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OUR HIGH SCHOOL ACHIEVEMENTS Our high school is a very vivid one. In its 15 years old, it has performed a los of projects and won many competitions and.

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1 OUR HIGH SCHOOL ACHIEVEMENTS Our high school is a very vivid one. In its 15 years old, it has performed a los of projects and won many competitions and adwards, specially those related to Environment, Recycling, Healthy Uses, Arts, Sports, Social issues…

2 Congratulations, Athletes!!! On January 16th, it was held in Antigua (Fuerteventura) the IX Cross Country School Tournament, being the young athletes Lara Gonapeenuwala (femail cadet), Alejandro Pena (male cadet) and Sofia Cardozo (female juvenile) from IES Corralejo, the second ones in their categories. On the other hand, the Insular Athletics Centre in Tenerife (CIAT) hosted the X Tennis Winter Canary Championship, in which some of our athletes won seven metals for Fuerteventura, being Paola Sarabia and Adrian Perez the top athletes. contenido=965&tipo=8&nivel=1400&codResi=1&language=es&codMenu=11 The young sportswoman from IES Corralejo, Paola Sarabia got personal brand in the high jump with a record of 1.63 m, which equals the best record national brand cadet of the season. It should also be noted that Sofia Cardozo won the 10-km march with a mark of 57'56''. With these results both athletes were crowned absolute champions in the Canary Islands qualifying for the championship of Spain.

3 RECYCLINGRECYCLING Some students from our High School met last May 14th to tidy up and clean our beaches, collecting a great amount of rubbish, some of which could be recycled. This activity was published in our local newspapers. basura-bristol/529493.html

4 GREEN HOMES PROGRAM Since the school year 2011/2012, the IES Corralejo has been selected to participate in the Green Homes Program. The Green Homes Program began as a proposal to work with families, who voluntarily join the program, mitigating measures against climate change. With a training - action methodology work on issues such as energy saving and efficiency, water consumption, responsible consumption, sustainable mobility, etc.. It is proposed some saving measures and ideas on how to introduce simple lifestyle changes to apply to households with track results.

5 The Prado Museum is chosen to approach classical painting from a more current perspective. The important collection housed in its walls runs best of European painting of the last five centuries. Using the following Mini blog “tumblr” you can follow all our process.

6 Bilingual Project (CLIL) The IES Corralejo has been participating for several school years in the CLIL project. This project consists on the teaching of some subjects in English. This year our group is studying Social Sciences, Maths, and PE in English. It’s quite funny.

7 FAIRTRADE products provides safe conditions for their products with minimum prices that allow them to invest in their communities by providing advice and relationship long-term business. WHAT IS A FAIRTRADE SCHOOL? Our School is a center interested in promoting fair Trade, we want students to understand how international trade works and how we can make it fairer for everyone, producers and consumers including. It is a center that promotes the use of Fair Trade products on their premises and informed the members of the educational community and the entire center environment. WHY ARE WE A FAIRTRADE SCHOOL? Because Fair Trade commitment provide an opportunity for workers in developing countries. More than seven million people live better thanks to Fair Trade. Being FAIRTRADE School, the Centre made ​​a sharer in their students in this international initiative, offering them a real opportunity to participate in changing the reality of the South. Because it is right that people who do things that we eat and we used to have a fair income to improve their lives. Because learning about fair Trade helps youth learn how their actions affect the lives of others. Because young people are interested in improving the world around them surrounds and others WHAT IS FAIR TRADE? Millions of men and women from southern countries depend on the sale of their products in order to live in a sustainable way, but when you want access to our markets there are many impediments : lack of information on our markets, prices ranging and sometimes are below what is necessary to cultivate...

8 Successful Celebration of the Canary Island Day As every year the IES Corralejo turns in the celebration of the Canary Day. This year the festival, hold on Friday 31th May, was very moved. The collaboration of the entire community has made it possible to demonstrate that together we can perform different, motivating, fun and educational activities at the same time. This year's celebration was divided into different facets: Sports, including Canarian wrestling, acro- sport, chess, skate. The artwork which were conducted many workshops: murals, graffiti, pottery, painting and body paint dripping, traditional dances, rock concert by the group Stolen. Canary stick etc and many more. Finally the gastronomic side in which the local products and typical homemade food are the star: gofio workshop, tasting fruit juice workshops and tasting of local tomato, goat cheese and beef with Lajares style sauce. More information and pictures about that date in 8221315 8221315

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