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TOPIC 12 Leadmanaging manaleading Leadagers Manaleaders.

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1 TOPIC 12 Leadmanaging manaleading Leadagers Manaleaders

2 P1 Increase your professional play-making savvy

3 P2 Provide you with professional strategies for “surfing” the dual career “waves” at the same time

4 P3 Help you deal productively with workplace dramas

5 Really?

6 Why do so many people think they are leaders? Because our culture worships “self-made” people & implies that they’re better than others. But how many people voluntarily follow you, make sacrifices for you & are better off for it?

7 Leaders?


9 Leading & managing (“leadaging & manaleading”) are something we (occasionally) DO, not something we (permanently) ARE (breathing & heart beating) No one is a (noun) leader or manager. All of us occasionally engage in leading or managing (verbs). But we’re not permanent leaders or managers or permanent followers or “subordinates.”

10 You can’t engage in leading unless others engage in following. No following no leading. Followers make the leader. Followers must NEED the leader, not just want to be led.

11 Don’t confuse leading (people voluntarily supporting you) with commanding (forcing people to do what you want). Leading uses INFLUENCE (voluntary compliance of followers) to achieve results. Commanding uses POWER (forced compliance backed by the org). You’re not leading if followers HAVE to do what you say. Leading requires the voluntary buy-in & sacrifice of followers.

12 YOU’RE LEADING (creating new reality) WHEN YOU: Have a purpose, especially a novel one that tweaks the imagination Do what’s best for a worthy mission, not for yourself Give followers choices, options, & opportunities to do some leading themselves Follow the productive suggestions of your followers

13 Leaders envision a different reality than their followers & use orgs to actualize the reality (change the status quo). Managers do the thinking work for implementing what a leader visualizes. Employees do the physical work on implementing the manager’s thinking & then maintain the new status quo.

14 When leadmanaging people to a new reality, you: Generate & harvest new opportunities Usher out yesterday & usher in tomorrow Generate new constituents

15 To be a real leadager you have to have a “social contract” with followers willing to make voluntary sacrifices for the leader’s cause/purpose/mission. You’re not leading if people comply with you out of fear, dependency, ignorance, peer pressure, or brainwashing. Organizations never make anyone a leader; only followers do.

16 PORTRAIT OF THE INCOMPETENT POWER-FULL NON-LEADER Steamrolls, pushes, dominates, forces Offers few options, choices, or opportunities to participate Treats people as objects

17 When you’re leadaging, you break through barriers:

18 Status quo barriers Konformity org kulture Derailed people & projects External quicksand Thin resources

19 When you’re manaleading, you make things fly:

20 Motivating co-workers Teaming Flexworking 360ing Empowering others to succeed via your guidance

21 Managing isn’t charisma; it’s creating “rights”: the right people doing the right things in the right way at the right times for the right clients. Managing entails professional development = accompanying employees down learning curves (pro development)

22 When managing you : Experiment to find innovative breakthroughs Empower contributions Consolidate “Me” agendas into “We” agendas Flex-org & flex-plan Make communication happen

23 Leadmanaging or Manaleading??

24 “ If we retrained our sales floor people to focus on customer needs ahead of ching-ching, I bet we’d sell more.” (L?)

25 Carrie will sub tomorrow for Angela whose son had his tonsils out. (M)

26 “You know what? Is there any reason why we can’t develop a telecommuting set-up for our phone crew? With 7 working mothers, surely that would be worthwhile.” (LM?)

27 “I’d love to the first person to try out working some of my hours at home. I can do it after school lets out at 3:00- 5:30, because my daughter goes home with her best friend until I pick her up at 5:30. “ (M?)

28 “We’ve got 3 temp workers who could be converted to full-time instead of hiring more and more temps. Why not?” (LM?)


30 1.Knowing when to lead, manage, follow, & stay out of the way 2.Learning to lead instead of dominate 3.Mastering how to fly your way through org barriers

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