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JUST BRING FOOD …wine doesn’t hurt either!. DV Files before DVIT came about Before DVIT, when there was a case of Domestic Violence in a home, each agency.

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1 JUST BRING FOOD …wine doesn’t hurt either!

2 DV Files before DVIT came about Before DVIT, when there was a case of Domestic Violence in a home, each agency would do their job for the victim, the offender and the family. Agencies including the RCMP, the Women’s Shelter and Victim Services. The Joint Collaborative Effort was not there

3 DVIT ( DOMESTIC VIOLENCE INTERVENTION TEAM) IDEA: Provide support to Families experiencing Domestic Violence (Men, Women, Children)

4 Partners Primary Partners: RCMP, Victims Assistance, Cantara Safe House Secondary Partners: Crown Prosecutors, Human Services – Child and Family Services Tertiary Partners: Community Organizations, Business Owners, Citizens

5 RCMP Reactions to DVIT October 2012 RCMP had one constable moved from general duty to DV coordinator Working with service providers in Brooks meant less calls to police for service and more of an effective treatment for those involved with domestic violence Graph on next slide shows the numbers

6 RCMP Domestic Violence Statistics

7 DVIT As A Whole What we all do: – RCMP – Victim Services – Women’s Shelter – Outreach Services

8 Case Study #1 Honour Violence Victim Putting DVIT into Practice

9 Unique Features of DVIT Both offender and victim are supported (the best safety plan for a victim is services for the offender) Short Term supports – the key is case management Sharing of Information for the betterment of the client

10 Unique Features of DVIT Sharing of Information with Crown which allows for informed decisions in regards to conditions and sentencing in the best interest for the safety of the family For clients who do not voluntarily come to DVIT for support, CFSA can mandate DVIT involvement which ensure safety of children involved

11 Unique Features of DVIT Strong Community Involvement – From changing locks on a house, to getting a vehicle started, allowing for flexible work schedules, coming together to support their fellow employees with groceries and back to school supplies for kids. Didn’t cost anything – used existing services in the community

12 OUTCOMES Police spend less times on repeat D.V. Calls Shelter has seen a decrease in the number of families having to access shelter Families are safe – in the 2013/2014 fiscal year 158 clients in shelter compared to 1380 clients accessing outreach services

13 Obstacles We Have Encountered 1.Sharing of Information 2.Getting Client Consent 3.Key Partner Buy-In 4.Community Buy-In

14 Solutions We Have Found 1.Sharing Information - Openly discussed what each partner needed to address the confidentiality mandates and determined that as long as there is client consent to share information we could 2.Client Consent - We identified RCMP and Victim Assistance as key strategic partners as they have first contact with clients, and once they bought into the program were able to sell it

15 Solutions We Have Found 3.Key Partner Buy In - All about the right person in the key agencies and them understanding the process and how their agency and role fit into that process. 4.Community Buy In - Market, Market, Market both your Program and your success stories

16 Solutions We Have Found It is about constantly checking in with one another and ensuring the model is fluid enough to change and adapt where needed Always look for ways to develop further to meet the needs of the client

17 It Is All About Collaboration


19 TO BEGIN… Bring food to the first meeting. Make it fun! Discuss the idea and be passionate about the outcomes identified. Have the right people from the appropriate agencies at the meeting. A smaller group is best to start, too many people will slow down the process Try and choose people that have the same or similar perspectives Discuss what each agency is doing now and identify gaps in service. And what group will be able to fill those gaps

20 Mix In… Honesty with no judgement from others. What are the organizational mandates involved. What do you need to make the idea work? Everyone needs something…be honest! Some need recognition, money, manpower - there are no wrong answers. Let your Collaboration know what you need

21 LET STAND… People will need time to process. Don’t rush! This is very important. Everyone needs to feel comfortable during this process. If you are not – say so. If you sense someone is hesitant – ask. If you have completed the process with thought and care, trust will develop.

22 IF AT FIRST YOU DON’T SUCCEED… Have as many face to face meetings as possible Get on a first name basis with your colleagues Meet regularly Always ask for opinions Get emails, cell numbers for easy connection SOMETIMES YOU CAN DO EVERYTHING RIGHT…

23 BUT YOU NEED THE RIGHT TIMING! Sit tight Don’t let the idea die Fill gaps in service where you can. Continue to look for opportunities The final outcome will likely turn out better than the original plan!

24 LET MIXTURE BAKE For how long? Let your group decide. How long before you can identify outcomes? What outcomes are you looking for? How will you collect data? Who will be responsible for data collection and reporting?

25 FLIES IN THE OINTMENT… Barriers to Community Collaboration Sharing Information Legislation Too Many Details or Not Enough Protocols/Procedures – how much is too much Too many people making decisions Ego Control Duplication of Services Silo Develops – Want community involvement – Must market to the community – get buy in Time/Energy/ Commitment

26 When it Works - It Works

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