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A Real Marketing Partner Navigating the marketing landscape can be a very daunting task. Over the last 30 years, the shape of marketing has changed dramatically.

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2 A Real Marketing Partner Navigating the marketing landscape can be a very daunting task. Over the last 30 years, the shape of marketing has changed dramatically. Reaching your target demographic is not so cut and dried. Competition is heavy, and getting your message through the quagmire of information is a battle that YOU just don’t want to take on. LazBro, Inc. has a combined 60 years of marketing experience. From the traditional print, radio and television campaigns to the cutting edge world of online and viral marketing, we have covered it all. We implement the right method, at the right time, to effectively target your demographic. We handle the planning, design, placement and execution of the campaign, from start to finish, giving you the time to do what you set out to do… grow your business. Your brand IS our business.

3 What is Viral Marketing? Viral marketing and viral advertising refer to marketing techniques that use pre- existing social networks to produce increases in brand awareness, through self- replicating viral processes. It can be word-of-mouth delivered or enhanced by the network effects of the Internet. Viral marketing is a marketing phenomenon that facilitates and encourages people to pass along a marketing message voluntarily. Viral promotions may take the form of funny video clips, interactive Flash games, advergames, images, or even text messages. It is claimed that a satisfied customer tells an average of three people about a product or service he/she likes, and eleven people about a product or service which he/she did not like. Viral marketing is based on this natural human behavior. The goal of marketers interested in creating successful viral marketing programs is to identify individuals with high Social Networking Potential (SNP) and create Viral Messages that appeal to this segment of the population and have a high probability of being passed along. LazBro, Inc. has a significant amount of experience in designing, and implementing viral campaigns. We just love doing it!

4 Coach Lift

5 What We can do for YOU Planning – Marketing plan design – Advertising and media buys – Marketing department management – Trade show management – Marketing coordination and management – Business development coaching – Industry research and competitive data – Consumer and market research – Dealer education – Strategic alliances and B2B development

6 What We can do for YOU Development – Logo revamp and corporate ID look and feel – Corporate ID kit (Letterhead, Invoices, Buckslips, Envelopes, Business Cards) – Website redesign to incorporate SEO, e-Commerce and Google optimization – Online banner development – Print design Consumer advertising Retailer advertising One sheets, handouts, tri-fold brochures, die cut folders with inserts – Radio spot production – POS (Point Of Sale) display design. – Infomercial production (60 second / 120 second) for use on web as well as television – Digital user guides and demonstrations production (Animated flash CDr’s and live action DVD) – Trade show booth design

7 What We can do for YOU Execution – Media buys – Advertising tracking and management – Media analysis and recommendations – Viral and Word-Of-Mouth launch and management – Complete marketing campaign management…from soup to nuts.

8 Who We Are Evan Lazarus Born and raised in Johannesburg, South Africa, Evan began his technical training as an audio engineer at the age of 15. He began his studies at Rhodes University where he graduated with honors in Psychology and Anthropology and continued his technical training in computer studies, audio engineering, music production and entertainment marketing at Global Entertainment School of Media Studies in London, UK and UCLA, Los Angeles, CA. Upon graduating from UCLA, Evan began working for Anita Mann Productions as the in-house audio engineer creating complete shows for cruise ships, las vegas hotels and childrens touring shows. Clients included Royal Caribean Cruise Lines, Luxor Hotel & Casino, GoldStrike Casino, Fox Kids, Saban Entertainment, Jerry Lewish Telethon. He began to develop non-traditional and viral marketing campaigns for various Las Vegas shows as Director Of Marketing for AMP/LevyMann, and so began his move towards the integration of technology and marketing. Key technologies used were Mobile couponing, SMS.MMS, viral web campaigns using YouTube, MySpace, and multiple web portals. Evan started LazBro, Inc. in 2004, specializing in traditional and non-traditional media campaigns, SMS mobile, Premium and Non-Premium campaigns and viral web campaigns for such groups as The San Pasqual Group of American Indians (Indian casinos), Luxor, Las Vegas, DirecLending (national lending company), Shadow Entertainment (entertainment marketing company), to name a few.

9 Who We Are Eileen Joyce Eileen Joyce is a business innovator and expert media/marketing strategist. She has 30 years of business, advertising, and direct marketing experience, ranging from media sales, planning and buying to serving as ad agency account executive, media director, and general manager—with top advertising companies in New York, Toronto and Los Angeles. Her expertise includes brand strategy and direct response tactics for the marketing of packaged goods, corporate identity, theatrical, retail, and political campaigns. In 1988 she founded The Media Team (TMT Media Corp.), a direct response media service and pioneer in the infomercial business. Eileen sold TMT after growing the business into one of the largest and respected infomercial buying companies at the time.Some of the hits the company worked on were: Dave del Dotto Financial Freedom, Richard Simmons Weight Loss, Victoria Jackson Cosmetics, Video Professor Software, Bissell Big Green Machine, The Juice Man, Russ Whitney Leadership Seminars, and Time-Life. Over the past ten years, Eileen has successfully worked with media companies and entrepreneurs to expand their business through effectively marketing their products and services. The combination of her industry knowledge, strategic thinking, and process management provide clients with the expertise critical in today’s challenging marketplace.

10 12920 Walsh Ave. Unit 16, Los Angeles, CA 90066 Tel: (310) 989-6111 Fax (866) 273-2652 Email:

11 Valley View Casino

12 WEB * PRINT * DIRECT MAIL * BUS WRAPS* BILLBOARDS * NEWSLETTERS Demographic: 50+ Valley View Casino wanted to create a campaign around their new “Collossal Coin” slot machines. LazBro, Inc. created billboards, posters, direct mail pieces, bus wraps, magazine print ads, and slot machine faceplates. We created an online presence with a custom built Flash slot machine game and a database driven website. We also created the internal newsletter focused at staff and casino affiliates.

13 Peachy Pink, Inc.

14 WEB * PRINT * MULTIMEDIA Demographic: Females 18 - 35 Peachy Pink, Inc. needed to create an online store to capture sales generated via word of mouth promotions and shopping mall kiosks, as well as create print material for promotional use. LazBro, Inc. built out a completely scale-able shopping cart solution, with a highly optimized backend. Through the use of discount codes we are able to track online and traditional marketing methods. The entire site is updateable via a user administration back office. A glossy tri-fold promotional pamphlet was created for point of sale use.

15 Fantasy at The Luxor, Las Vegas

16 WEB * PRINT * MULTIMEDIA * VIRAL Demographic: Males 21 – 35 Fantasy at The Luxor Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas wanted to create an edgy web presence, along with an online store to sell show memorabilia. LazBro, Inc. created a portal designed to capture data, promote the show as well as drive retail traffic to the online store. Through the use of a heavy viral campaign targeting 21 and over MySpace users within specific regions, we are able to drive highly targeted traffic to viral video and viral download trigger pages, as well retain a dedicated fan base through the use of established online social networks. This campaign has used a solid combination of traditional and viral elements to create a buzz. Promotional print pieces, CD artwork, and giveaways played an important roll in this campaign.

17 Mazel Mobile

18 WEB * PRINT * RADIO * MOBILE * VIRAL * MARKETING MANAGEMENT Demographic: Males and Females 16 - 32 Mazel Mobile wanted to create the first mobile text-2-donate system, targeting the 16 – 32 year old tech-savvy demographic to promote charity amongst Jewish youth. LazBro, Inc. created the entire program from beginning to end. Designing and implementing the mobile element (Premium SMS campaign to strict CTIA and MMA standards), a highly SEO’d website with online store, a custom MySpace presence targeting Jewish youth with viral animations, character and product design, a complete direct mail piece, custom envelopes, corporate ID, and company forms. Mazel Mobile is going to be taken over by a large charity organization and is undergoing a complete facelift and infrastructure redesign to include viral video, multimedia messaging and mobile social networking.

19 ScoreConnex, LLC

20 WEB * PRINT * TELEVISION * MOBILE * VIRAL * CAMPAIGN MANAGEMENT Demographic: Males 16 - 35 ScoreConnex, Inc. required the development of a mobile messaging platform, a complex integrated database for data capture and SMS management, along with e-commerce functionality, marketing support and campaign design, management and implementation. LazBro, Inc developed the company logo, look and feel, corporate ID, posters, online marketing initiative, print advertisement design, banner design, t-shirts, presentations, one sheets as well as investor presentations. Coordinated localized marketing efforts through the use of street teams and word-of-mouth campaigns. We also produced, filmed, and edited a 30 second television commercial for “NFL Sunday Ticket”

21 Preferred Group, Inc.

22 PRINT * MULTIMEDIA Demographic: Males 35 - 50 Preferred Group, Inc. is a high end personal concierge service catering to wealthy clients that require an attention to detail and dedication to quality and service. LazBro, Inc. created a print ad campaign that reflected the luxury that Preferred Group offered, as well as retaining a high-end class to the look and feel. The print piece needed to tie in with their current look and feel to create a more cohesive line through their marketing materials. An interactive flash CD-R was created as part of a new client package.

23 Gradleis, LLC

24 WEB * MULTIMEDIA * VIRAL Demographic: Females 14 - 25 Gradleis wanted to turn their online e-commerce portal into a destination point for graduating seniors and their families and friends through the use of viral marketing opportunities present in established social networks LazBro, Inc. created a custom MySpace presence to redirect online traffic to their shopping portal. A solid MySpace banner advertisement campaign, combined with viral downloads and a word-of-mouth campaign created a marked increase in traffic and online sales.

25 12920 Walsh Ave. Unit 16, Los Angeles, CA 90066 Tel: (310) 989-6111 Fax (866) 273-2652 Email:

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