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Solas Project: Step Up Transition Project Learning Network Workshop 3 IYF Transition Project.

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1 Solas Project: Step Up Transition Project Learning Network Workshop 3 IYF Transition Project

2 Solas Project Vision To see communities rejuvenated by equipping and building up young people to overcome all limitations imposed on them by social and educational disadvantage. Mission We support young people through the adventure of discovering their own abilities and self-worth in order to make a sustainable difference over time in tackling early school leaving and youth crime. IYF Transition Project

3 Step Up: Background Step Up is a mentoring programme for young people transitioning from primary to secondary school. Step Up began in September 2011 as a follow on from our After School Programme Young people are referred to Step Up through schools and other agencies and participation is voluntarily. Culture of Step Up:  Being present  Creating a culture of praise and affirmation  Environment of challenge  Catering for the Individual to reach their potential. IYF Transition Project

4 Step Up: Inputs Inputs – Staff – Volunteers – Training – Rent and materials – Other costs eg. Trips – Partners (schools, community groups) – Research and evaluation IYF Transition Project

5 Step Up : Outputs (1) Outputs (Activities) – 3 Weekly mentoring clubs (1.5 hrs each) – Recruiting Young people (36 total) – Monthly Trips – Occasional additional Activities eg. Art; Shine – Recruiting, Training & ongoing support for mentors (36 total) – Communication with schools and other agencies – Meeting with Families – Administration, planning, record keeping, evaluations etc. IYF Transition Project

6 Step Up : Outputs (2) Outputs (who we reach) – 36 Young people – Families – Schools x4 (HSCL) – 36 Volunteer Mentors – Other Community organisations eg NCAD, DCC, SCP IYF Transition Project

7 Step Up : Outcomes Outcomes (Short term – 1 academic year) – Regular attendance – Young people have positive relationship with trained & equipped mentor – Personal Development – Social Development – Mentor trained & equipped – Good relationship built with a)families; b)schools; c)community – Effective system in place for planning, delivery and development of programme. IYF Transition Project

8 OutcomeIndicatorDatasource Regular attendance 80% or more as acceptable attendanceattendance records Relationship with mentor engagement with mentor; Progression during sessions. Weekly records; mentor & young persons feedback; Observations Personal & Social Development Engagement, participation and ability to follow instructions; Self awareness; goal setting; extra-curricular activities; relationships with peers. Personal Development Curriculum; Weekly records; Observation; Feedback from stakeholders; Referral forms. Mentors trained & equipped Participation & regular attendance at programme events; Minimum length of volunteering one academic year. Training and team meeting attendance records. Weekly attendance records. Good Relationship with stakeholders (families, school and community) Referrals through schools/agencies; Other stakeholders initiating contact & sharing information; Minimum 2 home visits per year&contact with schools every term; Relationships built with groups young people are involved with and those that can resource Step Up; Access to schools for meetings with young people; Records of home and school visits; Records of communication with parents, schools and community groups; Referral forms; young people files; IYF Transition Project

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