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CLARIN and the DSA Paul Trilsbeek The Language Archive Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics.

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1 CLARIN and the DSA Paul Trilsbeek The Language Archive Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics

2 CLARIN Started off as one of the ESFRI roadmap projects funded by the European Commission Preparatory phase 2008-2011 At launch participants from 111 institutions in 32 countries (not all part of the consortium, many joined voluntarily) A number of national CLARIN projects launched during the preparatory phase (Austria, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Germany, Netherlands, Poland, Norway)

3 CLARIN ERIC (European Research Infrastructure Consortium) established in February 2012. Legal entity, governing body funded by contributions from 9 national CLARIN projects. Most of the practical work carried out by the national projects under the governance of the ERIC to ensure interoperability by conforming to CLARIN standards and procedures.

4 CLARIN Centres Institutions that commit to providing certain services to the wider CLARIN community 6 different centre types: – Type A: Infrastructure Centre – Type B: Service Providing Centre – Type K: Knowledge Centre – Type E: External Centre – Type C: Metadata Providing Centre – Type R: Recognized Centre (not yet CLARIN compatible)

5 CLARIN Centres A, B and E Centre requirements: …. (d) Centres need to have a proper and clearly specified repository system and participate in a quality assessment procedure as proposed by the Data Seal of Approval or MOIMS-RAC approaches. …

6 CLARIN Centres Recognized repository audit and certification methods such as DSA and ISO 16363:2012 (TRAC) taken as a basis Further CLARIN specific requirements stipulated on top of this In practice, all centers opted to go for DSA assessment

7 Additional CLARIN requirements Center committee determines criteria for CLARIN centers of different types E.g.: – Taking part in national identity federation if available, support SAML2.0 AAI – Use CMDI metadata framework – Usage of PIDs mandatory

8 CLARIN Centres and the DSA 15 centres granted DSA 3 further centres in the process of applying or have plans to do so 14 certified CLARIN “type B” centres 5 centres aiming for “type B” certification CLARIN center assessment committee does the assessment and certification (3 rounds so far, next round coming up. First re- assessments coming up)

9 CLARIN Centres and the DSA Most information about the center assessment openly available on

10 CLARIN Centres and the DSA Effort required varied considerably, but in general more than initially thought Documentation of procedures, policies and systems often did not exist or only partly Expectations now more realistic after the first rounds of assessments

11 CLARIN Centres and the DSA DSA is a useful instrument to serve as the basis for the CLARIN centre assessment Burden of basic repository assessment given to DSA board, CLARIN assessment committee can focus on CLARIN-specific requirements

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