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A Step-by-Step Guide to help you sign up for the SAT.

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1 A Step-by-Step Guide to help you sign up for the SAT

2 1. Go to 2. Click here (Register for the SAT)

3 3.Click “Register Now”

4 4a. If you’re already a member, sign in here

5 4b. If you’re not a member, click here

6 5. Fill in all Info with a * next to it 6. Uncheck these if you don't want email updates from the College Board **Two things to note: “Give name” means your full name, not a shortened version Also, enter an e-mail account you check frequently, if you do not have one, set one up now!

7 7. You Can Complete this or Skip it

8 8. Fill in everything with a * *Make this something you will remember *Use your name or initials instead of “QTPie77” etc. 9. Choose “Student” from the drop down menu 10. Click “SUBMIT”!!

9 E-mail yourself your user name and password, so you don’t forget!

10 No, really, do it! NOW! Please!

11 11. Fill this in Leave this blank, unless you’ve taken the SAT before, then fill this in Fill in the rest of this information BUT *** You do NOT have to put your SSN

12 12. Fill in graduation date and grade level, and THEN click HERE 1. Fill in Info 2. Click Search 3. Click Select

13 13. 14. 15. Click the FIRST option 16. Click “Continue”

14 17. Fill-in all information with a *

15 18. Starting HERE, you can choose if you want to answer, or scroll down and click “Continue”

16 19. Continuing… Again, if you have time, fill out...if not, you can scroll down and click “Continue ”

17 20. Terms and Conditions Check this box, and then Click “continue”

18 Country: United States Test: SAT Disability Services: No/Yes, depending on student Test Date: Double check that you have selected correct date! Select “NO” I do not want to receive the Question and Answer Service Select “Continue” 21.

19 22. Find Testing Center Type in the Zip Code of your house, to search for a testing center near you. (You can click “>” to see more testing centers) If you don’t know the school address, open a new window and Google the address Then click “Select” next to the testing center you want The click “Continue”

20 23. Make sure the date and place are correct, then “Continue” 24. Do NOT click on any of the SAT books, scroll the bottom, and click “Continue”

21 25. Check Out! If you have a Fee Waiver: Click the Fee Waiver Circle Enter the Fee Waiver Number (See next slide for how to use) Click Continue If you do NOT have a fee waiver: Fill in your credit card information Click Continue

22 26. Fee Waiver Fill in school code here: Vanguard is 334110 This ENTIRE LINE becomes the Fee Waiver Identification code For Example, what you actually enter will look like this: 334110KJ68XTX Make sure to fill out this bottom portion and give it back to Kira, David or Leylah! ****Just a note: You only get TWO fee waivers maximum, so if you miss a test…you only have ONE more chance!

23 27. Double Check! Double check everything is correct: Test date Test location Address Name If EVERYTHING is correct, click “Place my order”

24 Congratulations! You signed up for the SAT!

25 Next Steps Print your admission ticket! –You won’t be let into the test without it! On test day: –You MUST bring your admission ticket ID (school or NY state works) Also, you HAVE to be on time! 7:45 am sharp!!! –You SHOULD bring: pencils calculator snack (remember, this is a long test)

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