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Circulatory system 6th Grade Health.

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1 Circulatory system 6th Grade Health

2 What’s the point? The circulatory system is composed of the heart and blood vessels, including arteries, veins, and capillaries. The circulatory system delivers: Oxygen Blood Nutrients Hormones to the other parts of our bodies.

3 Lifestyle choices Like we have discussed before, we constantly make choices everyday. Let’s take a look how making different choices have a positive or negative impact on our circulatory system. Negative Positive Smoking Exercising Poor Nutrition Good eating habits Drugs/Alcohol Sedentary Lifestyle But the question is why/how; by making these choices, how does it affect our circulatory system and our overall health?

4 The result of our choices
SMOKING- Smoking can lead to plaque build up in our arteries, along with delivering carbon monoxide (the deadly gas) into our blood and cells POOR NUTRITION- Having poor eating habits can lead to the fattening of the heart, which puts us at higher risk of heart disease. A poor diet can also cause plaque build up in the arteries and increase our risk of heart attack and stroke. EXERCISING- When we exercise, we are strengthening our heart. The more we exercise, the better our circulatory system in able to function with a stronger heart.

5 Respiratory system 6th Grade Health

6 Why do we breathe? Every breathe you take… Every move you make… Your breathing in OXYGEN! Our Respiratory system allows us to absorb oxygen into our blood and is necessary for life. When exercising, the Respiratory system gets rid of the waste our muscles produce- CO²

7 Life style activities Within your group, please work through and record the following: What life-style choices that can hurt lung function? What life-style choices can improve lung function? What diseases/issues are associated with the respiratory system? What part of the brain controls the respiratory system?

8 Lifestyle choices SMOKING- When someone smokes a cigarette, they are voluntarily choosing to hurt their body, specifically their Respiratory system. The smoke that fills that person’s lungs puts them at risk for numerous things… Lung Cancer/Disease Respiratory Infections Asthma Heart Disease Cardiovascular Disease AND MANY MORE!!!


10 Nervous system 6th Grade Health

11 The human body network The Central and Peripheral Nervous Systems are the reason why we are able to breath, see things, hear things, feel things, and move. In all, the Nervous System gives us the ability to perform all of the voluntary and involuntary actions throughout our day.

12 Life-style choices By now you should have realized that there is an underlying theme with our body and the choices we make. We are seeing how the same choices have negative and positive impacts on our body and overall health. POSITIVE NEGATIVE Exercising Abusing alcohol Good Nutrition Smoking Drug use

13 Digestive system 6th Grade Health

14 Who doesn’t like to eat!?! Just like a car needs fuel, so do we. To function like a high performance individual, we have to put in the high quality fuel. But before we talk about the “fuel”, lets understand how it works…

15 How choices affect the process
Just like all of the other body systems, the choices we make have a grave impact on how our body functions. We will focus primarily on how our nutrition affects the function of the Digestive System the most. But for now lets look at how other choices can have an impact as well. SMOKING- Smoking can lead to heartburn and other acid reflux reactions. DRUG USE- The use of different drugs can have an impact on the users appetite, changing the way their Digestive System functions. POLLUTANTS- Knowingly or unknowingly, pollutants can affect the process in which food is digested.

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