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Creighton University Office of Grants Administration Grants & Contracts Management Seminar Skutt Student Center, Room 104 November 17, 2009 Pre-Award.

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1 Creighton University Office of Grants Administration Grants & Contracts Management Seminar Skutt Student Center, Room 104 November 17, 2009 Pre-Award

2 PROPOSAL DEVELOPMENT Assessing Your Idea Valid and clear Significant Innovative (Literature Search) Funding agencies want to improve things, advance understanding, and meet needs in new ways

3 Assessing Your Resources Facilities Equipment Technical Support Library Collection/Reference Materials Expertise of Colleagues (Collaborators) Potential Reviewers

4 Assessing Compliance Requirements Human Subjects Animals Radioactive Materials Biohazardous Materials/Recombinant DNA/ Select Agents Responsible Conduct of Research Financial Conflict of Interest Disclosure International Traffic in Arms Regulations/ Export Administration Regulations CITI Educational Programs

5 Literature search acknowledgements Professional Organizations Community of Science Database Foundation Center GrantsNet Identifying Funding Sources

6 Research Sponsor Goals & Priorities What does the funding agency want or need? How can your project help the funding agency achieve its goals and meet your objectives too? Who and what projects have they funded in the past? Contact the program officer (visit, call or e-mail) Ask “appropriate” questions Briefly describe your project Find out if your project matches the agency’s priorities. Listen to what is and isn’t said Do not ask for “hints”, but listen for them.

7 Read and Follow Application Guidelines! What font type/size is allowed? What margins are required? Are there page limitations? How should the application be organized? Is an appendix allowed? Use the funding agency terms and vocabulary when writing your application

8 Letter of Intent (if required) Preliminary or Pre-Proposal (if required) Abstract Proposal Narrative (Answers 4 basic questions) Hypothesis/Specific Aims/Goals/Objectives Background/Significance Preliminary Studies Research Design/Methods Writing the Proposal

9 Writing the Proposal continued Bibliography/References/Literature Cited Biographical Sketches (usually key personnel only) Budget and Budget Justification Facilities/Resources/Major Equipment Human Subject/Animal Justification Letters of Support Institutional Assurances Appendix

10 Identifying Key Personnel Key personnel - defined as those individuals who will significantly contribute to the design and conduct of the study Usually PI, co-investigators and essential collaborators Changes in key personnel may require sponsor approval Key personnel effort is usually required on progress and final reports.

11 Cost Accounting Standards – OMB A-21 ciesproceduresmanual/costaccounting/index.php Grant Fact Sheet Sample Budget Worksheets All project costs must be reasonable, allocable, and allowable Preparing the Budget

12 Costs that can be directly identified with a particular sponsored project Personnel (Creighton employees only) Institutional Base Salary is defined as an individual’s annual compensation that the applicant organization pays for an individual’s appointment, whether that individual’s time is spent on research, teaching, patient care, or other activities. Fringe Benefits (See Grants Administration website for current rates)See Grants Administration website for current rates Consultant (Private Individual/Business) Equipment Travel Supplies Other Subcontracts/Consortium Agreements Direct Costs

13 Costs incurred for common or joint objectives and, therefore, cannot be identified specifically with a particular sponsored project, instructional activity or any other institutional activity Administrative and secretarial salaries Library costs General postage General office supplies Building costs (depreciation and use, operational and maintenance costs) Facilities & Administrative Costs (F&A) (Indirect Costs/Overhead)

14 Facilities & Administrative Costs (F&A) (Indirect Costs/Overhead) continued Creighton University F & A Rates 44.5% Federally Sponsored 25.0% Industry Sponsored Creighton’s Federal F&A rate is applied to Modified Total Direct Costs (MTDC) which includes all direct costs except: equipment (over $5,000) capital expenditures charges for patient care tuition remission rental costs of off site facilities scholarships and fellowships the portion of each subaward in excess of $25,000 Creighton’s Industry F&A rate is applied to all Direct Costs A copy of our rate agreement is located on the Grants Administration web site

15 Mandatory - cost sharing that is mandated by the sponsoring agency. This can be in the form of a specified dollar amount or a certain percentage of total costs. Voluntary - cost sharing that is not mandatory but is voluntarily included in the proposal. The amount included in the proposal becomes mandatory if the proposal is awarded and must be tracked and reported to the sponsor All cost share must be approved by the department chair and/or appropriate dean before submission DO NOT volunteer cost share funds! Cost Sharing/Matching Funds

16 Routing Proposal for University Approval Submit to Grants Administration five (5) working days before the deadline Proposal Routing Form Final proposal narrative and all required documents as indicated in the application guidelines (i.e. signature page, budget, budget justification, facilities, biosketches, assurances, electronic file, etc.) Sponsor application guidelines

17 Submitting the Proposal If paper submission: Grants Administration contacts Principal Investigator to pick up and mail to Sponsor. If electronic submission: Grants Administration verifies electronic document is complete and coordinates with the Principal Investigator to submit.

18 Resubmission Don’t give up if your application is not funded the first time it is submitted. Most agencies will provide reviewer comments. Contact the program officer to discuss your options for resubmission. They may give you valuable information that was not included in the reviewers comments.

19 Preparing for Award Just-in-Time Request: Contact Grants Administration to submit the requested supplemental information prior to award Updated current and pending support Regulatory committee approvals (IRB, IACUC, etc.)

20 Negotiating/Accepting the Award Negotiating a Grant Award If the award is offered at a reduced amount you may need to negotiate the scope of the project prior to accepting the award Accepting the Award Only an Authorized Institutional Official can accept a grant award or contract

21 Establishing the Restricted Fund 90 Day Pre-Award Spending Request for Spending Authority Form uest_for_Spending_Authority_Prior_to_Receipt_of_Signed_Contract3.doc Notice of Grant Award Grants Budget Form Fund Number Request

22 Managing Grant Award Once the fund is established request a meeting with Grants Accounting for assistance with: Processing initial payroll documents Completing required effort reporting documents Documenting cost share funds Reading and monitoring your monthly financial reports Reconciling your fund each budget year and at close out

23 Managing Grant Award continued Contact Grants Administration for assistance with: Preparation of consortium/contractual agreements if applicable A change in the project scope, key personnel or budget Submission of the annual progress report (non-competing application) An extension of the final project period is necessary Submission of the final report/close out documents Submission of a competing continuation or new application Always remember to acknowledge the sponsor on all publications resulting from the award!

24 Contact Information Director Beth Herr Phone: 280-5769 Email: Assistant Director Richard Murcek (1/4/2010) Phone: 280-1175 Technical Editor/Writer TBA Phone: 280-3209 Grant Specialist Tammy Slachetka Phone: 280-2064 Email: Website

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