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Gem Hotel Soaps Paul BoonCEO William KuhnCreative Director Luxury soap with a ‘Gift’ Profit Specialists.

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1 Gem Hotel Soaps Paul BoonCEO William KuhnCreative Director Luxury soap with a ‘Gift’ Profit Specialists

2 Recognize Communications Profit Specialists All your guests already use the soap every day But … It is also an untapped, profitable marketing platform We have converted the soap in the bathrooms, an expense cost, into a powerful profitable tool, by adding our ‘Gems’. Now, instead of performing a mundane task, we invite your guests to play enjoyable ‘game’, with the help of our Gems, for their benefit & to make instant profits and build brand loyalty. We call this the ‘Gem Experience’.

3 The Gem Experience Converting a functional task into an enjoyable ‘game’ All your guests voluntarily go into the bathroom to wash their hands. They actively look for the soap. They see the Gem luxury soap box and open it with their full attention. Pleasantly intrigued, your will guests take the Gem out of the soap and follow the instructions to ask at Reception, check the welcome pack, your television channel or smartphone app – whichever you choose. The Gem Experience engages with your guests and guides them to want to learn about and use your promotional offers, voluntarily. You get instant profits and build long-term brand loyalty, effortlessly. Inside they discover a beautiful Gem, which represents a (zero cost) ‘gift’ from the hotel.

4 How it works The guests discover that the Gems (which are beautiful high quality, but inexpensive, acrylics) represent ‘gifts’ from the hotel. The ‘gifts’ are your existing promotional offers. These offers are valuable to the guests and gratefully received. BUT, they have a zero cost to the hotel. Gem uses proven powerful & profitable principles, and in a completely new combination – no-one has seen this before* And, because the guests are intrigued and engaged, whilst they are actively seeking to find out which gift they have ‘won’ … Capturing the guests’ full attention and engaging with them Your guests are intrigued to discover what they won … with no distractions, they are much more likely to act and use the promotional offer

5 Multiple Promotions There are multiple Gem colors, so each one could represent a different promotional offer, or perhaps a theme of offers: The guests will see all the promotions whilst looking for theirs The mix of colors can be changed daily to shift the focus The guest can exchange their Gem immediately, or keep it You get instant revenue, quantitative data & brand loyalty Promote and track all your offers simultaneously Orange- Excitement Slate- Room upgrade Gold- Un-purchasable Jade- Relaxation Plum- Gourmet Azure- Shopping

6 Perfect Jigsaw Piece The Gem experience is completely independent and complementary to your existing marketing and brand awareness campaigns It converts an expense into a profit center It is low cost to start – outside your annual budget It is revenue and profit generating almost immediately It is highly flexible and fully configurable to your hotel It can be trialed with minimal intrusion or change It can be used just as easily in one or all of your locations, with each one having local control It is automatic, self-auditing and the Gems are fully re-usable Seamlessly link with existing marketing campaigns

7 Gem Hotel Soaps Luxury soap with a ‘Gift’ Profit Specialists Communications House 26 York Street, London, W1U 6PZ 020 7873 2049

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