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What is Common Core? Moving forward in Washington with the Common Core State Standards

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1 What is Common Core? Moving forward in Washington with the Common Core State Standards

2 What is Common Core? The Common Core State Standards: High academic learning standards in math and English language arts at every grade level Matches the standards in top-performing nations Developed and voluntarily adopted by 46 states 2

3 What is Common Core? Who developed Common Core? A non-partisan group of governors and state school chiefs started working together on shared standards in 2009. Hundreds of teachers, education researchers, mathematicians, and other experts across the country provided input and guidance in a collaborative process. 3

4 Common Core States * Minnesota adopted the CCSS in ELA only 4

5 What is Common Core? Until now, all 50 states had different learning standards. Common Core fixes that and raises the bar for learning. This is a big change in the way students learn and one that will take time to see results, but it’s an approach that will help Washington students compete for the quality jobs our state has to offer. 5

6 What is Common Core? Consistent learning expectations for all students Clear standards that focus on deeper understanding Critical skills students need in the job market 6

7 What is Common Core? Consistent learning expectations Before Common Core, all 50 states had different sets of expectations for what students should know and be able to do in each grade. Common Core provides a consistent set of learning standards and expectations for all students, no matter where they live. 7

8 What is Common Core? Clear standards, deeper understanding Common Core goes deeper into fewer topics and focuses on developing students’ deeper understanding of key concepts. The standards build on one another, allowing students to apply the skills and knowledge they learned in the previous grade to real-life situations. 8

9 What is Common Core? Critical skills for the job market Right now, Washington has 25,000 unfilled jobs for highly-skilled workers – and that number is projected to double by 2017. Common Core focuses on building and applying real-world skills students need to be ready for college and work – so they can be more competitive in the new global economy. 9

10 Why Common Core? WA adopted Common Core because these standards and the aligned teaching resources and tests will help students be better prepared for college and work. Currently in Washington: Less than half of our students graduate from high school ready for college; Washington has the 12th largest achievement gap in the country; and By 2018, 2 out of every 3 jobs in WA will require a college degree or certificate. 10

11 Common Core Timeline 2011: Washington officially adopts Common Core. 2012: OSPI provides toolkits to teachers and schools to start implementing standards. 2013: Schools pilot of new tests in math and English language arts. 2013-14: Common Core standards are taught in every school in Washington. 2014-15: Students take new tests aligned to the Common Core. 11

12 Common Core FAQs Will schools and teachers still have control over teaching materials and other local decisions? Yes. The way in which the Common Core learning standards are taught is up to each of Washington’s 295 school districts and more than 2,000 schools. Each school or district will continue to have the flexibility to select the teaching materials and resources that best meet the needs of its students. 12

13 Common Core FAQs If we raise learning expectations, will the test be harder, too? Initially, yes. But not because students will know less, because we’ll expect more. Research shows that when you raise learning expectations, students will work harder to meet them. Most parents and teachers understand that a drop in test scores is temporary, and that raising learning standards is important for our economy and our students’ futures. 13

14 Testing in Washington In the 2013-14 school year, the current state exams will remain the same: – Measurements of Student Progress (MSP) in grades 3-8; and – HSPE and math/science EOCs in high school. In the 2014-15 school year, students will take the new Smarter Balanced exams in math and English language arts. 14

15 Common Core FAQs Do people in WA support Common Core? Yes, across Washington, 80% of parents, teachers and people like you support the Common Core. (January 2013 poll by Strategies 360 for Washington STEM) 70% of teachers and voters agree that common standards in math and English will improve student learning and achievement. (January 2013 poll by DHM Research for Excellent Schools Now) 15

16 Learn More Visit Handouts FAQs Info on WA’s Common Core efforts And more to come in fall 2013 16

17 Ready Washington Ready Washington is a coalition of state and local education agencies, associations and advocacy organizations that support college- and career-ready learning standards. The coalition believes all students should be better prepared for college, work and life to build the skills to compete for the quality jobs that our state has to offer.

18 Thank You Questions, Comments, Suggestions? Support for Real Learning for Real Life campaign is brought to you in part by College Spark Washington

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