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2 HECCP: How it works The Hourly Employee Compensation and Classification Program (HECCP) is NOT a point factor system. Based on the “Decision Band Method” – Jobs are ranked based upon their level of decision making (autonomy, responsibility, authority etc.) – Looks at job descriptions and duties in terms of decision making.

3 HECCP: How it works Position Description Questionnaires (PDQ) were completed for as many people/jobs as possible. PDQs were analyzed by the consulting firm to create entirely new Job Families and Job Classifications based upon the work being done. NO direct relationship between current job title and new job classification

4 HECCP: How it works Example: Job Family: Administrative Support Job Classification:Clerk Administrative Specialist Career Levels:Admin spec. CL 1 Admin Spec. CL 2 Admin Spec. CL 3

5 HECCP: How it works Example of Individual “possibilities”: Employee is currently AA II. In new system what will they become? Answer: It Depends on the PDQ! First assigned to a job family, then a job title. Possibilities: -Admin Spec. CL 1, CL 2, or CL 3 -Accounting Support

6 HECCP Classification Specifications Our new job classification specifications can be viewed online using the address below: class_specs.php

7 Wages (Article 11) The new wage schedule is tied to the MARKET. (remember, the current wage schedule was not created based on market data) Wage schedule is calculated at 95% of market with 9 wage bands and 15 steps.

8 Wages Year 1 (11-12) The new HECCP wage schedule shall be put into effect. All employees will be allocated to a new job title and its commensurate wage band. Employees whose current wage rate is below step 1 on the new schedule will be placed on step 1 or where applicable will be placed on designated “start rate” step for their particular job family. (only applies to IT and Child Care)

9 Wages Yr. 1 continued Employees whose current wage rate is above the start step and below step 15 on the new schedule will be placed at next higher step on new schedule. Employees whose current wage rate is above step 15 on the new schedule will receive a 1% increase NOT added to their base. Employees with even year anniversary of job entry date FY12 will receive a step.

10 Wages Yr. 1 continued All increases will be retroactive to 10/2/2011. All step increases now and in the future will be given July 1 and not on anniversary date(s).

11 Wages Year 2 (12-13) The wage schedule for 2012-2013 will receive a 0.5% increase to the midpoint of the schedule. The wage schedule is then recalculated. Employees with even year anniversary of job entry date in FY 13 will receive a step. Employees at the maximum step (15) on the new wage schedule receive a 2% NON base payment

12 Wages Year 2 (12-13) cont. Employees over max on the new wage schedule receive a 2.5% payment NOT added to base. $95 one-time payment to all unit members hired before 7/1/12.

13 Wage ScheduleYear 1 University of Maine System FY2012 Wage Schedule - DBM A11 and A12 revised Effective July 3, 2011 - June 30, 2012 (To be effective October 2, 2011) DBM123456789101112131415 A11 10.2310.5110.7911.0711.3511.6311.9112.1912.4712.7513.0313.3113.5913.8714.15 A12 10.3610.6710.9811.2911.6011.9112.2212.5312.8413.1513.4613.7714.0814.3914.70 A13 10.9411.2911.6411.9912.3412.6913.0413.3913.7414.0914.4414.7915.1415.4915.84 B21 12.1312.5212.9113.3013.6914.0814.4714.8615.2515.6416.0316.4216.8117.2017.59 B22 13.3313.7614.1914.6215.0515.4815.9116.3416.7717.2017.6318.0618.4918.9219.35 B23 14.5214.9915.4615.9316.4016.8717.3417.8118.2818.7519.2219.6920.1620.6321.10 B31 16.0216.5417.0617.5818.1018.6219.1419.6620.1820.7021.2221.7422.2622.7823.30 B32 17.8118.3818.9519.5220.0920.6621.2321.8022.3722.9423.5124.0824.6525.2225.79 C41 19.3119.9320.5521.1721.7922.4123.0323.6524.2724.8925.5126.1326.7527.3727.99

14 Wage Schedule Year 2 University of Maine System FY2013 Wage Schedule - DBM A11 and A12 revised Effective July 1, 2012 - June 30, 2013 DBM123456789101112131415 A11 10.2910.5710.8511.1311.4111.6911.9712.2512.5312.8113.0913.3713.6513.9314.21 A12 10.4210.7311.0411.3511.6611.9712.2812.5912.9013.2113.5213.8314.1414.4514.76 A13 11.0111.3611.7112.0612.4112.7613.1113.4613.8114.1614.5114.8615.2115.5615.91 B21 12.2012.5912.9813.3713.7614.1514.5414.9315.3215.7116.1016.4916.8817.2717.66 B22 13.4113.8414.2714.7015.1315.5615.9916.4216.8517.2817.7118.1418.5719.0019.43 B23 14.6115.0815.5516.0216.4916.9617.4317.9018.3718.8419.3119.7820.2520.7221.19 B31 16.1216.6417.1617.6818.2018.7219.2419.7620.2820.8021.3221.8422.3622.8823.40 B32 17.9218.4919.0619.6320.2020.7721.3421.9122.4823.0523.6224.1924.7625.3325.90 C41 19.4320.0520.6721.2921.9122.5323.1523.7724.3925.0125.6326.2526.8727.4928.11

15 Wages Q&A What does each employee receive for a wage increase? Answer: It varies depending upon the individual employee’s situation, current wage, new allocation, etc. 3 scenarios: – Current wage is below the minimum for new DBM. – Current wage is above minimum but below max. – Current wage is above the max. for the new wage grade.

16 Appeals Members will be able to appeal their initially assigned job family, classification and/or career level. Appeals must be filed with supervisor within 20 working days of receiving post contract execution information about assigned classification. Supervisor has 10 working days to send to campus HR

17 Appeals cont. Campus HR has 20 working days to respond If unit member disagrees with campus HR response they may file a step 2 appeal to Systems HR (through campus HR). This must be done no later than 15 working days from date notice was sent. Step 2 appeals presented to 2 member joint panel comprising of 1 University rep and 1 Union rep.

18 Appeals cont. Joint panel has 30 working days to make decision if panel agrees then decision is final and binding if panel cannot agree the appeal goes to a neutral reviewer whose decision is final and binding Employees will have release time to present appeals No Position Reviews can be filed during this time Job entry date will not change

19 Employee Health Task Force Recommendations: The current University Health Insurance proposal is based on the recommendations of the EHPTF. The Task Force recommendations are online for all to read. The recommendations of the task force were unanimously agreed to by all stake holders.

20 Health Insurance (Article 12): Key Changes to the Plan and Approach 1.Promote overall wellness through a two tier premium contribution structure – 90/10 OR 80/20 – Employees and Spouses/domestic partners participating in “Rise Up” level 1 wellness activities will pay an average of 10% of the premium amount. Must be completed each year. – Employees and spouses/domestic partners who choose not to participate in level 1 wellness activities will pay an average of 20% of the premium amount.

21 Premium Amounts: as of 1/1/12 Open Access Plus Copay (point of service) Total Monthly Premium Cost Bi-Weekly Employee Share Single Coverage$577.7830.00 Single Plus One$1271.0972.40 Family Coverage$1617.7493.60 Full Time regular unit members will pay the above amounts (11.25% of single and 13.25% of the incremental cost for dependent coverage ) retroactive to 1/1/12. Additionally, unit members will pay the above costs for 3 months following ratification, however during this 3 month period, unit members may qualify for and receive the wellness premium incentive share described below.

22 Premium amounts: Wellness Level 1 completed/not completed Open Access Plus Copay (point of service) Total Monthly Premium Cost Bi-Weekly Employee Share: Wellness Level I completed (90/10) Bi-Weekly Employee Share: Level I NOT completed (80/20) Single Coverage$577.78$24.00$50.67 Single Plus One$1271.09$59.20$117.86 Family Coverage$1617.74$76.80$151.46 Note: Article Section A3b indicates that if a State or Federal health insurance mandate increases costs and results in a mid-year premium change, the employee will continue to pay the same percentage share of the new premium. Note: Article Section A3a continues the rebate to employees for premiums charged in excess of claims.

23 Rise Up Wellness Plan: Level 1 Level 1 requirements: 1.Employee, spouse, or domestic partner will need to obtain key bio-metric data (e.g. BP, BMI, Lipids) 2.Employee, spouse, or domestic partner voluntarily completes the on-line health assessment (form must be entirely complete). 3.Plan participants voluntarily participates in wellness activities totaling 20 points as described in Rise Up point tracker.

24 Rise Up Wellness: Level 2 Level 2 requirements: Earn $100 incentive bonus if plan participants 1.voluntarily participates in wellness activities totaling 100 points (a total of 120 by 10/31/12) OR 2.If contacted by a nurse coach, the plan participant must agree to participate in the nurse/health educator based disease management/coaching program for at least 6 months.

25 Prescription Drug Coverage: 1. Maintain out of pocket cap of $1300 for individuals and $1,950 for families 2. Change to a 4 tier copay arrangement $5 preferred generics, $10 tier 1 medications, $25 tier 2, and $40 tier 3.

26 Prescription Drug Coverage: 3.Prescriptions shall be subject to “step therapy”. – Applies to certain common but expensive drugs with multiple options. – Step therapy requires that the least costly option of those available be tried first for full drug coverage. – Step Therapy is different than “Generic Substitution”, “Pre- authorizations” and “edits” – Allows for Appeal process; Doctor can justify why a certain drug should be used. – Step therapy only applies to the applicable drugs going forward. On going prescriptions are GRANDFATHERED. I Prescription was filled in the previous three months then fully grandfathered.

27 Plan Changes: 1.All participants required to select a Primary Care Physician (PCP) regardless of plan option chosen. – Comp Care plan (now “open access plus standard passive plan” participants have not had to choose a PCP in the past. – No referrals will be necessary in the comp care even though need to choose a PCP.

28 Plan Changes Continued: 2. Quality and Cost tiered networks for Hospitals. Add $100 deductible for admits to hospitals NOT meeting quality standards. Increase co-pay for emergency room visits from $25 to $100..

29 Plan changes cont. 3. Quality tiered networks for PCPs PCPs co-pays will be reduced for visits to doctors who meet MHMC Quality Standards. – Reduce office visit co-pay to $10 (POS only) for providers that meet quality criteria. – Increase co-pay from $20 to $25 for specialists visits that do NOT meet the quality standards.

30 Miscellaneous Health Insurance For each FY of this agreement each unit member will receive a voucher for free use of campus fitness facilities outside of normal work hours by the unit member and immediate family. The voucher will be for up to 8 visits per year and may be used at any University. A unit member who uses all 8 visits will be eligible for a second voucher for another 8 visits upon request. A unit member who uses all 8 visits from the second voucher will be eligible for a 3 rd voucher for 8 visits upon request. University and Association will work together to achieve 85% participation in Rise UP and other wellness activities.

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