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Undervisningsopplegg Blancamorphosis av Jannali Jones.

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1 Undervisningsopplegg Blancamorphosis av Jannali Jones

2 Introduction Many of the English-speaking countries around the world have indigenous populations –native peoples who have lived in these areas for generations. As the British started colonizing these territories under the British crown, the indigenous peoples were strongly reduced in numbers and soon became a minority in their own homeland. The US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand all have native populations, and the relationship between the indigenous populations and the settlers in these countries has been troublesome – to say the least. Aboriginal man from New South Wales. The illustration was published in "History of Mankind" in 1883. @Ivan Burmistrov/iStock

3 Captain James Cook (1728-1779) undertook several voyages to Australia and New Zealand between 1768 and 1779 and opened these territories to the British crown. From 1788 Australia was used as a penal colony, and during the 1800s many British settlers immigrated to Australia voluntarily, particularly during the Gold Rush in the 1850s. The continent was described by the Europeans as Terra Nullius – empty land, as the indigenous populations had not cultivated the land, but lived as hunters and gatherers in scattered tribes. ©Adam Booth/iStock Captain Cook's Endeavor at Darling Harbour, Sydney.

4 Before you read What do you know about the Australian Aborigines?

5 They have lived on the Australian continent for nearly 50,000 years. @ Paul Pegler/iStock Kangaroo, an Aboriginal dot painting by indigenous Australian Aboriginal artist, Stanley Geebung, ochre on card, circa 1995.

6 More than four hundred different peoples have been identified, each with their own language and culture. @Joe Biafore/iStock

7 The Aboriginal population today is around 520,000 people, around 2.3% of the total population. The Northern Territory is the area with the largest Aboriginal population – around 32% of the population there are Aborigines. The population declined rapidly with the arrival of the first white settlers, and was as low as 74,000 in 1933, before numbers started to climb. Group of Aborigines. Engraving circa 1882. @Constance McGuire/iStock

8 In 1967, 90.77% of Australians voted in a referendum to change the Constitution to allow Australia to make laws for Aborigines and to include them in the census. This also confirmed their right to vote in elections. The Australian Aboriginal flag is one of the official flags of Australia. It was designed in 1971 by an Aboriginal artist. Black represents the Aboriginal people, red represents the red earth, and yellow represents the sun. @ Anne Clark/iStock

9 From around 1909 to 1960, aboriginal and mixed-race children were removed from their homes. The argument given was that this was done to protect the children and give them better living conditions. Many were sent to mission homes or adopted into white homes, many functioning more or less as servants. On 13 February 2008, Prime Minister Kevin Rudd issued a public apology to members of the Stolen Generations on behalf of the Australian Government. @ Kerrie Kerr /iStock

10 Most Aboriginal people were moved onto reserves and missions, with every aspect of their lives regulated by government until the 1970s. Most Aboriginal people became dependent on support from society to survive. Their socioeconomic condition is worse than for the average Australian – their unemployment rate is higher, fewer have post-school qualifications, their income is lower, life expectancy is shorter, and life on many reserves is impoverished. Young aboriginal street musician (busker) plays a guitar and didgeridoo in Melbourne. @ Jeffrey Diamond /iStock

11 Though increasing effort is made to improve the living conditions for the Aboriginal peoples of Australia, there are still unresolved issues.

12 About the author Jannali Jones is a young Aboriginal Australian writer who uses humour to get her message across in her short story – “Blancamorphosis”. What does blancamorphosis mean, do you think? (blanca – white, morphosis – change) What happens when a young Aboriginal man wakes up one morning and finds he has become a white man? Who is he now?

13 Characters Jon is both the narrator and the main character. His father is a respected elder. He has a loving family. ©Mick Tsikas/Reuters/NTB

14 Setting Present-day Australia, on a reserve. ©Bjørg Brauteset

15 Plot A young Aboriginal man wakes up one day and finds he has become a white man.

16 Theme What identifies you as an individual? What conditions are different for a white man and an Aboriginal man? There are perhaps two perspectives one can look closer into: What does Jon lose and what does he gain by becoming a white man? As an individual – how does his life change? What does this tell you about present-day social and economic conditions for the Aborigines in Australia?

17 Reading Read the dialogue between Jon and the government representative in the community centre (page 260, line 29 to page 261, line 5). Explain what learn about social security payments in Australia in this dialogue.

18 Speaking Expressing opinions – exercise 2c “Now my country is Australia, and my home will be the city,” Jon says at the end of the short story. Explain why he says this, and what he means. ©David Joyner/iStock

19 Speaking Exercise 3 The Basics card is being tested out several places in Australia, and governments in other countries are also looking into this way of organizing their social security payments. The list of arguments on page 262 may be a good starting point for a discussion about support for people in need. ©copyrightholder unknown/ukjent rettighetshaver

20 Writing Use the Reference Section, pages 349-350 and write a comment or an analysis on this short story. What do you learn about the Aboriginal people from reading this short story? Writing about literature

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