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Welcome to the Club Assembly July 13, 2011. Introduction & Overview Howard Davis, President.

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1 Welcome to the Club Assembly July 13, 2011

2 Introduction & Overview Howard Davis, President

3 VOLUNTEER: One who serves or acts of his or her own free will; one who gives help, does a service, or takes an obligation voluntarily. To give or offer to give on one’s own initiative. -Mr. Webster

4 Successful Clubs What is the model for a successful club? Tailor that model to our club.

5 Club’s Responsibilities Administration Identify/Communicate Volunteer Activities Responsive Make It Easy/Make It Fun Promote the Word About Rotary

6 Local Volunteer Opportunities Dictionary Project Grate Patrol Walter Reed Bingo Stanton Elementary Tutoring Career Fair Trees for the Capital Blood Drive Habitat for Humanity

7 Member Billing Shaun English Treasurer

8 Member Billing Quarterly Billing Invoices/Statements Credit Card Authorization Forms Billing Cycle Billing Inquiries

9 Membership Success Roadmap to Memberville Chris Manning Membership Committee Chair

10 2011-2012 Objective 36 new members by June 30, 2012

11 WHO are we targeting… Quality individuals who are willing and able to participate in Rotary. Those who have the time, interest, connection to Rotary and the resources to be an active member.

12 WHERE will we find them? Government Financial institutions Lobbying Restaurants Hotels Insurance Construction & Contracting Utilities Hospitals Rotaract

13 HOW will we engage them? Fellowship events Bi-monthly happy hours Regular Rotary events Lunches One-on-one meetings about Rotary Public relations Word of mouth

14 Execution & Follow Through… Biweekly Membership committee meetings What can YOU do? – Don’t be afraid to ASK – Membership packets – Applications online

15 Execution & Follow Through… Sponsors – Banner to track membership goals – Recognition – Contests & financial incentives

16 Member Orientation Larry Wang Director

17 Member Orientation You only have one chance to make a first impression Orientation Process – Monthly Orientation Meetings – Fireside Chats – Mentor Program

18 Red Badge  Blue Badge 1.Join an available committee 2.Attend a new member orientation 3.Greet at a weekly meeting at least twice 4.Help with the raffle at least twice 5.Give the inspiration at a weekly meeting at least once 6.Attend a Board of Directors meeting 7.Participate in at least one service project 8.Attend the meeting of another Rotary club 9.Attend a fellowship event 10.Learn the Rotary guiding principles and the 4-Way Test

19 Member Retention Monica Boner Sergeant-at-Arms

20 Member Retention Focus on existing members. Rotary is about caring for people… internally and externally.

21 Member Retention Retention Programs – Celebrate membership milestones – 100% attendance – Contacting absent members – Birthdays – Members in the News – Website Re-Orientation

22 Upcoming Fellowship Events Mojito Party @ Max’s – FRIDAY, July 15 Picnic in September

23 Future Visions Estela Landeros-Dugourd WCS Committee Chair

24 Financial Status Current: $0 Historically, we have gotten some funding from the Rotary Foundation of Washington, DC.

25 Pending Projects Turkey - Breast cancer (Future Vision, maternal health) Glynis $5,000 Future Vision Project Nepal – Rain Water Harvesting (water and sanitation) Razu $1000 Non-FV Russia - Sunrise Linguistics School (Basic Education and Literacy) Ted $1,000 Non-FV India - Gift of Life (disease prevention and treatment) Balraj $1,000 Non-FV

26 Review of Transition Procedures to Future Vision Strengthen impact of club projects Sharpen focus of overall grants activity Transfer more decision making locally Partner with other organizations Simplify grants processing Increase visibility and image ForAllRotarians/Pages/elearning.aspx

27 WCS Resources FV Transition Committee Project Leaders External Funds Monthly fundraising Activities Active Foundation involvement Remote Partners

28 Fundraising Timeline

29 Looking Ahead What are the immediate next steps? Redesign The Future Vision Committee Members’ Active Participation Become one of the most active clubs in the District with Global grants Present members with a monthly report of Future Vision Activity Invite interested members to a Future Vision Training workshop

30 Rotary Scholarships Jennifer Hara Secretary

31 Rotary Scholarships Graduate School Programs Peace Fellowship Rotary Youth Exchange How Can You Volunteer?

32 Graduate School Programs Future Vision Global Grant Scholarship focus on one of six areas – Peace and conflict resolution/prevention – Disease prevention and treatment – Water and sanitation – Maternal and child health – Basic education and literacy – Economic and community development. Applications due to our Club: early to mid- Summer

33 Peace Fellowship Specific Rotary-sponsored institutions that you must attend—six total Applications due to our Club early to mid- Spring

34 Youth Exchange High School program Applicants cannot be a relative of a current Rotary member

35 Public Relations & Community Outreach Alex Sharayera Committee Chair

36 What We’re Doing Use new and existing DC Rotary programs to increase awareness Promote the Rotary philosophy in the local community Work with Membership Committee Explore District PR grant Promote Centennial Year

37 How We’ll Do It Guest speakers Targeted public relations Develop media relationships Work with other Rotary clubs Embrace new media Invite the press Letters to the Editor Member network

38 What’s New This Year? Howard Davis

39 What’s New This Year? Centennial Year Membership Public Relations

40 Thank You! Questions?

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