, technical and support staff Funding facilities, accommodation, equipment and materials

8 Teaching allocation to 42 colleges WSUMs target2.32m £m WSUMs activity funding482.4 Assumed fee income118.6 Widening access (headcount)11.5 Social inclusion (headcount)7.2 Social inclusion (SUMs)8.1 Rural and remoteness2.8 Achievement4.3 Total634.9

9 How we allocate college teaching grant Formula used: Price x volume Colleges undertake to deliver a specified volume of activity (measured in weighted SUMs) Additional premiums for:  Widening access and social inclusion  Rural and remote students  Achievement

10 Additional Premiums – Sector Average

11 Additional Premiums – Island College

12 Additional Premiums – Urban College

13 Initial fee waiver £56 million in 2010-11 Colleges use grant to waive fees for: Full-time non-advanced students Part-time advanced and non-advanced (means tested basis) Pay up front estimate and final amount once final statistics available (if resources are available).

14 Targeted investment in colleges PACE (£2m/£5m) Economic downturn (£28.1m - £7.7m/£8.4m) ESOL (£1.7m)

15 Purpose of our student support funding The FE bursary fund - maintenance costs for full-time students and their dependants, travel, student and additional support expenses The FE discretionary fund – emergency and hardship purposes The FE childcare fund –prioritised to meet the needs of mature students, lone parents and part time students.

16 How we allocate college student support grants Bursary – based on previous spend, growth and increases to rates and scales FE discretionary fund – activity, headcount and deprivation rates FE childcare fund – activity, part time headcount and deprivation rates Maximise flexibility by allowing movement between funds and the in-year redistribution process

17 AY 2011-12 – main changes to college funding Indicative letter Budget reduction for teaching Re-focus school/college programme Student support budget maintained Final allocation Additional funding growth Additional student support funds

18 Main teaching and student support grants for colleges 2011-12 £m Main Teaching Grant and Fee waiver421 Student Support95.6 Strategic Funds19.5 Economic Downturn8.4 APUC1.0 Total545.5

19 Changes to funding allocations 2010-112011-12Change WSUMs2.32m2.23m-3.8% Main Teaching Grant and Fee Waiver £460.5m£421m-8.6% Student Support£83.9m£95.6m+13.2% Strategic Funds£28.1m£19.5m-30.1%

20 For FY 2011-12 College and University capital budgets have been combined. For FY 2010-11, the combined capital budget was £192.7m, for FY 2011-12, the combined capital budget is £91m.

21 College governance Financial Memorandum Role of governing bodies Accountable officer Conditions of Grant

22 Future Issues Further pressure on budgets? Changes to funding methodologies

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