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Viridity Energy & Drexel University

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1 Viridity Energy & Drexel University
February 2015 Slide 1: Paul Reed Director, Solutions Engineering

2 © 2015 Viridity Energy Inc. All Rights Reserved
Overview The Power Grid & PJM Viridity Energy Drexel University Smart Campus © 2015 Viridity Energy Inc. All Rights Reserved

3 The power grid & PJM

4 The Evolving Power Grid & Deregulation
Traditional Utility Deregulation Market Operator © 2015 Viridity Energy Inc. All Rights Reserved

5 Market Operators Independent System Operators
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Balancing Supply & Demand in PJM PJM is the organization responsible for balancing supply and demand across 13 states and 19 utilities, including Chicago, Philadelphia, and Washington, DC. PJM was founded as a power pool in 1927, and originally covered parts of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Maryland. Mention also have markets in CA, TX, and NY state One way in which PJM keeps a balance between supply and demand is through the creation and administration of robust energy markets. These markets incent generation (supply) and load (demand) changes based on published prices throughout the PJM region. © 2015 Viridity Energy Inc. All Rights Reserved 6

7 © 2015 Viridity Energy Inc. All Rights Reserved
Power Markets: Demand Response FERC Ruling 745 1 MW GENERATION CONSUMPTION Since reducing demand is equivalent to increasing supply, grid operators compensate large energy users who proactively manage their energy usage on the grid in response to wholesale power prices. New federal regulations allow for the same price as would be paid to a generator to go to the energy user. Load is now dispatched as though it were a generator. Before FERC 745 After FERC 745 Demand Response Revenue LMP – supply price LMP © 2015 Viridity Energy Inc. All Rights Reserved 7

8 © 2015 Viridity Energy Inc. All Rights Reserved
Demand Response Multiple Markets = Customers Choice Capacity Programs Low frequency , mandatory response Earn revenue by making a pre-determined amount of energy available to the grid during emergency events. Peak Shaving Load Shifting Economic Programs (Day-Ahead and/or Real-Time) High frequency, voluntary response A proactive way to earn additional revenue by selling demand-side response. Pre-cooling Pre-cooling Load Shifting + Sync Reserve Synchronize Reserve Higher frequency, voluntary response Requires automated response due to short notice times and duration Regulation Highest frequency & payments, voluntary response Injects into or pulls power from the grid in small increments Requires automated response, often attached to batteries, due to very short notice times and duration. © 2015 Viridity Energy Inc. All Rights Reserved 8

9 Utility Demand Management (UDM)
“Traditional” Demand Response vs. Energy Portfolio Management (PJM) *Varies by calendar year and geographic location “Traditional” DR Viridity Capacity PLC Management Utility Demand Management (UDM) Economic Synchronized Reserve Regulation Notification Time 2 hours 1 week 30 minute intervals or up to day/week ahead Up to previous day < 10 minutes < 5 minutes Duration Up to 6-10 hours 1-3 hours 15-30 minutes Typically 1-3 hours; determined by customer & market < 30 minutes Continuous, if available Frequency Up to 6-10 times/yr, potentially unlimited 5-10 times/yr 1-5 times/day Determined by customer ~35 times/yr As many hours as possible Automation Low-Medium High Very high Gross Financial Benefit Potential* *$54,000-$65,000/ MW/yr *$54,000-$65,000/ MW/yr *$25, ,000/ MW/yr *$45,000/ MW/yr *$275,000/ MW/yr P&L Risk Timing of curtailment determined by outside party Low – voluntary savings strategy Low – attached to asset that can vary its load while still completing operational goals Low – voluntary market © 2015 Viridity Energy Inc. All Rights Reserved

10 Viridity energy

11 Viridity Energy Overview
Viridity Energy is a leading smart-grid technology company with unique credentials Founded in 2008 by renowned grid management industry leaders and professionals Attracted blue-chip investors Has established partnerships with industry leaders Key assets include patented software platform and network operating center Proven value to a wide variety of clients Serves the organized markets of ERCOT (Texas), NYISO (NY), PJM, CAISO (California) and ISO-NE (New England) Wide Range of Customers Market Leading Technology World Class Investor Base Commercial Military Industrial Institutional Utilities Campus © 2015 Viridity Energy Inc. All Rights Reserved

12 © 2015 Viridity Energy Inc. All Rights Reserved
Viridity Offers a Suite of Solutions for Multiple Customer Needs Manage Annual and Monthly Peaks Customers can realize savings by voluntarily shifting/shedding load during accurately predicted grid/ISO peaks Customers can smooth monthly peaks on utility bills through active load shifting/shedding Enable Storage Solutions Through software and market services, Viridity provides customers with the ability to combine storage with other advanced energy assets and integrate into the electric grid By combining storage with advanced energy assets, customers have new opportunities to generate revenue and savings Viridity solutions fall into 4 main categories: For Direct End Use Customers: Management of Annual and Monthly Peaks: This allows customers to achieve significant savings on their utility bills by utilizing their flexible load to shave their annual or monthly peaks Participation in Advance Demand Response Markets: Customers can bid their flexible load into various types of DR Markets to achieve revenues that offset costs or allow for future investments. Viridity uses it’s forecasting and optimization capabilities to find the best opportunities that are most achievable according to the customer’s operational constraints, and can also automate the response in these markets ensuring the customer will always achieve their targets. Enabling storage solutions: As batteries become a more attractive investment whether for backup power, or to be coupled with other renewables such as solar or EV, we offer solutions to increase the ROI by enabling participation of these batteries in the energy markets For Third Party Suppliers: Viridity can also work with third party suppliers to offer the direct customer solutions as a white label of add on service to their own customer base. In addition, Viridity can work to customize supply contract management type programs that allow both the third party (such as REPs) and the customer to reap significant benefits through load management Participate in Advanced Demand Response Markets Customers receive $$ from the electric grid for their ability to voluntarily shift load when the grid needs it. Viridity uses powerful forecasting and optimization algorithms to ensure that customers maximize their opportunity Our technology can enable automated response where requested, by interfacing directly with EMS/BAS or other control points Increase Customer Value for Partners We enable customers to see the real value of their energy load flexibility in a way that lets them make business decisions VPower provides the missing tool set that makes load management an attractive solution for partners by tying customer flexibility to the commodity supply contract than just a transactional DR product. © 2015 Viridity Energy Inc. All Rights Reserved 12

13 © 2015 Viridity Energy Inc. All Rights Reserved
Dynamic Microgrid Operations VPower™ Key Output Real-time and Look-ahead Decision Support Optimized Resource Operating Schedule Market Bidding Profile Market Integration Typical Input Grid Mode Expected Loads Resource Telemetry Operational Constraints Supply Costs Fuel Supplies Weather Forecast Market Pricing Utility Signals Renewable Forecast Storage Level © 2015 Viridity Energy Inc. All Rights Reserved From Jim Collins—”Good to Great”

14 © 2015 Viridity Energy Inc. All Rights Reserved
Automation and Control: Viridity's Network Operations Center Staffed and monitored 24x7x365 Standard protocols for daily, weekly, and exception scheduling Direct involvement in system commissioning and “outage” management Leverage telemetry based alerting, alarming and adaptive controls Through our Network Operations Center, we can: Implement customer alerting system Control customer assets through real-time integration Issue weekly and monthly savings reports © 2015 Viridity Energy Inc. All Rights Reserved

15 © 2015 Viridity Energy Inc. All Rights Reserved
VPower™ Resource / Market Integration © 2015 Viridity Energy Inc. All Rights Reserved

16 Drexel university smart campus

17 © 2015 Viridity Energy Inc. All Rights Reserved
Drexel University: Smart Campus Project Viridity utilizes its VPower™ system on the Drexel campus for forecasting and optimization to deliver solutions and services for the management and bidding of controllable load and customer-owned generation and storage resources into energy markets, including capacity and Real-time markets. In addition, Viridity and Drexel work together to continuously identify and implement opportunities to position Drexel for a full smart-grid solution. Funded through the PECO Smart Grid Investment Grant Drexel’s innovative energy resource – Library Books! One of the unique components included in the Drexel Campus is the use of books in one of their libraries as a thermal storage device. Similar to how the building has a thermal inertia to store energy in the form of heat or cooling, so too can the books! The additional mass inside this building is included in the software model and represents additional capability of the building to regulate temperature. We can therefore get more KW for Demand Response out of the building with books versus a building without books. Drexel Quick Facts Currently managing energy optimization in 12 buildings Participating in two PJM markets: energy market and capacity markets By shifting electrical loads and using the existing HVAC systems, Viridity Energy is able to reduce Drexel’s energy usage in the controlled buildings by 15 – 20 % with no perceptible impact on comfort or productivity © 2015 Viridity Energy Inc. All Rights Reserved

18 © 2015 Viridity Energy Inc. All Rights Reserved
Drexel University: Smart Campus Project Randell Bossone Pearlstein Main 1 4 2 3 5 6 7 8 11 10 9 Creese Student Center Commonwealth Lebow Engineering 13 12 15 14 Original 6 Buildings Phase II Buildings Sync Reserve Targets © 2015 Viridity Energy Inc. All Rights Reserved

19 © 2015 Viridity Energy Inc. All Rights Reserved
Drexel University: Spotlight on Thermal Energy Storage Goal to cut cooling costs at the Bassone Research Enterprise Center When cooling loads changed, the thermal energy storage system was only used as a back-up cooling alternative. By modeling the thermal energy storage tanks into Viridity’s VPower™ software, these assets become smart assets that are integrated into the campus’ energy demand strategy. If one of the buildings on the University City campus is going to hit a peak, the chillers at the Bassone Center are shut off and the tanks are activated. This allows the university to control campus demand, not just demand at one building. By allowing Drexel to reduce energy consumption when the grid calls for it, the thermal energy storage system is able to respond within seconds to requests from the grid. © 2015 Viridity Energy Inc. All Rights Reserved

20 © 2015 Viridity Energy Inc. All Rights Reserved
Drexel University: Achievements 10 buildings automatically and remote controlled by the Viridity Network Operations Center ~1,000 hours of load curtailment, with no interruption to university activities or complaints of tenant discomfort ~160+ MWh saved via the curtailments Average load response of 181 kW/event Cumulative revenue and savings through 2014 of $127,553 PJM Energy: 138 MWh for $16,063 revenue and $13,800 savings PJM Capacity: 15 MWh for $85,669 revenue in reservation payments PJM Emergency Energy: Revenue of $12,021 © 2015 Viridity Energy Inc. All Rights Reserved

21 Questions? Thank you Paul Reed Director, Solutions Engineering

22 Appendix: Vpower 2.0

23 Campuses and Microgrids
Our Advanced Software Solutions Connect Customers to the Electric Grid RTO/ISO Utility Battery Storage Solar EMS EMS BMS Industrial Plants Generators Campuses and Microgrids Commercial Buildings © 2014 Viridity Energy Inc From Jim Collins—”Good to Great”

24 We optimize against assets and markets to transform buildings into smart energy revenue generators
Available Assets: HVAC, Solar, Storage, On-Site Generation Operational constraints Identify building potential Total Load Controllable Load Understand building capabilities Current infrastructure Building controls Develop model parameters Tenant contraints Develop market and energy strategy Client Adoption Business as Usual Temperature Number of people in building List every asset we touch in a building on the side Add process flow Develop model parameters Controllable Assets Tenant Constraints HVAC (Steam & Electric Chillers) On-site generation Roof top units Thermal storage Air Handlers Fans Our team considers each building’s energy assets and operational constraints to develop the optimal energy strategy.

25 Delivers cash for energy
VPower: Visualization, Optimization & Control Gain INSIGHT View historical & forecasted energy profiles Understand impact of real-time energy prices Monitor real-time performance against plan Enable Action Utilize load, pricing and/or predicted conditions to determine best energy strategies Optimize participation in energy markets with real-time monitoring, advisory and alerting Implement auto-control and never miss an opportunity Manage Demand Proactively manage peaks to save significantly on utility bills Utilize on-call 24 hour NOC to manage and execute customer energy strategies VPower™ Delivers cash for energy © 2015 Viridity Energy Inc. All Rights Reserved

26 STAGE 4 – ADVANCED ENERGY PLANNING: Viridity Links Storage with Advanced Energy Resources
Battery Advanced Energy Resources + How It Works Advanced energy assets such as PV and EV will not realize full economic value alone. Pairing advanced energy assets with energy storage is a key advantage in this market. Storage helps firm the service, but the performance of the batteries can unlock the highest available market revenue. For PV, Instead of selling excess solar power back to the grid at a low, fixed price, that power can be used to charge a battery. Then the battery can be used for frequency regulation, quickly injecting and removing small amounts of power to/from the grid, or in the economic market to receive lucrative payments greater than the low, fixed sale price described above. The battery can also be used in other market programs and for back-up power. Regulation Market Energy Markets Load Shifting Pre-charging Economic Market Frequency balancing Economic planning © 2015 Viridity Energy Inc. All Rights Reserved

27 SEPTA Overview: Storage Solutions In Action
Project Facts at a Glance Annual Results Energy Savings (efficiency) ~1MWh daily; ~400 MWh Supply Savings ($85/MWh) ~$35k-50k Market Revenue Potential ~$ k Total Economic Benefit ~$ k Environmental Benefits CO2: more than 1,000 tons SO2: more than 5 tons NOx: more than 1 ton Mercury: more than 50 pounds Participating Vendors VPower™ market integration and optimization from Viridity Energy Energy storage system from Saft System integration technology from Envitech Energy, a member of the ABB group How it Works The Recycled Energy and Optimization project is designed to capture energy from rail cars through a regenerative braking process and then utilize the energy for accelerating trains, and to generate revenue through demand-side participation in power markets (Frequency Regulation). The combination of retail energy savings and market revenue resulted in paying off the system within 3 years. A Viridity managed program in collaboration with SEPTA, ABB and Saft Through Viridity’s CSP contract with SEPTA, we are planning for a larger system rollout © 2015 Viridity Energy Inc. All Rights Reserved

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