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Automated BOG Fee Waiver Processing Nancy Larson Chris Taylor Bob Hughes.

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1 Automated BOG Fee Waiver Processing Nancy Larson Chris Taylor Bob Hughes

2 2 About Us North Orange County CCD (65,981) –Cypress College (13,056) –Fullerton College (19,745) –School of Continuing Education (33,180) Nancy Larson –Financial Aid Coordinator (Fullerton) Chris Taylor –IT Specialist Bob Hughes –Application Support Manager

3 3 BOG Waiver Volume 2004-05 (District) –$6,368,032 BOG Waivers Disbursed –17,885 Students 2005-06 (District) –$6,341,600 BOG Waivers Disbursed –17,897 Students

4 Two Approaches: XAP Application vs Self-Service BOGW

5 5 XAP BOG Application Benefits: –they keep it updated annually and provide support –Information from the admission application feeds to the BOG waiver app –BOG Application can pre-populate the FAFSA

6 6 XAP BOG Application Downside: –Still have to develop and maintain a local interface –You have to match applications to local records in Banner –You have to handle applications for students who aren't going to enroll –Still have to handle the awarding process locally in Banner –Initial and annual costs to the institution

7 7 Self-Service BOGW Benefits: –Students enter information directly in WebSTAR on their own record – no interface or upload process –Results are immediate – no delays for uploading application or resolving suspense –No chance of an incorrect match (app loaded to wrong student) –Data loaded directly into Banner tables – facilitates the awarding process, minimizes custom table requirements

8 8 Self-Service BOGW Downside: –You have to maintain this annually – new data elements, fields, verbiage, calculations, etc. –More time spent up-front developing the application

9 9 Phase 1 – Spring 2005 Application for BOG Waivers for the 05-06 aid year (beginning Fall 05) Data entered on-line, stored in the ROBUSDF table Student still had to print out and bring in the signature page Staff manually made awards based on the receipt of the signature

10 10 Phase 2 – Spring 2006 Update for 06-07 aid year Revised application for new fields, calculations Integrated 'on-line' signature – no paper signature pages required Batch process to award BOG waivers Batch process to post tracking requirements – keeps the BOG from disbursing when additional information is required

11 11 Application Process Flow 1.Student logs in to Banner Self-Service Account created following CCCApply upload 2.Clicks on link for BOG Fee Waiver App

12 12 Application Process Flow 3.Select College and Aid Year Local mods – each campus is a unique aid year i.e. CC06, FC06 Determines aid year for insert into ROASTAT (if it doesn’t exist), ROAUSDF

13 13 Application Process Flow 4.Data populated on application if it exists in Banner (e-mail, phone, address, etc.)

14 14 Application Process Flow 5.Required fields are starred (*), Drop down boxes and radio buttons limit choices

15 15 Application Process Flow 6.Intelligent Questioning – Based on student’s age in SPAPERS (27), only Independent student questions are displayed

16 16 Application Process Flow 6.Screen sequence is recorded and updated after each ‘Submit’. Applicants can leave and come back to where they left off. Prevents ‘what-if’ scenarios.

17 17 Application Process Flow 6.Final Screen gives notice of award or request for additional documentation

18 18 Banner Updates Batch Posting (RORPOST) used to post award, tracking requirements

19 19 Banner Updates Popsels used in Batch Posting uses the values stored in ROAUSDF

20 20 Banner Updates If awarded, appropriate BOG award is posted to RPAAWRD

21 21 Banner Updates Tracking Requirement for additional documentation is fund specific – doesn’t stop other funds from disbursing

22 On-Line Demo On-Line Demo (

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