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Welcome to Nossal High School Continued from Part 1.

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1 Welcome to Nossal High School Continued from Part 1

2 Wellbeing Mr Wayne Haworth Assistant Principal

3 Restorative Practice

4 Student Support Services

5 Sense of Belonging

6 Detail about Year 9 Ms Catherine Loel Director of Year 9

7 Collaboration

8 To and From Nossal

9 Structure of the Day MondayTuesdayWednesdayThursdayFriday 8.48 amTutorial 9.00 amPeriod 1 10.00 amPeriod 2 11.00 amRecess 11.20 amPeriod 3 12.20 pmPeriod 4 1.20 pmLunch DismissedLunch 2.20 pmPeriod 5 Finish 3.20 pm M, T, T, F

10 Subjects on Offer in Year 9 Core Subjects English Choral Humanities Health & PE Languages (Japanese/French) Mathematics Nossal Time Science Electives Art Drama Electronics Food Technology Information Technology Maths Whiz Music Robotics Sports around the World Optional: Instrumental Music

11 Student Representatives Malinthi Mallawa 9P School Transitions Co-curricular Opportunities Jimmy Nguyen 9P

12 Student Representatives Johnny Nguyen 9MWill Height 9M House – belonging and events

13 Mr Roger Page Principal Your decision

14 Make an Informed Decision 1.Get to know the school Tonight’s information night Go on a school tour Visit school website Read school publications 2. Speak to teachers, parents and students 3. Listen to your son/daughter

15 ‘Embrace the Challenge’

16 “Nossal High School has (in its short existence) already inspired me to do things I have never done before. Two months ago I would try to get out of class presentations but just two weeks ago I voluntarily chose to make a presentation to gain entry into the debating team. Although I was not selected, this provided me with a sense of achievement for having a go.” “…Our days have been filled with laughter, fun and hard work. In spite of days full of tests and assignments, we have simultaneously managed to do debating, a swimming and athletics carnival and a city leadership experience. This school has already made an impact I will never forget.” Student Reflections


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