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KNOW THYSELF A Frankford 2 nd Marking Period Production.

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1 KNOW THYSELF A Frankford 2 nd Marking Period Production

2 Thematic Focus Better knowing and understanding who we are and what we’re capable of A continuation of our first marking period main theme Leads into goal setting and mastery in the 3 rd marking period

3 SCIENCE CLASS Learned more about personal responsibility through Trout in the Classroom Continued learning about biology/biological systems in class, focusing on the function of cells

4 ENGLISH CLASS Finished reading V for Vendetta and used it as a jumping off point to work on essay writing skills and compare/contrast thinking, as well as using it as an opportunity to discuss government systems and citizenship English class was linked with learning in Civics class on styles of government

5 CIVICS CLASS Students were studying political organizations and political parties to learn more about where their beliefs fell on the political spectrum Students also learned how campaigns and elections are run Additionally, students studied various forms of media and learned more about how their perceptions are impacted by TV, radio, etc and how they can discern fact from opinion

6 MATH CLASS Students began an in-depth budget unit by filling out a survey related to their future goals for themselves, their jobs, their living situations, etc Students also began learning about the stock market and learned just how fast stocks can change value

7 ADVENTURE/HEALTH Students began a unit on personal fitness, and learned different skills and techniques to stay in shape without needing a lot of equipment Students are also voluntarily participating in a daily Push Up challenge led by Dan

8 AFFECTIVE ED Focus on self-image Students made and decorated masks The outside of the mask was decorated with inspiration from a survey that students got other people to fill out about how they see that student The inside of the mask was decorated with inspiration from the student representing how they feel about themselves


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